Clothing budget recap: August 2017

august 2017 - clothing budget recap

This month was a pricey one! August is actually going to be my last month of sharing my clothing budget recaps (more on this next week) so I guess it’s ok to go out with a bang? haha! This is how I’m going to justify it, anyway. A few things contributed to impulsive buys: Nordstrom’s anniversary sale, Keiko Lynn‘s closet sale, and needing new work pants for the Summer because I couldn’t take the heat in jeans every day anymore.

Purchased new
1. Seychelles Dwelling Bootie – $90 $30 (exact)
These booties were on sale for $90 during the anniversary sale (currently back to regular price at $140) and I ended up using $60 in Nordstrom Notes to get them for $30. I absolutely love the simplicity of the design of these booties. The only piece I overlooked was the fact that they’re suede. Looking at the fabric contents, I had assumed they would be finished leather but they’re not. Currently debating returning these, tbh, because I don’t know if they’ll be good enough to hold up to the rainy Seattle Fall/Winters.

2. Paperbag high waisted pants – $18 (exact)
Been loving high waisted pants – mainly for their ability to hide food babies – and fell in love with this style when I saw a friend style a similar pair in khaki last month. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect for $18 on Amazon for these pants, but they really surprised me! The fabric is a bit on the thinner and stretchy side, which makes them perfect for the Summer.

3. Cropped culottes – $18 (exact)
Another cute pair of pants from Amazon ftw! I really love these and wear them more often than I care to admit (although somehow avoided taking photos of them styled all month). The only design miss on these pants are the lack of pockets! Otherwise, I love wearing these with a cropped tee or tucked in blouses for work.

These two dresses (or tunics? Not quite sure what to make of their lengths yet) were purchased from Keiko Lynn’s IG closet sale earlier this month. Keiko was one of the first bloggers I ever followed more than 10 years ago, so it’s always exciting whenever she opens up her closet for people to shop!

I picked up the Free People Tell Tale lace tunic (which was just rereleased as the Secret Origins Pieced Tunic, or in a sleeveless version) and the Free People Lou Lou babydoll dress (exact). Both of these dresses, after shipping, hit me at a $100 price tag, which is still waaaaaay less had I bought them at retail price.

August total: $166

Definitely did not mean to spend on anything beyond pants for work this month, but here we are. Impulsive purchases galore! Somehow still managed to come under budget (thanks to hoarding Nordstrom Notes).

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