Outfit + Roundup of Korea

I tried my best to buy at least one article of clothing from each country that we visited. At the end of each country’s trip recap, I’m hoping to do an outfit post (wow, it’s been a while since the last one)!

This adorable bunny print dress caused me so much grief while in Korea. I originally saw it in a street market for 18,000W when we went for a walk near the ladies university district. I didn’t have enough cash on me at the time, so I kept my fingers crossed that it would be at some other market we visited later on in the week. On the day before we had to leave Seoul, it was by chance (or magical luck!) that I spotted the same dress at a different shop. AND IT WAS CHEAPER! I snagged this baby for 15,000W (about $15 CAD).

hanging out with the aliens from Toy Story
Outfit Details: dress – Korean street market | flats – Target | sunglasses – Simply Vera

This is the only full-body shot I have of my outfit in this dress and the little alien in the background is a bit of a giveaway to what’s to come in the next post.

I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to follow along the recap of my travels! It’s awesome to be able to read such fun comments from people who have been to these places before or who enjoy seeing trip photos! I can’t wait to tell you where we headed off to after Korea! :)

If you missed out on any of the posts, here’s a quick recap of all the Korea-related posts:

  • day one: food & the Gyeongbok Palace
  • A night out with a bff at the Hello Kitty Cafe
  • Spending a day at an indoor amusement park, Lotte World, and almost puking from a ride!
  • Dessert hopping in the touristy districts of Seoul!
  • Tales and photographic evidence of the McDonald’s Bulgogi Burger!

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Get ready because the next week starts the recap of adventures in a new country!!



    McDonald’s: Korean Style!

    Hi. My name is Katrina and I am a McDonald’s addict. I got off the plane in Seoul and sprinted to the McDonald’s in the airport as soon as I picked up my baggage from the carousel. Yes, my first meal in Korea was actually a Bulgogi Burger. There. Are you happy I came clean about my McDonald’s obsession? haha (You better believe that I went to McDonald’s in every country and sampled as many new menu items as I could!)

    Korean McD's: Shanghai Spice Chicken & Bulgogi burger

    Korean McD's: Bulgogi burger

    So, the Bulgogi Burger. Where do I start with this one? If you’ve ever had bulgogi, you’ll know that the marinade for this meat is absolutely, mouth-watering deliciousness. Imagine this level of yumminess slathered all over a burger patty and you get the Bulgogi Burger! My only complaint is that my first burger had way too much mayo on it (there was less mayo in it the second time around) and I ended up scraping a bunch of it off with a napkin, but it was still really good! Just looking at this burger makes me wish I could have another one. Right now.

    Korean McD's: Shanghai Spice Chicken

    My friend – and resident McD’s partner in crime – tried the Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger. She said it wasn’t all that spicy (but then again, this is the girl who puts Sriracha sauce on everything, so I never trust her when she says something isn’t spicy) and tasted a lot like a regular McChicken Burger. I’ll never know. I wasn’t gusty enough to try it myself.

    Last of the bunch is a Big Mac. I know, I know. Nothing insanely special when it comes to a Big Mac for Canadian vs Korean McDonald’s, right? That’s what I thought… until I saw the packaging.

    Korean McD's: Big Mac

    Korean McD's: Big Mac

    My first reaction was, “WHERE IS THE BOX? AND WHERE DO I PUT MY FRIES?!” As the burger was unwrapped, I realized how genius the entire concept of the burger ring holder is! Instead of getting a Big Mac with a salad on the side (which is usually what happens in North America when I get a Big Mac. The lettuce is everywhere in the box except for in the burger), the burger is neatly packed up. I don’t even know how long I stared at this packaging for and marveled in its smart design.

    Kudos McDonald’s.


    Korean vs Canadian Desserts

    If there’s one thing that I was super excited about before starting this 4 week trip in Asia, it would be the desserts. OH MY GOSH, I can’t even begin to explain how excited I got when I saw an ad for a traditional Korean dessert called Patbingsu. One of my friends had hyped this stuff up to me since the start of our planning days (we’re both huge dessert fiends) and she told me we would try it out in Korea no matter how long it would take to find a dessert shop. It took us almost five full days of looking around Seoul before finding a shop that didn’t top their desserts with almonds (yay for food allergies and language barriers!) or charge a ridiculous amount since we were in a more touristy area.

    traditional patbingsu

    Patbingsu (팥빙수): red bean shaved ice desert!! It’s exactly what it sounds like. Take a bowl, fill it with shaved ice, and pour a mountain of sweetened red bean sauce on top. Add a couple of fruit toppings, fresh mochi, and condensed milk and you’re ready to dig in!

    eating a fruity patbingsu

    Aside from the traditional fruit-topped patbingsu, we also tried the newer flavoured desserts that can be found at franchised snack shops. We went to Mister Donut to try the green tea shaved ice. Instead of fruits, we got fresh green tea mochi and the ice was smothered in a green tea sauce.

    Green tea shaved ice dessert

    Green tea shaved ice dessert

    This is a little embarrassing to admit – and I don’t really know why I’m sharing this, but I will anyway – I had an entire bowl of this stuff to myself. Both times. Some of my friends split their patbingsu with someone else and I still managed to beat two of them to finishing the dessert. I don’t know what it is, but I swear I have a dessert stomach reserved for sweet treats only. If I like something, you’ll know because I stop talking and start shoveling food. I think I love patbingsu.

    Krispy Kreme: NY cheesecake

    Krispy Kreme: NY cheesecake

    Another interesting thing that I noticed in Korea is the fact that their donuts don’t taste like Canadian donuts. I’m not sure if Tim Hortons just puts too much sugar in their icing glaze, but my teeth always hurt a little after eating the honey crullers (my favourite of the batch). The donuts in Korea tasted a bit more like bread and less like a dessert. Even the NY cheesecake donut from Krispy Kreme (pictured above) was a lot less sweet than I was expecting it to be. The custard filling was just the perfect amount of sweet to balance out the bread shell.

    Mmm… I can’t wait for the next post! Hint: It’s also food related and might even have something to do with my all-time favourite restaurant. hehe


    Lotte World: Home of the drunken buckets

    Looking back at these photos, I almost want to cry. SOMEONE TAKE ME BACK TO KOREA!!
    One of the most unique places we went to (Aside from the amazing Hello Kitty Cafe) was Lotte World: an indoor amusement park. Yes, the rides, including some roller coasters were hosted indoors! I had no idea what I expect when we first arrived, but I was absolutely blown away as soon as we walked in. I’ll show you what I mean…

    Lotte World: skating rink

    Lotte World: Indoors

    Lotte World: Indoor rides

    Inside this three story building, there’s a huuuuge skating rink. While our jaws are still dropped and being dragged on the ground, let’s add a hot air balloon ride that overlooks the entire indoor park, shall we? For someone who is terrified of heights, I’m still amazed that I didn’t cry on this ride. 6 of us were squished like canned sardines into a tiny basket for this hot air balloon ride. It was such an amazing view of the overall park, I couldn’t help but take photos. Below the balloons is a photo of the meticulously detailed queue that we stood in to wait for these balloons.

    Lotte World: hot air balloons

    Lotte World queue

    My second favourite ride was, hands down, Drunken Buckets (hey, I didn’t name these rides). Picture your traditional tea cup ride where you have a little wheel in the middle of the bucket to control how fast (or slowly) your bucket spins. Now imagine 5 people on a mission to get someone in the bucket to puke. I could not for the life of me stop laughing!! I kept crashing into the people I was sitting next to and had to close my eyes at one point because I was feeling so dizzy. By the end of it, I’m sure I was walking on par with an intoxicated person for the next 30 seconds of my life…

    Lotte World: drunken buckets

    Lotte World: Inside the candy store

    I couldn’t help but go for a snack break after a morning of craziness. We stopped off at the candy shop to buy some (extremely overpriced) sweet treats before heading to the outdoor portion of the park. As if having an amazing indoor park wasn’t enough, there was an outdoor portion too!

    Lotte World: outside of the park

    Lotte World: cute animals!

    While we were in line for a roller coaster, we were approached by these cute kids dressed up in animal outfits. The cow actually came over to ask us if we were American and why we decided to come to Korea. We chatted with them for about 5 minutes before I mustered up the courage to ask them for a photo. Look at how cute they are! I wish I had the guts to go to an amusement park dressed up as a pack of animals!

    Speaking of getting dressed up, can I quickly comment on the over-the-top cute factor of Korean couples? Amusement parks must be the best date places in Korea because 60% of the couples I saw at the park were matching with their other half from head to toe. No joke! I chuckled after seeing one couple in the exact same outfit down to the grey-bottomed socks and Adidas slipper-looking-sandals. Some of the boys even wore oversized, sequin-covered hair bow headbands to match with their girlfriends. If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is. ; )

    Lotte World at night


    Date Night at the Hello Kitty Cafe

    Hello Kitty Cafe
    If I could make the perfect combination of two things in this world that I love, it would be Hello Kitty and sweet treats! A friend of mine who is currently living in Korea told me that I would die of Hello Kitty overload if I went to this place. So what did she do? She took me out for a dinner/dessert date!

    Hello Kitty Cafe

    Hello Kitty Cafe

    Hello Kitty Cafe

    Hello Kitty Cafe

    The number of items on this menu were insane! There were so many different types of drinks (lattes, tea, milkshakes, yogurtcchino?!?) and snacks that we took forever to decide. I really loved their displays for the food items. A bunch of fake foods were on the other side of glass display cases so we wouldn’t have to guess the size. We really wanted to get a waffle in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head, but they were all sold out by the time we got there. (Darn all those cute couples who beat us to dessert night!!) We settled on two lattes, a chocolate cake, and a brick toast with frozen yogurt drizzled in strawberry sauce.

    Hello Kitty Cafe

    Hello Kitty Cafe

    The lattes were so incredibly cute! The frothy foam was topped with chocolate or green tea powder with Hello Kitty’s face! I loved that each design was different too. Definitely not the best latte I’ve had, but worth the 4,500W for the novelty alone.

    Hello Kitty Cafe
    Can you tell I’m in sweet treats heaven right about now? haha

    Hello Kitty Cafe

    Hello Kitty Cafe
    As we sipped on our lattes, the decorations got warped. : (

    Hello Kitty Cafe

    Hello Kitty Cafe

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