Rain, Rain, Go away!

I promise that hanging out at the shooting range isn’t becoming a regular habit. The weather was less than stellar on Sunday, which ended up ruining a day of photo shooting for me. My friends and I ended up in downtown Seattle, ready to snap photos when it started to pour! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… I am in Seattle, after all.

Since our plans got ruined, we headed to the shooting range. Sundays are ladies night, which means that if you have a female sharing a lane with you, rentals are free! woo hoo! I can’t say no to a good deal.

behind the glass

The only good thing about having a very monochromatic wardrobe is the fact that I can easily match with the headphones at the range. (kidding, kidding… this wasn’t planned at all.) I was really unsure if I wanted to share the photo below considering the ultra-flattering look on my face, but it’s the only photo of my full outfit. Just bear in mind I was dealing with some very loud BANG sounds as this photo was being taken (hence the scared face).

draping vests

Outfit details: tshirt (Forever 21), draped cardigan (Marshalls), Jeans (Guess), shoes (Target), necklace (anirtak)


I’ve never been good with change.

I’ve been listening to the song Changes by Stars on repeat for the past few days. I was first introduced to Stars back when I was sixteen and have loved them ever since then. I’ve seen them play live once and it was probably one of my all-time favorite concerts.

The one thing I love about Stars so much is the fact that I feel like I can relate to a lot of their songs. The music is so organic and Amy Millan’s voice is to die for. She’s got such a sweet, demure voice. Not to mention, this song tugs at my heart strings so bad. Given the fact that I’m constantly going through rough patches, this song just seems to resonate so well with how I’ve been feeling lately. I could probably make the soundtrack to my life consisting of nothing but Stars songs.

Seattle Sky Line

My roommate and I hung out on the balcony of a friend’s apartment and just took in the gorgeousness of the city. Being the little kid that I am, I brought a bear & heart balloons (that a very nice clown at the park made for me earlier in the day) out onto the deck to take photos with.

I thought the association of this song with this set of photos were fitting (seeing as I was just playing with a heart-shaped balloon all weekend, wearing it on my sleeve and all…).

Balloon Making 101

Balloon Breaking 101

All I can do is try to stay positive and keep my chin up! It’s all about making positive changes to my life. Until I can figure this out, I’m just going to fly off into oblivion with my heart-shaped balloon.

flying away

(just kidding.)


Golden Gardens Park

The weather was such a tease last week. It’s usually really gloomy during the week but it was amazingly warm and sunny towards the end of the week. I ended up heading to Golden Gardens Park for a barbecue and some beach volleyball. Spent a good five or so hours at the beach and came home with a sandal tan. haha! Sandal tans are the worst!
Golden Gardens

Clear waters

people at the park

sun setting

the shore

bye bye. sun

I stayed at the park a lot longer than I thought I would have. Got to watch the sun set (which was gorgeous!) while playing a ridiculous game of 9-on-9 beach volleyball. What more could I ask for?


Cooking like a Pro

Wow, it’s been quite quiet on here for the past four days. Sorry about that. I’ve been working on getting a huge backlog of photos edited and uploaded.

I recently took a cooking class at Kaspars with a team of about twenty other people. We had the task of making a four course meal from start to finish. I think my favorite part of this whole thing was the fact that all of the (vegetable/fruit) ingredients were organic and locally grown. I couldn’t be more supportive of local businesses!


more chopped veggies

I was placed on the salad-making team and  tasked with chopping peppers, string beans, and slicing cucumbers. It was quite the task trying not to cut my fingers while using the super sharp (but incredibly smooth-cutting knives. Cutting beans felt like slicing through butter!).


To be completely honest, I can’t say I was extremely excited when I found out I would be making a salad. I pictured having to wash large amounts of leafy greens and using a salad spinner. Kaspars showed me that a salad doesn’t have to be boring! Look at how cute these salad bunches looked:


army of salads

The final (plated and served) salad came with a side of greens, carrots, and radishes. This was my salad, which looks extremely plain. I’m not a huge fan of dressing, so my salad is naked. haha! The salad team did make a blackberry vinaigrette dressing which seemed to be a big hit.

plated salads

I really wish that I took more photos of the other teams working on their dishes. This is the only other “in-progress” photo that I have aside from all the salad-making photos. The appetizer was an onion tartlet served on puff pastry and topped with a medley of peppers and tomatoes.

nicely baked puff pastry

There was also a nice balsamic dressing and fresh mozzarella cheese. So yummy!
onion tartlet

Main course: steak and garlic gnocchi.

Dessert: an assortment of creme brulee in vanilla, orange and espresso! Can you guess which one I ended up getting?

dessert: creme brulee

I really hope I can make it to another one of these cooking classes some day. I had a lot of fun using the professional equipment and learning about the dos and don’ts of working with food being prepared for the masses.


Getting Personal

When I first started this blog, I intended it to be a place for me to share my photos, random musings, cooking experiments, and the occasional outfit post. Turns out, I can’t exactly stick to this plan and may end up making this a little more of a personal blog about my day-to-day life.

If there’s something you must know about me, it’s probably the fact that I wear my emotions on my sleeve– It’s definitely my biggest flaw. Sometimes I wish I was a little more self-sufficient in terms of being able to handle my emotions by myself but sometimes I let them get the best of me and right now I feel like I’m just going through a little more than I can handle…

Long story short, I feel like I’ve been having a lot of trouble trying to adjust moving from one coast to the next. As much as I love to explore new cities and living in new places, I feel really torn about having to think about my future and where I think I will end up settling. Oh life, why do you have to be so difficult? Stop throwing me curve balls so I can actually start looking forward to something!!

frolicking in the sun

Outfit details: Lace halter dress (Asian online store), half leggings (Old Navy), half sleeve cardigan (Urban Planet), knotted flats (Target), ‘diamond’ necklace (Etsy)

close up of the lace

I promised myself even before I moved out to Seattle that I would try my best to make the most of my time here. I didn’t want to be caught up in all of life’s What Ifs and I promised myself that I would focus on me and do some soul searching. So here I am, giving this soul searching thing an honest effort and trying to figure out how to be content in unfamiliar surroundings and situations.

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