Summer strolls

Summer is my favourite time of year in Seattle because of how long the sun stays up and how gorgeous the sunsets are (hello cotton candy pink skies). Whenever I have an extra bad case of writer’s block or feel particularly stir crazy from being inside for too long, I’ll go on a stroll around the neighbourhood. There’s never really an agenda or end goal location, but I somehow always manage to find a new coffee shop or discover a new spot in the park that would be perfect for curling up with a book at.

Seattle city chic #ootd
How to wear all-black in the Summer ft Musse & Cloud sandals
outfit details:
moto jacket: Missguided (similar)
cupcake tee: Cupcake Royale
high rise skinny jeans: AG Jeans (exact)
“Malena” sandals: c/o Musse & Cloud (exact)
vintage Coach purse: thrifted via Goodwill

Musse & Cloud Malena sandals

These sandals may not look like the most ideal shoes for strolling in, but I broke them in by wearing them on a 6 hour shift a couple weeks ago during a restaurant popup event (more on this later), and they’ve been the most comfy Summer shoes since. In hindsight, it was probably a little ambitious to assume these Musse & Cloud shoes would leave me blister-free on the first wear, but I was pleasantly surprised to be unscratched from the first wear. Now these shoes are one of the most comfortable heels I own!

Goodwill x House of Style event

Last month, Seattle Goodwill hosted an event paying tribute to the MTV hit show, House of Style, which aired in 1989 (wowzas, I feel old now). I grew up thrifting with my grandma at Goodwill, so this organization has been near and dear to my heart ever since I could walk! As a style blogger, I often feel like there’s pressure to keep up with the latest and greatest styles and trends, but thrifting and getting creative through DIY projects helps to keep me creative to stay on trend without breaking the bank.

Seattle Goodwill House of Style event
Seattle Goodwill House of Style event
Designer Jordan Christianson of Jonquil & Mr. Black (center), acted as our design mentor for the evening of DIYing, showing us three different pieces he was able to transform on less than a $25 budget. It was incredible to see how different a pair of floral printed jeans looked when cut into cutoffs and tactfully frayed for a flattering fit.

Seattle Goodwill's House of Style event
Megan Pribble of Diary of This Girl at Seattle Goodwill's House of Style event
Sitting next to Alyson, Megan of Diary of This Girl and Jenn of Hello Rigby meant getting to dig for inspiration around the store with some of the most creative ladies! I ended up selecting a leatherette sleeved top from Apt 9 as my “blank canvas” to start with:


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Replenishing wardrobe staples

Ever since trying to minimize the amount of material belongings in my life last year, especially in the wardrobe category, I’ve been very mindful of each and every single piece that gets added to my closet. No more impulsive purchases, no careless spending; every purchase needs to be intentional. The change in mindset hasn’t been particularly difficult, but it does force me to “plan” my shopping adventures.

I originally wasn’t planning on shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but then I started thinking about my Fall/Winter wardrobe staples that I need to refill after last year’s closet purge, so I’ve rounded up my favourites, all for $100 or less a piece!

SARTO by Franco Sarto “Garfield” bootie // Steve Madden “Pistol” bootie // Isola “Larkin” split bootie // Hinge “Villa” bootie // Lucky Brand “Bashina” bootie // Vince Camuto “Katleen” peep toe bootie

Booties are always on the mind. I am such a heavy walker that I tend to grind down the soles of my shoes very aggressively, so I keep my eyes peeled for deals as much as possible. Of these 6 pairs, I’m leaning towards the split booties the most, mainly because of their unique style and being a great crossover between the beloved cutout style and chunky-heeled booties that I tend to wear most often.

The last thing I need is another moto jacket, but I couldn’t help but do some window shopping in this department. I ended up finding these two great options of moto and bomber styled jackets for under $100, which is such a steal! The BLANKNYC “Easy Rider” is originally $98, and $65 is such a steal for a timeless piece.

moto and bomber jackets for under $100 at Nordstrom
Steve Madden side zip bomber jacket ($45) // BLANKNYC “Easy Rider” moto jacket ($65)

Aside from these booties, I haven’t explored much more into the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Hoping that having tunnel vision for wardrobe staples and a firm price point to stay within helps to keep me on track for my larger goals of downsizing of the closet.

Travel uniform with SUAVS

The last four weeks have been a little crazy, popping in and out of the state every other week. In the last month alone, I’ve taken on 6 flights and now have my travel uniform perfected. Always opting for comfort and function first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable too! After being recently introduced to SUAVS, these slip-ons have now become my go-to shoes not only on the road, but in everyday life.

This was my travel outfit in this past weekend’s segment to LA:

travel wear: weekender bag and SUAV shoes
outfit details:
cropped moto jacket: MISSGUIDED (similar in suede)
pocketed tee: BABATON via Aritzia (similar)
Dress Pant Yoga Pants: Betabrand (exact)
slip-on shoes: c/o SUAVS (exact)
carry-all backpack: c/o Betabrand (exact)

With these shoes being my absolute beloved everyday pair for the last month (and counting), I was lucky enough to get some time from the young Austin entrepreneur, Monxi Garza, founder of SUAVS shoes, to tell us more about what inspired her line.

slip on SUAV shoes, travel weekender bag

Hi Monxi! Could you tell us about the name of your company, SUAVS? How did you come up with it?
Monxi: SUAVS comes from the word Suave, which in Spanish means soft and in English means charming, confident and elegant. SUAVS Shoes are soft and comfortable, yet stylish and sleek.

With the trends of athleisure and comfortable footwear being as versatile as ever style-wise, what inspired the first pair of SUAVS?
Monxi: The first pair of SUAVS was inspired by exactly this – versatility and comfort. I wanted to be able to wear my shoes to work, out to run errands, happy hour with friends and even slip them on and off before and after a workout.

The microfiber terry insoles is genius! How did you come up with this concept?
Monxi: I love the look of slip on shoes, but I also hate wearing those tiny socks that roll down to my toes. I wanted a slip on shoe that I could wear without socks, which resulted in terry insoles!


Wedding guest outfit idea: Minimalist jewelry

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m super jazzed to share today’s outfit because it’s the last installment of the wedding guest outfit ideas series, transforming one dress into 3 different looks using the wide spectrum of jewelry available through Blue Nile. Today’s look is features minimalist jewelry, which is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from last week’s bold pieces.

The great thing about wearing minimalist jewelry is that the drama can be played up in other parts of the outfit or styling. I played up the drama through the hairdo, styling a half-pouf with a sleek ponytail, and layering the maxi dress with a cropped moto jacket. Always nice to have a layering piece for outdoor weddings, especially after the sun sets!

wedding guest outfit red maxi dress
outfit details:
red maxi dress: Lulu’s
cropped moto jacket: Missguided
peep toe pumps: Steve Madden
10mm 14k gold ball earrings: Blue Nile (exact)

wedding guest simple gold earrings, minimalist jewelry

What I really like about these 14k gold ball earrings is that even though they are very minimalist in style, their size (10mm) helps them to avoid being too understated. Not a bad thing, especially since the earrings would be so easy to style into everyday, non-wedding guest wear as well!

And that’s a wrap! 3 wedding guest outfit ideas with 1 dress and 3 sets of jewelry.
If you missed the first two outfits, I styled a romantic, vintage-inspired look here, and showed how to pair mixed metal jewelry for a bold look in this post.

I have 2 more weddings to attend this season and am excited to keep this red maxi dress in high rotation, styling it multiple ways and changing the look and feel of the outfit through the jewelry pairing. Hope this wedding season treats you well!

Disclosure: This post was made in partnership with Blue Nile. All of the jewelry in this post was borrowed for styling. I cannot thank you enough for supporting the companies who help to make this blog possible!

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