REVIEW: Betabrand indigo travel jeans

I cannot thank you all for the comments, feedback, and constructive conversations around this weekend’s post about the future of this lil ‘ol blog. I read every single one of the comments, emails, and DMs and cannot thank you enough for the ongoing support. I’m excited to see what 2017 has in store for all of us and will keep the transparency going on my end if you promise to keep the feedback coming too! ;)

With that said, I’m excited to kick off the first review of 2017 with an item that was purchased last year. A few of you requested reviews for items that I purchased that I thought I would love, but in the end may not have kept. Today’s review is highlighting one of these items.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and these jeans were purchased on my own. While Betabrand is one of my ongoing partners here on the blog, I have been a customer and huge evangelist of their products even before we started collaborating on posts.

With that said… Remember this outfit from October 2016?

In trying to avoid wearing leggings (or dress pant yoga pants) all the time on travel days, I pre-ordered these Betabrand Travel Jeans back in April of 2016. They were slated to ship a few months later in July, which would’ve been perfect considering that my travels were going to pick up starting in the middle of the Summer. Unfortunately, due to some fabric manufacturing issues, the jeans didn’t arrive until September. No sweat, though! Still lots of flights and road trips to take these jeans on… or so I thought.

I love the way these jeans were intended by design: 2-way stretch, classic 5-pocket design with 2 sets of invisible zippers for extra pocket storage on the front and back– nothing short of what I would want in a perfect pair of jeans for the road! Sadly, my hopes may have been set too high.

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To preface this review, Betabrand is one of my go-to companies for pants. They’re home to the beloved Dress Pant Yoga Pants that I’ve been religiously wearing for the last 2+ years. I also have a few pairs of their bike to work riding pants (now discontinued), which have been so easy to transition from my road bike commutes straight to the office. I based my sizing for these travel jeans off of my bike to work jeans sizing, which is a 27 regular.

Material & Fit

For starters, you can see that the jeans are quite fitted. They make quite the nice pair of skinny jeans, especially with how stretchy the denim is. As someone with slightly bigger thighs, the jeans fit beautifully from the thighs to ankles, providing lots of comfort through the stretch without feeling like my legs were being stuffed in sausage casing.

The biggest downside to the fit was the waistband. While the material was great and stretchy everywhere else in the jeans, the thread used to attach the waistband to the rest of the pants did not feel like it had the same amount of elasticity. Every time I sat down, I would feel the wasitband cutting into my muffin top (haha.. TMI?). I made the mistake of wearing these pants out to a big lunch once and felt so uncomfortable because of how constricted my waist felt by the end of the meal. Not going to lie, I had to unbutton these jeans just to make it through the walk home without feeling like I was being squeezed to death.

Design & Practicality

The amount of storage in these pants is unreal! I always feel like there are never enough pockets (or the pockets are too small/shallow) on women’s jeans. On top of the classic 5-pocket design, there are 2 extra pockets on the front and back of the jeans via invisible zippers. While they’re not super deep, they are handy to carry extra cash or cards in.

Betabrand indigo travel jeans review via the demure muse blog

Overall verdict

As much as I wanted to fall in love with these jeans, I couldn’t. The waistband issue made these pants almost impossible to wear for long durations of time. I cannot imagine even attempting to wear these on a 5+ hour plane ride after feeling the way I did sitting for a 1 hour-long breakfast date. This is the first purchase from Betabrand that I was disappointed by. For $120, I would’ve rather purchased a couple extra pairs of the Dress Pant Yoga Pants.

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  • Liv

    Love the fit of your jeans!


  • This review is so thorough and I appreciate how honest you are! I definitely think it’s super important to be transparent, even in sponsored posts! Too bad these jeans didn’t work out but I’m going to be checking out this brand – sounds like they have some other good items!


    • Thanks Tina! I really do love Betabrand. They’re home to my favourite pants for work (the Dress Pant Yoga Pants) and travel bag. These jeans were a miss though :(

  • I am in love with your look! Such a great style!