Goals for 2017

Re-reading goals posts from previous years, I always tend to start off with “[current year – 1] was the busiest year yet!” In an honest effort to try to avoid writing that same statement this year, I’m closing the chapter to 2016 and its reflections and moving straight into 2017. New year, new goals. (If you’re interested, past posts from 2016, 2015, 2014 reflections, 2013 reflections linked)

2017 is the year of being intentional. I did a lot of soul searching and self exploration last year, learned a lot, and now am ready to apply it all! It’s a hefty list, but here are my 2017 goals:

(via @viacalligraphy)

eat healthier. No more daily chocolate. Less fast food (bye, McDonald’s!). Maybe try paleo or Whole30? Realizing that I only have one body in this life, it’s time to start taking better care of it.

go to yoga regularly. Given that 2016 was full of exactly 1 yoga class (completed on December 31, 2016, no less), 2017 is going to be a more productive year. I forgot how good it felt to stretch all the muscles that sit stiff during the work day. Plus, it’ll be a nice balance to the on-and-off cycling and jogging that happens in the warmer seasons.

start wedding planning! We haven’t quite decided if we’re going to have a (traditional) wedding yet, so this goal is a little gated on whenever that first decision is made. Will it be 2017? 2018? Not sure, but it’s on the list just in case!

go paddle-boarding at least 2X. Being out on the water is my favourite thing to do in the Summertime. So much paddle-boarding happened last Summer and I can’t wait to surpass that number this year! It’s a bit of a trek to get to the water though, which is where the “2X” comes into play.

continue “no tech” weekends. My partner and I pick one day of the weekend to meet up at a coffee shop and hang out without our phones. This is something new that we started in the Fall of 2016 and really enjoyed. There’s something really special about not feeling the pressures to be constantly connected to social media and enjoying the presence and full attention of whoever you’re with. This is also our reading and journaling time, which gets me excited for the next goal…

finish documenting 2017 in bullet journal form! After a year of stalking beautifully designed and pages of bullet journal layouts (the #bujo tag on IG is the best inspiration!), I’ve finally taken the plunge to start my own. I got a set of grey Moleskine cahiers and ultra fine Shapries for Xmas and will be working my way from the front to back cover. (note: the combo of these pages and Shapries isn’t the best… but I’ll go into that more in another post)

blog authentically. A lot of my unfiltered, candid thoughts were shared in the first post of 2017. This goal is almost the most important one to me because I truly felt like I lost my voice a bit on this blog (compared to my voice on other platforms) last year. Here’s to being more transparent, sharing more personal stories, and continuing to build the awesome blogging community!

budget $200/m for clothes. no carry overs! I’ve never had a self-implied clothing budget before, so this one will be a challenge. With shifting my shopping habits from cutting fast fashion to primarily thrifting and buying “investment pieces”, we’ll see how well I can stick to this budget.

send at least 5 pieces of snail mail. Because who doesn’t love a little surprise in their mailbox? I had so much fun penning and mailing holiday cards in December that I hope to keep this old school pen + paper going! Something to do during those “non tech” mornings…

organize Instax photo collection. Last year I went a little crazy printing Instax photos. Now that my fridge is covered in photos, I’ve started to sprawl out my prints on the kitchen table. Food tables are no place for photos, so I’m looking to get crafty about organizing and storing the prints this year.

practice calligraphy once a month. This should be “easy” considering my goal to complete a bullet journal and seeing all the inspiring, beautifully penned pages on Instagram. *fingers crossed*

stay positive!! Saved the best one for last!

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  • I love the idea of having a set budget for clothes every month and it not carrying over!


    • This is going to be a big challenge for me! Even though thrifting is a bit more budget friendly, there are still some “investment pieces” for holes in my closet that need to be filled, and I’m worried the budget is too strict! I’ll report back on how this goes.

  • This is such a good list! I’d never be able to not carry over my shopping budget though – that’s how I save up for more expensive long-term items! Especially love your goals around being tech-free sometimes, as that’s been a huge focus of mine and I notice SUCH a difference in how I feel after a period of no tech!

    • This is the first time I’ll be experimenting with the no carry-over on budgets, so i’ll let you know how it goes! I’m hoping that I did my math right and all the wardrobe staples that were “invested” in last year carry over to 2017!

      No tech evenings and weekend mornings have been the best. I absolutely love it and hope more people start indulging too!

  • These are great goals, Katrina! I’m definitely coming to the “I only get one body” conclusion too and realizing (ugh) that eating like a 9 year old probably isn’t the best! And I like your idea of “no tech” weekends, as I’m discovering just how much time I waste mindlessly perusing social media… and how stressed I usually feel in the end, like I’ll just never catch up.

    • “…how stressed I usually feel in the end, like I’ll just never catch up.” So much YES to this statement! No more meaningless hours of scrolling through my FB feed when I’m “bored”. Instead, I’ll go outside or be 100% present in day-to-day interactions and it feels SO GOOD.

  • You know, I’ve never heard of Bullet Journalling before this January when you and bunch of other bloggers mentioned it. I’ll have to look into it! Good look. These are a lot of goals but many seem to be very do-able and all seem very life enriching (I find diets hard and I say that as someone who literally has to do those sorts of diets to live.)

    And not just specific to this blog- but I love your personal posts like this and the positivity you exude. You make your readers want to try for a more enriched life too.

    • Bullet Journaling is super interesting. If you like to make lists, it’s a great way method to journal: http://bulletjournal.com/ As a personal list maker, it’s helping me to sort out my personal and career goals, which is something I’ve never combined into a single journal before. PLUS, there is so much flexibility with the layouts. I always search Pinterest and IG for page inspiration!

      Also, thank you for always reading. It means a lot to me to know that the content I put out doesn’t fall on deaf ears. The blogging community has been such a great and supportive one for me and I love connecting with other wonderful people like you! <3

  • CrushingOnClothes

    DUDE! I am starting a bullet journal this year toooooo! I’ve heard great things and some of the videos seem extremely interesting. I’ve felt the same way about wasting space in calendars because sometimes I’ll go weeks without using it, and then feel pick it back up. I basically just threw out several sheets of paper that now have no use, so I love the idea of creating the perfect calendar and journal for you using bullet journal.

    Also, love the fact you made about blogging authentically. That’s why I stopped a year ago because I felt like I was just posting for the sake of posting without any creativity or thought behind it. So let’s hold each other accountable and only post creative content we loooove! <3

    • YES! I am so excited to have a partner for both journaling and blogging. Maybe we can even turn this into coffee dates to do both? ;) hehe just trying to find every excuse possible to hang out more…

      • Alyson

        YES PLEASE! Would looooove love love that!