Playing a game of Catch Up

I was hoping to have some photos from my weekend posted by tonight, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with how little time I’ve had to sit down and transfer pictures (story of my life!). As soon as I got back in to Seattle on Tuesday evening, I had to furiously unpack and get ready for a full day on Wednesday. Last night was spent watching Kooza, one of the many Cirque du Soleil installments. This would mark my third Cirque show and I absolutely LOVED it. Highly recommend any of the shows if you’re ever in the Las Vegas area (or happen to catch a show tent in another state… like Washington!).

Circus shows aside, I’ve been hard at work on a side project. Here’s a sneak peek:
July Project

Can you guess where this is going? More details to come as the event draws closer, but for now, this is the preliminary design for a display I’m hoping to finish by next weekend. Yes, if you’re going to force me to say it, I have an affinity for doilies. Doilies appeal to the inner granny in me! What more can I say?

– – – – – – – – – –

Since this post is so appropriately titled, I will just go ahead and brain-dump everything that I’ve been meaning to write about while I was laptop-less in California. ¬†While I was away, the lovely Erica nominated me for “The Versatile Blogger” blog award! Thanks so much, Erica!

Rules: Thank person who nominated you | Share 7 facts about yourself | Nominate 15 others | Contact nominees

So, 7 things about myself…

  1. I hated the color pink until I was 16. I was a huge tomboy until I embraced the color pink. Nowadays, pink is one of the more prominent colors in my wardrobe.
  2. I can’t wear contacts because I have severe astigmatism. I will forever be a four-eyes and I’m more than ok with that! (Glasses are my favorite accessory!)
  3. I love to play sports despite the fact that I am extremely accident prone (and not exactly the most athletically inclined).
  4. To this day, I can still recite the daily McValue Deal Meals offered by McDonald’s back in 2004-2006. I can thank my inner junk foodie for the 4 days a week I used to visit McD’s back in the day.
  5. My internal clock doesn’t allow me to sleep in past 8:30am. If I’m lucky, sometimes I get to sleep in until 9! No matter what time I sleep, I wake up at 8:30. This is terribly inconvenient when I sleep at 3am and still feel exhausted but can’t fall back asleep.
  6. Chocolate is my biggest vice. I have to have at least one piece of chocolate a day. Sigh.
  7. Whenever I really like a song, I play it on repeat for days until I get it out of my system. This really annoyed one of my old roommates… especially since I refused to used headphones and blasted ONE song on repeat for over a week straight. hahaha!

I know I’m supposed to tag 15 people, but I figured I would leave this one open-ended for those who want to share 7 random facts about¬†themselves on their blogs. Feel free to post them on your own blogs/in the comments!


hello! I know it’s been a while. I’m not a bag blogger, I promise.

I spent the long weekend in California and couldn’t fit my laptop in my carry-ons.

home sweet home

Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I’ll be back to my regularly blogging this week. Until then, I leave you with this horrendous photo of my current state. This is what I look like after sitting in an airport waiting for a delayed flight, having to sit next to a woman on the plane moisturizing her feet and putting them on the seat between us (um, ew?) and then having to deal with a not-so-great cab driver. Ended my extended 5-day long weekend with a BANG!

p.s. I chopped off about 4″ of my hair.


I got a vistaquest vq1015 r2 camera back in May and haven’t quite figured out how to take proper photos with it yet. At first, I realized that I had the shutter speed set way too slow and all my photos were overexposed to the point that I would just end up with frames of white light.

Now, my photos are a little too dark (the photos below have zero post-processing). I can’t figure out that sweet spot for shutter speed. oh well… I still think they’re quite cute.



Beach at Golden Gardens

I hope all my fellow Canadians have a wonderful Canada Day! I’m sad to say that I won’t be celebrating Canada Day this year and instead I’m hoping to see some Independence Day fireworks! Do you guys have any big plans for the weekend?

Rain, Rain, Go away!

I promise that hanging out at the shooting range isn’t becoming a regular habit. The weather was less than stellar on Sunday, which ended up ruining a day of photo shooting for me. My friends and I ended up in downtown Seattle, ready to snap photos when it started to pour! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… I am in Seattle, after all.

Since our plans got ruined, we headed to the shooting range. Sundays are ladies night, which means that if you have a female sharing a lane with you, rentals are free! woo hoo! I can’t say no to a good deal.

behind the glass

The only good thing about having a very monochromatic wardrobe is the fact that I can easily match with the headphones at the range. (kidding, kidding… this wasn’t planned at all.) I was really unsure if I wanted to share the photo below considering the ultra-flattering look on my face, but it’s the only photo of my full outfit. Just bear in mind I was dealing with some very loud BANG sounds as this photo was being taken (hence the scared face).

draping vests

Outfit details: tshirt (Forever 21), draped cardigan (Marshalls), Jeans (Guess), shoes (Target), necklace (anirtak)

I’ve never been good with change.

I’ve been listening to the song Changes by Stars on repeat for the past few days. I was first introduced to Stars back when I was sixteen and have loved them ever since then. I’ve seen them play live once and it was probably one of my all-time favorite concerts.

The one thing I love about Stars so much is the fact that I feel like I can relate to a lot of their songs. The music is so organic and Amy Millan’s voice is to die for. She’s got such a sweet, demure voice. Not to mention, this song tugs at my heart strings so bad. Given the fact that I’m constantly going through rough patches, this song just seems to resonate so well with how I’ve been feeling lately. I could probably make the soundtrack to my life consisting of nothing but Stars songs.

Seattle Sky Line

My roommate and I hung out on the balcony of a friend’s apartment and just took in the gorgeousness of the city. Being the little kid that I am, I brought a bear & heart balloons (that a very nice clown at the park made for me earlier in the day) out onto the deck to take photos with.

I thought the association of this song with this set of photos were fitting (seeing as I was just playing with a heart-shaped balloon all weekend, wearing it on my sleeve and all…).

Balloon Making 101

Balloon Breaking 101

All I can do is try to stay positive and keep my chin up! It’s all about making positive changes to my life. Until I can figure this out, I’m just going to fly off into oblivion with my heart-shaped balloon.

flying away

(just kidding.)

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