DIY nail stickers: gingham [aka grid paper]

I’ve become a little a lot obsessed with nail art lately. It just so happens to be that time of year when I want to wear all the spring colours on my fingers tips, all at the same time! Instead of spending $15 on a set of nail stickers, here’s a quick and budget-friendly way to make your own fun designs.
You’ll need:
2 colurs of nail polish – pick your fav contrasting pair!
(I used wet n wild megalast Sugar Coat for the base, and Candy-licious for the accent)
invisible tape
pair of scissors
top coat

Being an applied science major, I’ve always had a soft spot for graph paper. I think it’s pretty in all of its rigid grid-like glory (nerdy much?). This is the look we’re going for:


I started off by painting a single coat on a strip of tape. I was ok with a slightly streaky/less opaque finish since these strips were ultimately going to be layered on my nail. While waiting for the polish on the tape to dry, I gave my nails two coats of a base colour.


Next is the fun part! Cut the painted tape into little strips. These will be used for making the gingham pattern on your nails. Before moving on to the next step, make sure your base coat is fully dry (I usually wait about an hour, just to be safe).

The great thing about using tape is that if you accidentally lay a strip down crookedly on your nail (which I managed to do a handful of times), you can easily peel it off! Trim the ends of the strips just slightly shorter than the length of your nail and press down firmly on your nail.


Seal the design with top coat and you’re done!


I got a rebellious and did a simple striped pattern on my other hand. :) Let me know if you tried out this tutorial!

Hair tutorial: braided bangs

I’m just waiting to (finally) sync my phone to my laptop to get my photos from the weekend to finish off my Coachella recap, but until then, I thought it’d be fun to so a quickly hair tutorial!

The not-so-great perk of having side swept bangs is the fact that they seem to grow out super quickly. If you’re like me and only get your hair trimmed every two or three months (sometimes I’m really rebellious and wait five months!), you probably know exactly what I mean when I say my hair is in my eyes. :P

Since I’m working on growing out the rest of my hair, I decided to try something new with the bangs while keeping the side-swept look. Here’s a quick tutorial for how to make a braided headband that incorporates your bangs without losing the framing of the face that side swept bangs makes. We’re going for this look:

hair braid

For those of you who have naturally straight hair (lucky you!!), you can skip this first step. But if your hair has a bit of a personality of its own (like mine), you will need to prep your canvas. :)


Step 1: Straighten your hair, including your bangs.


As someone who straightens their hair almost every other day, it’s really important to have a good straightener that won’t damage your hair. (Side note: I’ve been eyeing one from the gdh Peacock Collection for a few weeks now. I’ve heard really good things about their ceramic hair straighteners and the versatility of using it for curling as well, which I’ve never been able to do with any of my current straighteners. Don’t even get me started with the colours… they’re just so fun and cute for the spring! The purple one is my fav of the collection!)

Step 2: Section off parts of your bangs that you want to incorporate into the braid.


Step 3: Begin braiding from the left side (or the right, depending on which direction your bangs sweep in). This will help to anchor your braided bangs to maintain the “sweep” shape.


Step 4: Incorporate your bangs using a French braid method. Little by little, braid in small strands of the bangs that you sectioned off in Step 2. Try not to braid too tightly towards the scalp. Since we want to maintain the side-swept look, braid in a downward direction away from the scalp without pulling too tightly on the strands of bangs.


Step 5: Secure the braid in place. A lot of people like to use small rubber bands to hold braids together, but my hair always gets knotted in those so I try to avoid them as much as possible. I’ve found that using two bobby pins and pinning in an X shape holds the braid really well.


TA-DA! And you’re done!!

Hope you enjoyed this simple hair braid tutorial! Let me know if you end up trying it! I’ve been wearing this ‘do at least once a week and love how something as simple as a braid can make a (usually boring) look so much more fun!

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