Happy Friday!!

It’s been quite the whirlwind of a week over here. The week started off amazing, and then I ended up hitting my quarterly allergy run-in on Wednesday (not-so-yay for spending an hour in a public bathroom puking up a cookie), and things are good again. Hopefully the weekend makes up for the crummy things that happened during the week.

I’m hoping to spend my weekend reading and attempting to dine at establishments classier than McDonald’s. haha
fork & spoon lariat

What are your plans?

Taphouse and Targets

When I first started blogging, I didn’t intend on every other entry to be about food. It seems like I check out a new restaurant almost twice a week, which doesn’t seem like much, but it’s definitely starting to take a toll on my wallet… and my waistline. haha!

sweet selection on tap

On our latest trip, my friends and I checked out a popular Taphouse on the east side. Look at that selection of beers on tap! Sadly, I couldn’t enjoy a cold beverage from the tap with my lunch because of the activity planned for later in the afternoon. Drinks aside, the food was delicious!

I decided on garlic chicken penne smothered in cheese, paired with a tortilla soup. I can’t say that this was the best penne I’ve ever had (the cheese was a little too strong for my liking), but the tortilla soup was soooo good. It was a clear broth with avocado, sour cream, and a handful of tortilla chips. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything quite like it.

chicken penneEveryone else’s food looked really good, too!


lamb with mashed potatoes & vegetables


So the reason I couldn’t enjoy a drink with my lunch is because we ended up at a shooting range.  I can’t say I was super excited to shoot pistols, but because we don’t have anything like this in Canada, I was intrigued.


We started off with a 22mm pistol and shot a few rounds. After we got bored of that, we moved on to a 9mm baretta. I had no idea that the recoil from one size to the next could be so drastic! I knew that it would feel different, but not that different. Still a fun experience, nonetheless.

I’m not sure if you can tell in the photos, but I’m wearing a dress. Yes, I wore a dress to a shooting range. Sigh. haha It was almost as ridiculous as the time I wore flats, a dress shirt and jogging pants to a mini-hike. I need to plan my outfits a little better… : P

Crazy about Lace

This past weekend was filled with sunny skies (a rare sight for us west coasters). You have no idea how excited I was for the sun to be out because warm weather = DRESS WEATHER! Recently, I’ve been on a bit of a floral kick. Every shirt or dress I gravitate towards either has floral print on it or is made of floral lace. What is up with that?

lace dress

Outfit Details: floral lace dress (Asian store), black 1/2 leggings (Old Navy), Belt (Target), Sandals (Birkenstock)

blank canvas

lounging in a dress

I ended up spending the most of my day running errands and got the chance to unwind at a ‘girls afternoon/night in’ event. A bunch of us met up for some wine & cheese and pedicures. Nothing like enjoying a relaxing night with a bunch of girls and delicious drinks. Did I mention we also played a lot of Rock Band?

painted feet!

(If you’re curious, I got my nails painted in this obnoxious coral pink color. I usually don’t paint my toes but I couldn’t pass up a free pedicure. I figured I needed to get in the spirit of summer shoes and went for the boldest color available!)

p.s. I wasn’t lying when I said that i like monochromatic outfits!

Junk Food made Classy

This is the one time that I’ll admit I was excited to have a burger that wasn’t from McDonald’s. As much as I love my fast food places, I figured having a premium burger every now and then could be a nice treat!
JOEY Restaurant

My friend suggested going to Joey for lunch, which is apparently a “premium casual dining spot with a globally inspire menu”. Surprisingly, their portions were much larger than what I had expected for the price tag (good food + huge portions = double bonus!).

I decided on the grilled chicken breast burger with bacon. Holy smokes, check out that bowl of fries!! I honestly felt like I wear eating out of a bottomless pit of fries because they never seemed to end. I don’t think I managed to finish more than 3/4 of the fries. It was just too much…

grilled chicken breast burger

bowl of fries

My friends got some pretty good looking food too! Just looking at these photos again is making me hungry…

lobster grilled cheese sandwich

Lobster grilled cheese sandwich

fish tacos

Fish Tacos

I really hope I can find time to stop by this place again. Not only was the food delicious, but the location of the place is amazing. The deck overlooks the waterfront and the atmosphere of the restaurant itself is so charming.

Seeing Green

The one thing I love about being in Seattle is the lush greenery on the highways. There’s never a dull moment while on the road… nor is there a dull moment in a green field. The inner 5 year old in me seems to appear every time I set foot in a park or field. I can’t help but want to jump around in the grass.

On this particular day, it had rained earlier and I wasn’t sure if running around in the field would be a good idea. I decided to check how muddy it was:

testing out the field

After I realized that there were no swampy pockets, I… lost all self control for containing my inner 5 year old. hahaha

jump to it!

Outfit details: Hollister (t-shirt & jeans), Dynamite trench

jump jump jump

Thankfully, I wasn’t playing in the fields alone. My friends and I hung out at the park until sunset. What a nice way to enjoy nature. : )


(all photos were taken by my friend & his Nikon)

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