Layers for Valentine’s Day

As much as I hate to admit it, I love Valentine’s Day. It’s such a Hallmark Holiday, I know, I know. I can’t help but love playing up the reds and pinks, handing out chocolates (and also Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day cards because I am pretty much an oversized child at heart), and generally spreading the happy-lovey-dovey vibes. This year, I’m forgoing my usual bright red outfits (past Valentine’s Day outfits: red blazer in 2013, red pants and glasses in 2014, and red skater dress in 2015) and doing with a much more subtle palette.

Winter to Spring layered outfit with boyfriend jeans
outfit details:
mixed stripes shirttail tunic: c/o J.Jill (exact)
tie front pullover: c/o J.Jill (exact)
boyfriend jeans: Topshop (exact)
wool and leather coat: Calvin Klein (old)
beanie: borrowed from the fiance
Coach Dinky crossbody purse c/o (exact)
booties: All Saints

J.Jill mixed button down with boyfriend jeans and knot front sweater

The best part of having a visual diary of the last 6 (almost 7!) years of outfits is seeing how my style has changed. The last year has definitely been an interesting shift. I traded all of my fit and flare dresses for oversized cardigans, crew-neck pullovers, and learned to layer. The outfit in today’s post is very indicative of my day-to-day outfits. It’s a hint of girly with the tomboy, which I love. A small peek of the light pink stripes on the button down layered under the tie front sweater is too cute. A subtle nod to my favourite Hallmark Holiday without being so in-your-face-YAY-VALENTINE’S-DAY! Plus, being able to layer these lighter pieces for the Winter and then learning to decouple them for the warmer seasons will be perfect.

Seeing this style transition over the last 3 Valentine’s Day outfits is so fascinating! Pieces that I used to love back in the day – like those red jeans – are not pieces that I can even fathom reaching for today.

P.S. These are the destroyed boyfriend jeans from the January budget recap post. I ended up keeping them and really love the relaxed fit.

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  • I love this outfit, the layers are amazing! Being eternally single, Valentine’s Day can pretty much f**k off in my book, but this year even more so because over here, the stupid new 50 Shades will be everywhere, but John Wick 2 isn’t starting for another week!!! Such an outrage, let me tell you ;) instead, I will be enjoying my standard fare: bottle of white wine & a movie with as many explosions as possible! :)

    • Thank you!! Oh my goodness, can we talk about how much advertising is being done for the new 50 shades movie though? It’s insanity!

      I still haven’t seen the original John Wick. Would you recommend it?

      (Also, Happy Galentine’s Day! <3)

      • Happy belated Galentine’s Day! <3

        YES I can recommend that movie SO hard! haha it's a good thriller, and just beautifully done – I normally don't like moody, darkly lit films, but this one has a real grace about it. The fight scenes, too – gorgeous choreography, and most of it done by the actual actors. Plus, Keanu Reeves is just… sigh. It takes like 15 minutes to get going, but after that it's a lot of fun.