Clothing budget recap: May 2017

The month of May totally snuck up on me and seemed to have flown by just as quickly! This month was the first month I spent my full clothing budget ($200). It was really surprising because I didn’t expect to buy anything, but as luck would have it, I ended up splurging on some new pieces.

Having to attend a wedding earlier in May, I realized that my go-to shoes for weddings got trashed after the last wedding they were worn to. I had a great pair of wedges from Shoe Dazzle that attended all of last year’s weddings and barely survived the last one. Having to replace these wedges was a bit of a pain, but I found a great pair on sale at Nordstrom.

Here’s my clothing budget recap for May:

budgeting bloggers May 2017: clothing budget recap

Purchased new
1. ASOS embellished cold shoulder dress – $120 (exact)
This dress was too pretty to pass up on. I actually bought one of each of the ASOS embellished floral dresses (maxi, pencil, and cold shoulder versions) and ended up returning all except for the cold shoulder version. I had a really strong vision for the outfit I wanted to wear to our engagement photo shoot, but it went in an entirely different direction after I saw this line of dresses on ASOS. One thing to note if anyone’s going to pick one of these dresses up, the sizing is a big snug. I ended up having to size up because the underbust was really fitted.

2. 1.STATE Kayley sandal – $80 (exact on sale)
Thank you to everyone on Instagram who helped to pick these out! After realizing that my go-to shoes for weddings were kaput, I had to scramble to replace them– literally purchased this 1.STATE pair on my way to the airport! Since I didn’t have time to break them in before the wedding we attended, I asked the wonderful Nordstrom shoe staff to help find a pair that would be comfortable enough to stand in for 6+ hours. Although these are much more embellished than I usually like to go with shoes, they were super cute and surprisingly comfortable! This was the first time I didn’t take my shoes off after hours of being on the dance floor already ;)

Nada! Turns out when you’re in and out of the city every weekend for a month, there is no time to go thrifting. Aside from the dress and these new heels, I really didn’t have any closet holes to fill in the month of May.

Coming up in June, I’m hoping to amp up my Summer tops collection. I’ve always struggled with dressing for the Summer because of the fact that I love to wear layered outfits and the warmer weather doesn’t work quite well with that approach. As of right now, I have 3 t-shirts that I absolutely love and 2 crop tops, which was not exactly work appropriate.

Check out how I’ve fared in previous months of sticking to my clothing budget here!

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  • You know how I mentioned I wanted to not shop in May? yeah… hahaha I did SO badly with that. But at least the will was there? I’m gonna try again this month. That dress is SO gorgeous! I bet you look amazing in it!

    • Ooooh so curious to know what you ended up getting in May! I really wasn’t planning on buying anything last month, but the dress was too pretty to say no (I knew I shouldn’t have been window shopping online… haha) and it was my own fault about not having shoes for a wedding (figured sneakers would not have been a good choice to show up in).

      • Doesn’t matter if online or not, window shopping is dangerous haha
        oh gosh, what DIDN’T I get? I bought a pair of Puma suede sneakers, those new ones with the little bit of platform, and when I was able to walk a day with my orthopedics in them and no pain or blisters whatsoever, I immediately ordered them again.. so that’s 200€ gone. I bought a really great Adidas bomber jacket to replace my old one that had lost all its buttons/was washed out (67€), two blue & white button downs for work (striped Tommy Hilfiger 60€, patterned Eterna 50€), a floral midi wrap dress at H&M (50€), and then a few basics like a striped shirt, a cardigan, and some socks. Basically, I spent like 400€ on stuff that I half needed half wanted, and it’s fine (I have the money), but… yeah, it’s kind of a lot. I’m in this phase where I’m doing trial and error to get down to what I really love & enjoy wearing, and obviously that means spending some money, but I really want to try harder to pace myself. I’ll let you know how that goes on the next post ;) thanks for keeping me accountable, listing all that out was a bit of an eye-opener!

        • Sounds like quite the haul! I like your note on the trial & error phase. I feel like you have to go through that, especially when your style is evolving, to know how to move forward to the next phase. Better now than later, right?! :)