GIFT GUIDE: Father’s Day 2015

by thedemuremuse on June 19, 2015

Gift Guide: Father's Day
1 // L’Occitane Cedrat Skincare Collection – $60
2 // 3-in-1 clip on phone lenses – $20
3 // Timex “Easy Reader” leather strap watch – $65
4 // Korbata handmade bow tie – $35

This Sunday is Father’s Day and what better way to spend it than to spoil your dad? I’ve rounded up a few gift ideas under $100 and purposefully included items that can be found in-stores since we’re only a few days away.

Growing up, I used to borrow ties from my dad’s closet (had to spruce up that high school uniform somehow!) and occasionally tried on his watch whenever he put it down. I may or may not have included this beautiful, handmade bow tie from Korbata, and the “Easy Reader” watch in hopes that if I get these for my dad, I can continue to borrow his accessories.

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REVIEW: Jord watch – Cora

by thedemuremuse on June 17, 2015

I recently received this Cora Jord Watch to style and couldn’t help myself but to also write a full review for it. To be honest, I stopped wearing a watch daily around March when I started cycling more seriously and decided to wear a fitness tracker. It was really hard to stack both the fitness band and my old Vince Camuto boyfriend watch on the same wrist because of the large face of the watch (and I have an issue with typing when something is the wrist of my dominant hand), so I stopped. This Cora watch has a casing that’s 3mm smaller than my previous watch, which doesn’t sound like a big difference, but makes it a lot easier to stack against another strap on my left arm.


My favourite part of this watch is the beautiful combo of the rose gold face with the natural warm wood. It’s neutral enough to not look like I have competing things on my wrist and still match all my outfits. The Swarovski crystal markers are a really sweet touch, too!


One thing that I had a bit of difficulty with was changing the time. Unlike most watches where you can easily pop the crown out and turn the knob, I didn’t realize that I had to unscrew the crown to get the knob to pop out. I spent a solid 2 minutes trying to find videos or tutorials on how to change the time (I felt like [and still kinda feel like] a bit of a dummy for not knowing how to do this) because I had never used a screw crown before.

All in all, I think this watch is fab! It’s beautifully made, lightweight, and fits well into my everyday life. Jord makes a handful of other beautiful watches that start at $120, which makes me want to consider adding another one (maybe free of the bling?) to my watch collection.

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Finding the perfect fit for jeans using Fitcode

by thedemuremuse on June 12, 2015

Buying jeans have always been on my list of painful clothing pieces to buy (only second to bras or swimsuits). Why? Well, having long legs with child-bearing hips and, now, a pair of thick thighs, makes it a bit of a challenge to find jeans that fit. I’ve been nervous to venture into new brands of jeans because the variance between women’s denim sizing is such a nightmare to try to decipher. A 28 is not always a 28 from brand to brand. Thanks to a new company, Fitcode, who focuses on the fit of jeans more than the number on the label, I took a quick 5 question quiz to find my Fitcode, which translated all of the nuances between sizing in brands to normalize according to fit. Turns out that I’m anywhere from a 26 to a 28!

fitcode jeans

What I loved about the quiz is the fact that the questions were so lightweight and easy to answer. There were short descriptions to tell exactly what the small differences between each of the choices were, which made the process much less intimidating.

After the quiz was done and a Fitcode was presented (a 3 digit number), and “Denim Boutique” was also created based off of your Fitcode and size. Instead of fretting over the size of pants and trying to filter by size (which didn’t guarantee fit across brands), Fitcode did all the work to curate a closet of shoppable jeans that focused on the fit of the pants as they related to my body. Emphasizing on the fit instead of the size made the whole shopping experience a lot more pleasant, especially since I literally only had to decide on what pair of jeans I liked best based on the cut, wash, and style, without having to worry about the variation between sizing from brand to brand on top of it.

outfit details:
button down: H&M
jeans: 7 For All Mandkind (exact)
wedges: Clarks (old)
wood watch: c/o Jord (exact)
fortress ring: c/o Moorea Seal (exact)

Also, instead of shopping on the Fitcode Denim Boutique, you can also install an extension for your Chrome browser for Fitcode so that when you’re shopping for jeans on and the brand websites, your Fitcode overlays products on their sites which allows you to easily tell what jeans will fit. Such a good way to help filter out which brands/styles of jeans will fit without having to try a bunch of pairs in different sizes on first!


Disclaimer: These jeans were provided in exchange for an honest review of Fitcode. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

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In the last couple months, there has been a lot of learning has been happening in the background of this blog. I will be the first to admit that I have been really bad at finding work-life balance. As a workaholic, it has been pretty common to spend 7pm to bedtime working away on weeknights, and then also spending one or both days on the weekend prepping for the next work week. Constantly feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get work done or feeling overloaded/overwhelmed was something that I had trouble with.

After switching jobs in March, I started to set work boundaries and forced myself to avoid checking work mail, or opening up my work laptop altogether, to avoid getting sucked back into bad habits. Since my work mail is synced to my phone and I have absolutely no willpower when it comes to seeing the badge number increase on my mail tile, I started to avoid my phone after 8pm on weeknights and always keep the it in another room during dinner so that I don’t get tempted to eat and check my phone.

Aside from keeping it out of sight during dinner, I’ve started making a conscious effort to not check my phone whenever having in-person conversations with others. I used to get really upset whenever others would text on their phones while having and in-person conversation with me, but for whatever reason, I thought it would be ok to check Instagram during a conversation because it felt less intrusive than having another conversation through another medium. Weird how that double standard worked in my mind… I now try to be 100% present during in-person conversations and keep my phone in my pocket or screen-side-down on the table so I don’t get distracted. It’s amazing how much more personal and intimate conversations feel after a while. :)

One other thing that has really helped me to stay unplugged is biking. It’s pretty hard to check Facebook while trying to avoid potholes, runners, and cars on the road, so spending 3-5 hours each weekend on my bike has really made staying unplugged on weekends easy. Riding on a bike and being surrounded by nature also helps me to zone out and forget about the things that were “stressful” during the week (even silly things like, “Why aren’t my mailbox rules working correctly?!?!”). Having these few hours to completely decompress and let my mind think about whatever it wants to has not only helped me become a more calm person, but it also helped me to fall asleep faster at night.

I’ve been so fascinated by how these small tweaks to my everyday life have already made such a big impact and am going to keep trying new things to better my behaviours.

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GIVEAWAY: Simplism iPhone case of your choice

by thedemuremuse on June 5, 2015

WOO! Happy Friday, everyone! I’m super stoked to share today’s post with you for a giveaway with Simplism! I’ve been toting my case around for almost a month now and absolutely love it. The card pockets stretched out a teeny bit so I’m now able to fit all 3 of my vital cards in here. No wallet needed on top of this case. :)

Today we’ve partnered up to give you a chance to win an iPhone case of your choice. They’ve got some great options for all phone sizes, so check them out here.


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