Go with the flow

by thedemuremuse on August 5, 2015

Seattle weather: one day it feels like you’re in the highest heat of the summer, the next day it’s nothing but clouds and cool breezes. This weird wishy-washy weather makes it a bit hard to plan a wardrobe around, but it also means that I get to trial a bunch of Fall outfits early! After seeing this handkerchief top make the rounds on the style blogs this season (thank you for introducing me to my new favourite top in this post, Kendi!), I waited and waited for Anthro to put it on sale. It finally went on sale for $39.95 and I scooped it up so fast!

anthropologie maeve laiken henley
anthropologie maeve handkerchief top
outfit details:
striped handkerchief top: Anthropologie (exact, on sale!)
denim: Paige denim c/o Zappos (similar)
caged booties: Hinge via Nordstrom (similar)
messenger bag: Jack Spade (similar)
triangle necklace: c/o Masha Moon (exact)
wood watch in maple: c/o Jord (exact)


Everything about this top, from the way it drapes to the way it hides a food baby, makes me love it over and over again each time I put it on. Even though this is technically a summer top, I am getting so excited to layer this under sweaters (hello cocoon sweater on repeat?) and blazers in the upcoming months.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my accessories and tastes in those are I get older. I’ve teetered between minimalist to statement pieces over the last few years and am slowly wavering back to the minimalist side. It used to only apply to necklaces and earrings, but I’m slowly translating this into my watches as well. There’s something really nice about distilling everything down to their core functions and admiring the beauty of the simplicity.

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All about that lace

by thedemuremuse on August 3, 2015

Back in May, one of the local Seattle accessories companies near and dear to my heart, BEVEE Bags, launched a new line of convertible clutch-purses. I did a full styling and shoot for every bag colour available in the collection, which is now shown across the BEVEE website and their social media channels. I’m excited to show you some of the behind the scenes and full outfits that were featured in some of the stylings.

white lace top and black skinny jeans
outfit details:
white lace top: Wren c/o Zebraclub.com (exact)
skinny jeans: Joe’s Jeans (similar)
cutout flats: Chocolat Bleu (similar)
BEVEE purse styled as a clutch (borrowed)
watch: Daniel Wellington (exact)
leather bracelet: Ken Diamond
beaded necklace: DIY (similar)

black cutout flats, convertible clutch purse
white lace top

For this neutral clutch, I paired it with my favourite white lace top from Zebraclub.com, which I’ve been having a lot of fun remixing between seasons. The boxier fit makes it an easy to pair with skinnies and makes a really flattering silhouette – not to mention is amazing for hiding a lunchtime food baby – and so breezy for these warmer summer days Seattle is currently dealing with.

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Copy cat style: Ashley of Southern California Belle

by thedemuremuse on July 31, 2015

Happy Friday everyone!! Can you believe it’s already the last day of July?! Isn’t it insane how quickly this year is flying by! Ooph… only 5 months to go before the end of the year.

I’m trying something a little different today. I’ve been loving Ashley’s style evolution over the last few months. Do you guys follow her over at Southern California Belle? (If you don’t, you totally should! She’s super sweet and her family – including all of the chihuahua boys – is so adorable.) Ashley’s pinup girl style is beautifully refined and I love how effortless she makes all of it seem. Her style is pretty far off to the opposite end of the spectrum of mine, but with recent closet cleaning happening, I uncovered a few pieces that I thought would be fun to try to style in an Ashley-inspired way.

pinup girl inspired fashion

(Photo from Ashley’s Sparkling Seas post)

Gosh, she is just so gorgeous!! Although I don’t think I could pull off her style on a daily basis, I really had a lot of fun twirling in this skirt and the little tie headband (which I’ll admit that I wear a lot whenever I’m at home and doing chores because it makes me feel classy). Thanks for the style inspiration, Ashley!

white lace a-line skirt
outfit details:
blouse & skirt: H&M (similar)
peep toe wedges: Franco Sarto (similar)
headband: ModCloth
sunglasses: c/o Moorea Seal (exact)

If you’re looking for options for a fit & flare lace skirt, here are some similar ones:

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REVIEW: Simplism iPhone wallet clutch

by thedemuremuse on July 29, 2015

I’m super excited to be partnered with Simplism again today to do a review of their iPhone wallet clutch! I originally was introduced to Simplism with their flip note case (which I reviewed last month here), and am so excited about their new line of clutch wallets that allow for more card holder slots!

simplism iphone clutch
simplism iphone clutch wallet

I almost exclusively tote around a backpack to work, which means having all my belongings swimming together in one big compartment. Trying to find a wallet (I usually carry a slim card holder) or my phone is a bit of a challenge. I keep my keys in the little zippered pocket and try to keep my phone separate so that the screen doesn’t get scratched. Having a slightly bigger clutch than the flip note case has been a saving grace when trying to dig out a credit card or my phone in a hurry.

simplism iphone clutch wallet open

This clutch is technically supposed to be for an iPhone 6, but I haven’t had an issue using it with my 5s. The capacitive touch-friendly phone slip allows me to still use my phone and interact with it without having to slide it out of the sleeve. Having double the amount of card slots than the flip note that I originally used has also been awesome because I don’t have to sacrifice leaving behind cards whenever I’m heading out and trying to decided which cards I’ll need for the whole day.

One feature that I didn’t show in the photos in this post is the charging cable storage tab. There’s a little button tab at the bottom of the clutch that’s used for holding on to the charging cable. I think this is genius, especially on days that I take the clutch in my backpack to work in coffee shops. Having all of my phone-related essentials attached to one single piece is really convenient and doesn’t make me look like a goon when I’m trying to find something in my backpack.

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Finding replacements for longtime favourites

by thedemuremuse on July 27, 2015

I’ve come to accept the fact that one day, not to long from now, my beloved Hinge caged booties are going to fall apart and no longer be wearable. It’s probably a mix of wearing them in thunderstorms, biking in them and using the heel to stop abruptly a few more times than I should’ve, and also wearing them almost every day consecutively for the last few months that is leading them to their death bed early. Whatever the reason is, I knew I had to start hunting for a replacement pair of booties before the Hinge ones go kaput.

bow cropped pants
outfit details:
cocoon sweater: Community via Aritzia
tank top: Forever 21
bow cropped pants: Anthropologie (on sale now)
Haywire cutout booties: Seychelles (also on sale)
gold bar necklace: c/o Moorea Seal (exact)
earring cuff set: c/o Bling Jewelry (exact)
vintage Coach purse: thrifted via Goodwill (similar)

cutout booties in black
I’m a big fan of shopping off season because of the fact that the deal are usually much better than during the season itself. This often means getting last season’s inventory, but does that really matter? When the style of the piece is similar enough and you’re getting a huge 60% for not buying the latest season’s updated style, it seems like a win-win to me! These Seychelles Haywire booties were on massive sale and I loved the similarity in the style so much when compared to the Hinge booties (slightly pointed toe, chunky low heel, lots of straps but has a zipper back), so I pulled the trigger and added them to my closet. There will most likely be an updated version of these booties for the upcoming season, but I am not looking to shell out $120+ for a new pair of black heels so I was more than happy to compromise on this pair. To be honest, compromise is the wrong word to use here because I love these boots regardless!

bling jewelry mod vibes earring cuff

Boots aside, I’m trying to play up my undercut as much as possible these days. I’ve been getting this little patch trimmed every week to week and a half for the last two months and while it’s been awesome to have, it’s a bit of a pain to maintain. Since I don’t do the upkeep myself (I don’t even want to think about all the ways I could ruin this haircut trying to do it myself… might have a reverse mohawk by the end of it haha), I’ve been going to the salon to get it cleaned up. I think I just had my final clean up this week, so let the growing out phase begin!

Before it grows out entirely, I’m having a lot of fun playing with louder jewelry that compliments the existing piercings before my hair hides them during the awkward grow-out phase. Back in the day, I really wanted a cartilage piercing and opted for the rook instead. I’ve been loving all of the cuffs and linked earrings (this one on etsy, specifically) and am having a really good time with this cuff style earring from Bling Jewelry. It gives an awesome illusion without having to punch another hole.

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