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Today’s post was a lot harder to write than most. Deciding whether to share such a personal story is something I waffled on for the last couple months. Even though I’ve been publicly writing this blog for over half a decade, there are still a lot of aspects of my personal life that stay private. It wasn’t until after reading the story behind Fran’s engagement and feeling that personal connection of similarities that I felt compelled to do the same. So here we are, almost two months after the event, recapping the engagement story.

the demure muse engagement story

If you read the glamping post back in October, that was the first time the engagement ring made an appearance on the blog. Glamping had been something that T and I talked about wanting to do since the early Summer. With our schedules being hard to coordinate thanks to work, we started looking into yurts within Washington state for a local, long weekend glamping trip.

By early August, we booked a weekend getaway to Doe Bay for late September. At the time, I didn’t think much of the trip since we had been on a handful of weekend adventures together (with friends) earlier in the year.

doe bay yurt

On the day of our trip, T picked me up bright and early and we drove to the ferry terminal together. With Doe Bay being on the San Juan islands, our commute took up the majority of the morning and afternoon. We checked into camping grounds, dropped our bags off in the yurt, and explored the island a bit before dinner time. We walked by the other cabins and yurts at the “resort”, stopping only to ooh and ahh at the beautiful scenery. For me, the daily grind of living the city life and feeling the need to constantly stay up to date on social media makes being off-grid and unplugging very re-energizing.

After a couple hours of exploring Doe Bay, we headed back to our yurt to rest before our dinner reservations. I was in half PJs, tucked into the blankets when the big question happened. I remember being half awake when I heard T rustling through his backpack looking for something. As he walked over to the bedside, I could tell something was off because he looked so nervous! That’s when he knelt down on one knee, said a bunch of really sweet things (that I would probably butcher trying to recall because I was having an omg-omg-is-this-really-happening-right-now moment) and he asked me to be his partner in life.

Right after it all happened, we couldn’t stop smiling and laughing together, constantly asking, “Is this real life? Did this just happen?!?!” Looking back, I love how very low key and true to “us” the moment felt. Having never fantasized about this day, I had no expectations to benchmark against. Except for maybe the fact I wish I wasn’t in PJs and looking like a haggard granny at the exact moment! ;) haha! And I guess it wouldn’t have hurt to have freshly painted nails for a ring pic… but we were glamping, after all.

With the engagement happening on the first day of our weekend of off-grid glamping, we weren’t able to share the news with our family and friends until a few days later. In hindsight, I’m really glad it happened this way. Having time to let it all soak in gave us time to bask in the excitement together before making the rounds of phone calls. Calling my parents and sharing the news with them will be a phone call I never forget! My mom was so cute and spilled the beans on being in on the plan the whole time. As my siblings were next in line for the news, they revealed they knew it was coming too! (How was he so sneaky?? I’ll never know.)

Even though it’s been over two months since the engagement, no plans have been made for a wedding. Since all of our family and friends are scattered across the US and Canada, the first step would be picking a city for the big day. With having to schedule Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday plans immediately following the engagement, we’re holding off on making any more big plans or decisions until the new year.

Until then, I’m excited to start planning all the peripherals of a wedding! While I am super excited about wedding-related decisions being made next year, this blog will probably only get a sprinkling of behind-the-scenes to avoid turning into a full-on wedding blog.

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  • I’m excited for you! The sweetest moments in life are the simplest ones. Thanks for sharing your story and helping show that all things wedding (or engagement) don’t have to be over the top grand. It’s each other that matters.

  • I’m so glad you decided to share! Just like Fran’s, I love how normal your story is – no jumbotron, no choreography, no massive marching band, just two people in love committing to each other. Once again, my most heartfelt congratulations to the two of you :) <3

    • Thank you so much, Johanna! We’ll see how the post-engagement things go. Hoping to keep the theme of low key and low stress afloat!

  • Rebecca BloggerNOTBillionaire

    I love this!! Russell and I’s was so similar only at home so even less dramatic! But it was very ‘US’ which made it more authentic and intimate which is what it should be. I loved reading this and I am going am need to find out where this glamp-site is for future adventures. Congrats again!!! And we need to catch up soon!!


    • YES TO A CATCH UP SOON!! So much to catch up on… like YOUR WEDDING! Ahhh! The photos look so lovely and now I have a million +1 questions to ask you about your planning process.

      If you ever want to go glamping, highly recommend the Doe Bay resort:

  • I am so excited for you guys! And so glad that you finally shared the story – the low key ones are the best ones :) now we can be wedding planning buddies on top of everything else!

  • I love hearing about stories like this on blogs because it is life- whether big or small, these are the moments, as we get to know you, that we come to care about! Congratulations to you both!

  • Congratulations! It seems really smart to hold off any real planning until after the holidays. Lots of time for that!

  • britt

    I’m so happy for you, Katrina. What a memorable story. Thank you for sharing it!