Clothing budget recap: February 2017

Welcome to the clothing budget recap for February! This month was particularly light. I was in and out of town for a couple weeks and completely avoided buying online (I don’t really know how this happened, tbh. I experienced so much insomnia this month and ended up abandoning a bunch of virtual carts halfway through the checkout process. Maybe they’ll be revisited in March? idk). Here’s what I ended up adding to my closet:

monthly budget February 2017

Purchased new:
1. Zara Woman high wasited dress pants – $10 (similar)
This purchase makes me feel pretty darn hypocritical. Earlier this year, I said I would be giving up fast fashion, and here I am posting about a pair of fast fashion pants. Argh. I know, I know. Before you start to side eye, hear me out on these. The pants were purchased while on a trip to Vancouver. I was in the downtown store, where it looked like a tornado swept through and there were piles of clothes – literal mountains of clothes – on all the tables (and some on the floor, tbh). There was no rhyme or reason to the sorting or display. My friends and I were all shopping together and I happened to put my hand in the pants pile and magically pulled these pants (similar to the photo above, but without the attached belt)! I wasn’t going to get them because I really did not want to feed into the cycle of fast fashion, but I also knew that this was the last leg of the liquidation sale for these pants (the were marked down 3 times after originally priced at $50)… I would either buy these in store or end up thrifting them later in life when they finally ended up being donated post-liquidation.

1. H&M textured long vest – $4 (exact)
Similar to the Zara purchase above, this one is also an out of the ordinary purchase for me. I don’t usually pick up fast fashion brands while thrifting (or I try not to), but here we are. I loved the texture of this vest! Plus it was 50% off blue tag day and this vest was a steal… with the original H&M tags on it! After all is said and done, this purchase felt a bit better than the Zara pants, mainly because the vest was already in a thrift store and not purchased straight from the H&M racks.

2. Alternative Apparel draped maxi dress – $2.50 (exact)
This dress is so soft considering it’s made of an eco jersey knit and it’s the perfect length! I’ve been looking for a replacement Summer maxi dress after I shrunk my last one in the wash a couple years ago. The drape design on this Alternative Apparel piece is really flattering, especially for hiding food babies. ;)

Total for February: $16.50

Truth be told, I was quite uninspired while shopping this month. Every rack that I sifted through felt pretty unappealing, for the most part. Maybe it’s because all the post-Christmas sale items are still making their way through the main floors to the sale racks, or because it’s the lull period before the Spring merchandise launches. Either way, February was a very wallet-friendly month from the perspective of my closet!

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  • February was really nice for my wallet as well! Although to be fair, I ordered a bunch of stuff this weekend, but hey, we’ll deal with that in March ;) I got a gorgeous statement necklace second hand from Nina for 30€, and I bought a cobalt pleated midi skirt from the Mango Spring collection for 49,99€. That’s also fast fashion, I know, but honestly? Pretty much everything, from Primark to Nike to Gucci to Burberry, is produced in the same factories in the same countries. I think thrifting is very commendable, and wish it was more of an option here, but at the end of the day, buying any sort of mainstream fashion seems somewhat futile in terms of environment & labor impact.. I don’t know what the answer is, but I appreciate that this post made me think about the subject :)

    • I am totally going to revisit a bunch of those abandoned shopping carts in March haha… hopefully February’s small tally will help to balance out what’s to come! Sounds like you did an awesome job in Feb too… so curious to know what this gorgeous statement necklace looks like!

      You’re totally right about some of the mainstream fashion. It’s hard to get completely away from the fast fashion factories, especially since there are large umbrella corporations that own the smaller companies who may not have a say on how their facilities are run. As a consumer, I want to try my best to make an impact on where I can (mainly thrifting the “nice to have” pieces) and then trying to be conscious to buy from mainstream companies that my morals and values align with. Can’t win ’em all, but I’ll pick my battles when I can!

  • I love what you got thrifting! I bet those two styled together will be adorable come spring!

    • I’ll definitely give the pairing a try! Wishing that the vest was longer in length to match the dress (I may have done a bad job of showing the relative proportions), but either way it’s a cute layering piece.