Take me out to the ball game

Jumped on the baseball-watching bandwagon this season because the Jays were on their way to the finals for the World Series! Growing up in Toronto and now living in Seattle, I have a huge sense of Canadian pride. Can’t say I know a whole lot about sports, but anytime the Blue Jays play I get really excited! I went to my first ever Jays game in Seattle back in September and it was a sea of blue hats and jerseys. Nothing feels more like home and seeing a bunch of blue hats and jerseys, cheering on the (ex) home team! Sadly, they got shut out right before the finals.

Aside from sports, this season I’ve also been living in stretchy jeans because of the amount of time spent on the road. I learned about Seattle-based company, JAG from Fitcode. If you remember Fitcode from a last year’s post, they’re a great tool for finding your perfect size of jeans across all brands. Using my personal Fitcode, I shopped the denim boutique for the perfect pair of JAG jeans.

Vintage Coach city purse
JAG jeans review
outfit details:
quilted boyfriend utility jacket: J.Crew (similar bomber version)
pocketed white tee: BABATON (similar)
Nora jeans in Midnight wash: c/o JAG Jeans & Fitcode (exact)
crossbody purse: vintage Coach (similar on Etsy)
Blue Jays baseball hat (similar)
cognac ankle booties: Hinge (similar)

What I really loved about JAG is their unique line of pull-on, no-show waistband jeans. Have you ever gotten tiny holes in your t-shirts and wondered where the moths were hiding in your closet? Turns out those tiny holes are caused by the traditional zippered/button-up fly on jeans! With the pull-up waistband, I don’t have to worry about getting tiny holes in my shirts. Plus, the smooth waistband fit pretty snug to hide all the garlic fries and hot dogs that I tend to consume at baseball games. ;) Bonus, the pockets are functional!

Blue Jays women's baseball hat
Blue Jays women's hat

If you’re in the market for a new pair of jeans, JAG Jeans is offering 20% off all styles from now until November 4, 2017 with the code JAGFITS.

Disclosure: Thank you to Fitcode and JAG Jeans for partnering with me on this post. The Nora skinny jeans were received in exchange for this piece. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  • I followed JAG on Insta for a giveaway with them & Fitcode recently and when all their pictures were in Seattle I was like, “What?!” I had no idea they were Seattle-based before! Those pull-on jeans are super intriguing!

  • soaldon

    These are super cute! I like how they have pockets that work and aren’t just a sewn on detail.