Seeing Green

The one thing I love about being in Seattle is the lush greenery on the highways. There’s never a dull moment while on the road… nor is there a dull moment in a green field. The inner 5 year old in me seems to appear every time I set foot in a park or field. I can’t help but want to jump around in the grass.

On this particular day, it had rained earlier and I wasn’t sure if running around in the field would be a good idea. I decided to check how muddy it was:

testing out the field

After I realized that there were no swampy pockets, I… lost all self control for containing my inner 5 year old. hahaha

jump to it!

Outfit details: Hollister (t-shirt & jeans), Dynamite trench

jump jump jump

Thankfully, I wasn’t playing in the fields alone. My friends and I hung out at the park until sunset. What a nice way to enjoy nature. : )


(all photos were taken by my friend & his Nikon)

Thrifted Treasures

Growing up, I was always the last person to go through the stack of hand-me-downs. I know there are a ton of people out there who scoff at the idea of getting excited over sorting through previously owned goods, but I’m not ashamed to say I loved it. I seem to have a (bad) habit of giving pieces second chances, which is probably the main reason why my closet and dressers are overflowing with clothing.

It’s not just clothing that I give second chances to. Don’t even get me started with bags…

My last trip to the thrift store was no exception. I walked into the accessories section and basically lost all self restraint.

Nikon bag

I saw this bag and knew I couldn’t leave without it. How cute is this? A khaki colored canvas camera bag. I know I already have a camera bag, but mine is very… masculine looking– not to say this bag is feminine, but it doubles as a purse quite nicely! The only bad thing is that this bag is labeled Nikon and I shoot with a Canon. : ( A couple of my friends who’ve seen this bag have already poked fun at me and the fact that my camera is trying too hard to be a Nikon. (They only pester me because ¬†I bought this bag despite the fact that I’m a lover of Canon through and through.)

I can’t wait to mix this up with some cute summer outfits!

Lazy Sunday

It’s Sunday and, sadly, it is super gloomy out. To be honest, I’m hoping to spend the day curled up in bed with a good book (currently reading Freakonomics) and maybe take a cat nap later on in the afternoon. It’s just one of those days, you know?

lazy sunday

I have a lot of work cut out for me tonight to edit a bunch of photos from the park. Until then, I leave you with a cute photo I took using my Vistaquest vq1015 r2 digital lomography camera:

little feet

Snoqualmie Falls

You’d think that after a week of dealing with super gloomy, rainy weather, people wouldn’t want to subject themselves to more water, but that’s not the case here! On a gloomy day, where there were intermittent intervals of rain, we headed on a bit of a road trip to Snoqualmie Falls. The drive to the falls was extremely scenic (not as nice as the scenes off Hwy 1 in California, but infinitely more beautiful than any of the highways in Toronto) which made for a painless road trip.

top of the fallsThe view from the top of the falls was gorgeous! Sadly, it was also really crowded and taking a photo of the falls without anyone else in the frame proved to be quite the challenge.

We got bored of dealing with the crowds pretty quickly, so we decided to follow the signs and take a trail to the boardwalk. The trail ended up being pretty boring, so the guys decided it would be a good idea to take an impromptu trail through the forests. It was such a gorgeous hike (filled with flowers, ferns and forests of overgrown trees) down to the boardwalk, although it was super muddy and slippery due to the fact we weren’t technically on a proper trail.

pretty flowers


By the time we got to the boardwalk, it was already crowded with people. There were signs all over the place saying, “please stay on the boardwalk” but people were climbing off the sides to get closer to the bottom of the falls. Being the rebels that we are, we decided to follow suit and check out the bottom of the falls too.



bottom of the falls

It was super misty at the bottom of the falls. I guess I shouldn’t have expected any less. I mean, we were at the bottom of a huge waterfall! There were huge rocks all over the shore of the falls which made for a rigorous hike to get closer to the water. The super ginormous rocks were also really fun to climb onto!

climbing rocks

I didn’t feel too smart when I sat on the top of the rock since I realized it was way easier to get up than down. There were no “steps” to climb down on and thanks to the mist, the rocks were really slippery.

climbing down

wandering on the shores

Bad rock-climbing decisions aside, the falls were gorgeous! Hopefully I can make another trip out there when the weather’s nicer!

Weekend Recap (cont): Exit Through the Gift Shop

Later in the night on Saturday, we all piled into the car and headed to the city to see Banksy‘s documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. Banksy has been a huge inspiration of mine for quite some time, not only because of his controversial work but because of his¬†anonymity. He’s always been such a mysterious “character” whose talent is, for the most part, very in demand.

Courtesy of Raw Art Blog

I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard as I did in a theater before. Although there are a lot of rumors that the documentary is some sort of sad joke on the public of Banksy pulling another fast one, I still really enjoyed it. I highly recommend everyone to check this out!

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