Project Reconstruction: Boxy to crop top

Oh hey! If you’re confused and thinking, “What?? You look different today!”– Don’t worry. You’re on the right blog. ;)

I’m super excited for today’s Project Reconstruction post because this is the first time collaborating with a friend on a fun project. She came to me with a men’s XL t-shirt that she wanted to turn into a crop top. Thinking about the summer days ahead, this is a super easy, no sew reconstruction project that will take 10 minutes tops!

One thing to note here is the type of fabric you’re working with. We were lucky in this case that the t-shirt used in this tutorial is 100% cotton and does not have a stiff knit. The reason you’ll want to be weary of the stiffness of the knit is because, with such an over sized shirt, you’ll want the excess fabric at the armholes to droop down instead of maintain the shape of the original shirt.


With the shirt laid flat on the floor, trace out where you want to make the cuts using fabric chalk. The guide above uses the existing ends of the armholes and ends of the neckline. You’ll want to follow the original seam of the neckline to work off of to help maintain proportions with the armholes. The neckline is entirely up to you in terms of how much or little you want to modify. We cut the trim, keeping the original height of the back of the neckline (shown in yellow) and tweaked the depth of the front neckline a couple times until we were happy with the plunge.


10 minutes later and there you have it! A super easy way to convert all those ill-fitting band tees from your teenage years into a wearable, summer-ready crop top!

A huuuge thank you to my friend for providing such a hilarious t-shirt for this project (any other Borat fans out there?) and for graciously modeling for this post! ♥


Weekend DIY: fox stamped shirt

This is one of my favourite Weekend DIY projects ever! I’ve printed a couple of shirts in the past, but this one is by far the best one (ok, ok… I say this about the most recent one every time). Here’s the end result we’re going for:


You’ll need:
laundered shirt*
1 sheet of 1/8″ thick craft foam
craft glue
exacto knife
acrylic paint
fabric medium
paintbrush or sponge
scrap piece of cardboard (8.5″ x 11″)

* It’s important for the shirt to have been laundered before printing to make sure that the material has settled. The last thing you want is to have the perfect design stamped onto a shirt, only for the shirt to shrink after the first wash!



1. Sketch out your ideas for the stamp. I’ve been a little obsessed with foxes lately, so I sketched out a bunch of fox head ideas.

2. Sketch the final design out onto the foam. Make sure to cut out all negative space that you don’t want being stamped onto the shirt.

3. Cut out a square (or rectangle) block from the sheet of foam.

4. Glue the stamp onto the square (or rectangle) block. Wait for the glue to fully dry (I waited overnight just to be safe!)

Before stamping straight on the shirt, I would suggest testing out the stamp and paint colours on some scrap paper first. You want to make sure that the thickness of the layer of paint being applied to the stamp is not too thick for being transferred onto the shirt. I also played with a couple techniques (sponging vs painting with a brush vs dabbing the stamp straight into a paint tray) before committing to one to do on the shirt.


Important!! Be sure to place the piece of cardboard between the front and back of the shirt before you start stamping. This ensures that the paint from the stamping doesn’t leak past the front layer of the shirt.


1. Mixing the paint: be sure to read the instructions on the back of the bottle of the fabric medium. You can also use fabric paint which doesn’t require fabric medium, but this is my personal favourite method since I usually need acrylic paint for other projects.

2. Stamp to your heart’s content! If your design requires finer details, go to step 3. If you don’t have finer details, skip straight to step 5.

3 & 4 (optional): I had an extra detail for eyes that couldn’t be added in the stamp block. Using a fine tip brush, paint on the extra details.

5. Leave the shirt to dry overnight.

6. With the iron on medium (with no steam), heat press each part of the design for 30 seconds. This helps to seal the design to avoid washing out and cracking in the laundry.

AAAAAAND you’re done :) Send me links of your shirts when you make them! I’m excited to see what designs you guys come up with!


Weekend DIY: gold glitter tips

This week’s Weekend DIY is simple and easy way to spruce up the classic look of a french manicure. Instead of the classic white tips, we’re going with a pop of gold and some glitter! There’s no such thing as too much glitter, am I right? (Ok, too much glitter is totally a thing… but these nails aren’t glitter crazy. Promise!) Here’s the look we’re going for:

You’ll need:
base and top coat
dark base colour
accent colour
glitter colour (should match the accent colour)
invisible tape

For this tutorial, I used these specific colours:
Base colour: Julep Viola
Accent colour: Julep Kathleen
Glitter colour: Julep Vivien


1. Paint your base coat and then two coats of the base colour. Make sure that your nails are fully dry before moving on to the next step. I waited ~30 minutes to be on the safe side.

2. Cut 10 pieces of tape about 1.5″ long a piece.

3. Place a piece of tape on each of your nails, leaving a small space at the tip for the accent colour. Make sure to press down on the tape to get out all the air bubbles from the edge closest to the tip (this will help avoid leaking).

4. Paint a single coat of the accent colour on the tip of your nail (it’s ok to paint over the edge of the tape). While the polish is still wet, carefully peel the tape off your nail.

5. Let your nails fully dry before moving on to the next step. I waited about ~20 minutes to be on the safe side.

6. Using the glitter colour, gently dab on the painted tip area. Continue to dab until you have the desired amount of glitter on the tip.

Once the glitter colour is dry, seal with a top coat and you’re done!


Valentine’s Day nails: make your own heart decals

I’ll admit that I’m a pretty huge sucker for Valentine’s Day. Any excuse to wear pink and paint the town with hearts is my kind of “holiday”! Since hearts day falls on a weekday this year, I had to make sure that my nails would be work appropriate. Not to say that sporting hearts on the nail beds is super professional or anything, but it is fun to sneak in little accents here and there in places people least expect to see them. Here’s the look I went for:


Start off with a neutral base. I used two coats of Avery by Zoya, which is a beige with some olive undertones which worked perfect with my skin tone.

Zoya - Avery

For the heart decals, I chose to use two different shades of red. My colours of choice were Julep’s Scarlett (red with a hint of micro glitter), and Catherine (opaque red with no glitter). The reason I chose to do two different shades of red instead of sticking to a single one is because I initially couldn’t make up my mind. I wanted to see what both shades looked like over the Avery nude. I ended up using both and really liked the results.


Tear off two strips of invisible tape about 1.5″ long. Paint a layer of each color on each trip of tape and wait for the nail polish to dry. This shouldn’t take long, but I waited 15 minutes just to be safe.


Using a pair of scissors with thinner tips, cut hearts out of the strips of painted tape. Make sure that the hearts fit the size of your nail beds. Stick a heart on your fingernail, seal with a layer of top coat, and voila! Your Valentine’s Day nails are ready to strut their stuff!


Weekend DIY: origami heart banner

Now that we’re a full week in to the month of February, the Valentine’s Day bug has kicked in full swing! I’m a little addicted to stopping by the craft aisles of Daiso (it’s the Japanese dollar store… well, $1.50 store) and have been stocking up on origami paper since October of 2012 for a fun project. Back then, I didn’t know what I’d use the paper for but the origami bug bit me hard last week and I finally came up with a fun project for this month. It involves folding an army of hearts and trying out a bunch of different tutorials.

Supplies for this project:
origami paper (I used 5″ x 5″ squares)
2 ft of kitchen twine
mini wooden clothes pins
sticky tack
Instax photos (optional)


The use of Instax photos in this project is totally up to you! I’m one of those super sentimental people that keeps all the cards/letters that people send to me and I put them up on my fridge. I also put up all my Instax photos. Unfortunately, there is only so much surface to cover and I’ve resorted to putting a bunch of photos in a box since I’m out of magnets… and fridge space.

To start, you’ll need to decide what size and style of hearts you want to use for the banner. I tried out a couple of tutorials that I found online before deciding on one. If you like bigger hearts, this tutorial was really easy and you can fold a heart in under a minute. If you’re looking for a heart that can double as a note holder, there’s this tutorial for an envelope heart that you could put cute little messages in! The heart that I ended using for my banner was this one because I liked the smaller size (the final size is about 1/4 of the size of the sheet of paper).

Once you’ve picked your heart size/style, fold about 10 of them (or however many you’d like). This will be the most time consuming part of the project but once you’re done, you’ll only be 10 minutes away from a new wall accent!


Cut 2 feet of kitchen twine and put it up on the wall, securing the ends with sticky tack (or whatever other adhesive works best for your walls). Cover the sticky tack by placing a heart on top. Evenly space out the rest of your hearts along the twine, securing them into place with a mini clothes pin.


Then, take your Instax photos and pin one between each of the hearts. In just 10 minutes, you’re done! I ended up putting my banner above my desk. Not only is it a great accent for my work space, but it also cheers me up every time I’m reminded of those good times captured in the photos.

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