Vacation style with floral print pants

It’s been rather quiet here on the blog for the last week… If you’ve been following along on IG, you’ll know why! I had originally intended to have posts scheduled to trigger while on vacation, but as life would pan out, I was scrambling until the last second to even pack my suitcase for this trip and blogging fell on the back-burner.

After spending a week in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, with the goal of being a beached whale every single day, it’s been nice to come back to reality. Being aware of needing “me time” (and some sunshine), unplugging – for the most part – and lounging on the beach every day was exactly what I needed to recharge.

J.Jill floral print pants
Vacation style
outfit details:
buttondown blouse: H&M (old, circa 2012)
floral print pants: c/o J.Jill (exact)
lace-up peep toe heels: Marco Republic (exact)

Floral print pants

This was one of my favourite outfits of the entire trip. I had originally packed a few pairs of shorts and summer dresses, but with the number of mosquito bites I received within the first few hours of landing (counted ~20 on my legs, no exaggeration), long pants were the way to go! These floral print pants from J.Jill were a lifesaver! They’re listed as ankle pants, but as you can see, they’re pretty long. Perfect for what I needed to keep my ankles from being bitten. ;)
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  • Those are so cute on you! Love how we posted these pants on the same day. Mind twinzzzz. So jealous of your vacay, I’m dreaming of when the weather is finally warm here! ;)

    • hehe i love these pants! I may or may not have worn them for a full day and napped in them too because of how comfortable they are. GOOOOO twinsies!

      I cannot wait until Seattle is sunny again… sigh. WHERE ARE YOU, SPRING?!

  • Emma

    I loved how you styled these pants girl! I also really enjoyed following along your vacation through your instagram story! :)

  • Aania Aslam

    You’re such a gem! I loved reading through this post and ADORE those pants! Hope you enjoyed your vacation! I’m a blogger from Seattle too and am loving the sun inspo hehe


    • Hi Aania! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love connecting with other Seattle bloggers and so glad we found each other. Cannot wait for the sun to come out and hopefully we’ll see each other at an event soon! :)