Japanese ‘Guu’dness

When I first lived in Vancouver, a lot of my friends told me I would be a “waste of a plane ticket” because I don’t exactly like seafood and I can’t stand raw fish. I’m that girl who goes to all-you-can-eat sushi places and eats monstrous amounts of teriyaki chicken and tempura shrimp while everyone else enjoys plate after plate of salmon/tuna sashimi, handrolls and other various sushi servings.

Drink Menu at Guu

After trying out a few Japanese restaurants on the west coast, I fell in love with one in particular. It’s called Guu. (They recently opened one in Toronto!) They don’t serve traditional westernized Japanese food, but rather a fusion of more authentic dishes (or so I’ve been told). The only traditional dishes on the menu, like sashimi, have a (good) twist to them… extra sauces, large amounts of garlic chips, etc. Although I didn’t eat any of the raw stuff, everyone else loved it.

White Tuna

Salmon Sashimi

The next dish was a complete surprise for me. Thanks to my picky nature, I’m not a fan of pumpkin. When I heard that we were ordering eggs covered in mashed pumpkin, I was pretty skeptical that I was going to enjoy it. I’m not sure if it was the mushy textures of both the egg yolk and the pumpkin, but something about this mix appealed to my usually bland taste palette.

Pumpkin and Egg

I saved the best for last!! So as much as I am not the biggest fan of seafood, there are a few things I absolutely ADORE. Eel is one of them. I cannot get enough of the BBQ Eel rice dish at Guu. If I could, I would want to eat this stuff all day! Ok, that’s a little gross, but I think you know what I mean. Mmm… just looking at this photo again is making my mouth water… just a bit. haha

BBQ Eel Fried Rice

… i’m done drooling now!! lol


Curly Fries at the Street Market!

The Seattle Street Market was held a few weeks ago and I wasn’t able to get around to transferring the photos until now. I think it’s safe to say that I didn’t die from a heart attack after inhaling the biggest mountain of curly fries I have ever seen in my entire life.

After seeing this modified contraption that uses an electric drill and makeshift potato peeler, I couldn’t say no to trying out the curly fries from this stall:

Fry Making Machine

Making Fries

I couldn’t believe that one food stall required this many deep fryers… until I saw the size of the servings of curly fries.

Deep Fryers

At first I thought $6.50 was a bit of a steep asking price for curly fries, but now I realize that half of the price must’ve gone towards the novelty of the fries. My friend and I got stared at while we sat on the curb of the sidewalk and pigged out on these fries.

Curly Fries!!

We must’ve referred at least 10 customers to the food stall since people kept pointing at our massive mound of fries and asking where we got them. Some random girl also took a photo of us eating fries, which I thought was a little strange since she was trying to be inconspicuous about it but we definitely noticed her.

Between the two of us, we could barely finish more than half of the serving. To be honest, we both felt pretty sick and groggy after eating so many fries and witnessing 5 layers of napkins, under a cardboard container, get completely drenched in oil.

no more fries, please

Yes, it’s true. This is how I try to mask self disgust… by giving the best “fake smile” possible! I don’t think I’ll be able to eat fries again for a while…

greasy goodness

(& yes, I intentionally blurred out the faces of strangers who ended up being in the background of photos)


Panda Love

One unexplained thing in life that I have a soft spot for is pandas. I don’t know why. Their lazy nature, adorably chubby faces and bamboo diets… something about them just makes me want to hug everything that comes in panda form.

Recently, I made a purchase from Fred Flare and requested a doodlebug. Mo, one of the their shipping staff, handles all the doodlebugs and blogged about my request. I thought it was hilarious how accurately I was depicted in this doodle! Having never met anyone at FF in person, I was quite impressed! Fringe bangs, semi-poor posture, dancing-panda-demanding face… I love it all! Not to mention, the panda is freaking adorable with his top hat and cane.

dancing panda

Speaking of adorable panda-related things, on my recent trip to Vancouver, I stopped by Daiso (a store completely dedicated to selling imported Japanese goodies) and saw these sponges:

panda sponges

No joke, I must’ve thrown all of the panda-faced loofahs into my basket and then 20 seconds later, after realizing that I was being ridiculous, put them all back on the shelf. Now that it’s been a few days since I left that army of panda loofahs at Daiso, I’m regretting not bringing at least one of them home with me.

ok. this was an impromptu post. I had a bunch of photos ready to post but got sidetracked when I saw Mo’s doodlebug. Brace yourself for the largest serving of curly fries you’ve ever seen!!


Lies Lies Lies

I can’t say that I love museums, seeing as how I’ve only ever visited three in my lifetime (ROM, Louvre, and now the SAM), but I really enjoyed myself when I was looking through all the art. I only visited the first two floors of the Seattle Art Museum, but I’m hoping to make another trip back to see the Kurt Cobain and Andy Warhol exhibits soon.


In the kids activity area, there were a bunch of cartoonized Andy and Kurt colouring pages and a bucket of pencil crayons and markers. Of course, the 5 year old in me insisted on spending ten minutes making some “art”:

Colour Colour Colour!

So proud of my artwork

While wandering around downtown, I also managed to check out the Olympic Sculpture Park. All of the sculptures were decently spread apart over a decent size of nicely landscaped space. There were a couple of these signs hanging around the pieces to avoid corrosion of the materials that the sculptures are made from. Sadly, people still touched the art.

Don't Touch!

My favourite “sight” of the sculpture park was actually the building where the gift shop was located. There was this huge wall that looked like a big cork board and had this piece posted on it:

Lies lies liesTo be entirely honest with you, I had no idea what the giant cork board represented. A lot of the “posts” on the board had a dark interpretation and made me feel like the piece as a whole was trying to say that the idea of design is skewed by what’s accepted by society. Or something like that… I think.


Motomachi Shokudo

I recently traveled back to Canadaland (Vancouver, to be specific) to revisit old places I fell in love with when I used to live there. Vancouver is well known for their Japanese food, specifically sushi, and I can’t say no to ramen! I’m actually a huge fan of instant noodles of all sorts, but freshly prepared ramen in a kitchen prepared soup (versus a prepackaged, MSG-filled soup base) will never be a meal in my life that I refuse.

Although I’ve never been to Motomachi Shokudo before, I was drawn to eating there after seeing the super cute decor in the petite space coupled with the sweet presentation of food.

Thanks to my not-so-adventurous palette for spicy foods, I went with a traditional bowl of (original) ramen:

Original Ramen

Another great option is the ramen in blackened charcoal broth:

charcoal broth ramen


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