Weekend work wear x tomboy

by thedemuremuse on January 19, 2015

HOLY CRAP yesterday’s Seahawks vs Packers game was insaaaaaane! I can’t even tell you how proud I am to live in this amazing city full of such hometown spirit. Second year in a row to the Superbowl!! … and now back to real talk.

Oh, weekends. Not even a full month into 2015 and weekend work days are already in full swing! If there’s one thing that I love more than anything, it’s zoning out at a coffee shop and getting a ton of work done without distractions. One of the hardest things for me is staying focused at home– especially around my kitchen. I always get tempted to bake random things whenever I stay at home.

Here’s my outfit from this past weekend. I bought this jacket during the Black Friday sale in 2014 on the J.Crew site, as I had been eyeing it forever and it finally went on sale. It’s still on sale now, if you’re in the market for a quilted boyfriend jacket! It’s super easy to wear. With the boxier fit, it’s easy to layer over bulky sweaters on the cooler days too.

outfit details:
quilted boyfriend jacket: J.Crew (exact)
PAIGE denim: c/o Zappos
booties: Hinge via Nordstrom
“friends” beanie: Rodarte for Target
Sinatra necklace: c/o Havok Design x Finely Crafted (exact)
laser cut ring: gift from a friend
messenger bag: Jack Spade (exact)


If you’ve ever wondered what I look like at 5pm on a Saturday night, here it is. Eye-bags and all. ;) Hope you’re having a fabulous Monday!!

P.S. I’m currently on my way to Hawaii! Creep my Instagram for live updates, as it’s about to get really sunny and cheery over there!
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Go Seahawks #NFLFanStyle

by thedemuremuse on January 17, 2015

Big day for the Seahawks tomorrow!! Ever since last year’s Superbowl, I’ve been on the edge of my seat for whether or not this year will be a repeat for the team to make another Superbowl sweep! Growing up in Canada, football was never a priority sport for me to watch. It wasn’t until moving to Seattle, and seeing the amount of team spirit that radiates from the city, that I started watching football. I love how much the people of this city band together to support our teams!

Game day swag is always on my mind. Nothing has changed from last year in terms of my lack of commitment to getting a jersey. Again, they’re just not very friendly to the female frame. Thankfully, there are a lot of options in the NFL Shop that make dressing up for game day super fun.

outfit details:
quilted boyfriend jacket: J.Crew (exact)
Seahawks shotgun t-shirt: c/o NFL Shop (exact)
jeans: AG Jeans
Hinge booties: Nordstrom


Above are some other picks that I have for potential future adds to my closet for game days (touchdown t-shirt, beach tote bag, Draft Me t-shirt). I know, I know, you’re probably wondering, “Aren’t you doing this ‘minimalist wardrobe’ thing?” It’s true, I am. But there will always be a couple shirts’ worth of closet space dedicated specifically to game day swag. As a Seattleite, you can’t not own some Seahawks gear, amiright?

The fit of these womens t-shirts is impeccable and I can’t wait to sport this outfit out to watch the game at a friend’s house tomrorow. GO HAWKS!!

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Black & blue

by thedemuremuse on January 16, 2015

Growing up, there were two “rules” I tried to follow: don’t wear black and blue, or black and brown together. Why? I probably read these silly rules in some issue of Teen Vogue and it just stuck. Now that I’m older and dress based on wear whatever I feel most confident in, these colour rules go right out the window! Truth be told, are these “rules” even relevant anymore? I mean, my everyday messenger bag is a navy blue canvas with a dipped black base… If companies are producing products with this colour combo, it must be socially acceptable now, right? ;)

outfit details:
sheer blouse: H&M (old, summer line)
cardigan: c/o Aeropostale (similar)
jeans: 7 for All Mankind
Freebird boots: c/o Zappos (exact)
blanket scarf: gift from bestie
chain link necklace: Havok Design (exact)
glasses: SEE Eyewear
“bling” ring: Plastique


I’ve been obsessing over this necklace ever since it showed up in my mailbox. It’s been sitting on my wishlist ever since I first saw Kristen post about it on Instagram. All of her laser cut work is beautiful and I want buy it all! I’ve been a big fan of her work for years and am so glad to have finally added this piece to my collection. Believe it or not, almost every piece in this outfit is from previous seasons and key wardrobe staples, with the exception of the necklace and the scarf.


This scarf! Oh gosh, I love this scarf. It was a gift from one of my university roommates over the holiday break. She just got back from backpacking around Ecuador before the holidays and brought back this beautiful, midnight blue, alpaca scarf. Not even knowing that I had the intention on building a minimalist wardrobe, this fits in perfectly with the aesthetic that I’m going with. Not to mention, the size is awesome (not an intimidatingly large blanket size), it’s extra soft, and super warm. What’s not to love here?

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by thedemuremuse on January 14, 2015

Last Fall, I had a bit of an obsession with jumpsuits. After receiving one in a tote (from Le Tote) and absolutely loving the style of it, I went on a mission to find one that I loved the fit of. It was surprisingly a lot harder to find a jumpsuit with a long enough inseam. I had a lot of awkward hovering pant leg action, got frustrated, and almost gave up on the search.

outfit details:
blazer: c/o Sammy dress (exact)
jumpsuit: Forever 21 (exact)
strappy heels: borrowed from Kim


If you’re wondering why the panels on this look so familiar, it’s because I also bought the matching dress version of this jumpsuit! haha! I really liked the fit of this jumpsuit, especially with the cinched waistline, and the length was perfect.

Looking back at these outfit photos, I think it’s time for this blazer to go into the donation pile. While it fit really well when I first got it last summer, it looks a bit too small or tight on my shoulders now. Sigh. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with blazers over the last few years and I’m currently debating whether or not I want to invest in a good one while rebuilding my wardrobe. Thoughts?

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Wardrobe Rebuilding: What to do with those unwanted items?

by thedemuremuse on January 12, 2015

Happy Monday!! Oh gosh, I can’t even thank you guys enough for all the kind words and support on the last post on building a minimalist wardrobe this year. All the comments, pins (holy wow, 80+ repins?!), and emails were really awesome and I’m hoping to help answer your questions throughout the year as I feel my way through this process through trial and (probably a lot of) error.

To prep for this wardrobe rebuild, I started with a closet purge. I’m not going to go into the purging process because there are a handful of really great methods that have been posted by other bloggers in the past. Kendi did a really great post in 2010 with lots of tips and tricks for determining whether or not to keep or purge an item from a closet. I highly recommend reading her list of “rules” if you’re stumped on where to start. So what happens after cleaning out the closet? What are the options for those unwanted items? is the big question I found myself asking a lot last year.


Above is a sample of the goods that I pulled from my closet in my final purge. Last year’s experiment in style made me realize how much I truly love and constantly gravitate towards neutral solids. While patterns and colours were fun to play around with, I rarely wore an item more than 3 times. As I grow older and want to be more conscious about spending habits, knowing what I like in the clothing department will help me stay focused when shopping. No more rationalizing impulse purchases of neon floral dresses! So what to do with those unwanted items?

Here are the options I always consider: sell, donate, or trash, in that order. There are pros and cons to each…

Sell: Online vs Offline
One big question is Why sell? Not everyone wants to sell their used clothes because it does take more time, patience, and work. I chose to sell so that I could start a piggy bank for the wardrobe rebuild. Purging almost 40% of my closet and then attempting to smartly rebuild it over the next few months is not exactly the most wallet-friendly task.

Online: There are a lot of options for reselling used clothing in today’s day and age. Poshmark and Twice are popular options today. Poshmark requires you to take your own photos and list the items yourself, but you also get to set your own prices. Twice takes care of all the photo taking, pricing, and shipping, but that also means you need to accept the offer pitched by the Twice team for the value of your items. To be fair, I’ve never used either of these services, but have seen other bloggers praise both!

Offline: This is my favourite route to go. I am personally a big fan of Crossroads Trading Co because of their aesthetic and selection of items in the shop matching well with mine (aka greater chances they’ll buy my pieces than pass on them). Other options are Buffalo Exchange, Beacon’s Closet, or locally owned consignment shops. A big pro of selling offline is getting rid of multiple items at once, but that also means only being able to bring seasonal items in to sell. I usually bring bags of goods once a season, even if I’m sorting the items in my “discard pile” constantly throughout the year. One con of going this route is that it highly depends on the buyer at the store to decide if there’s a style fit for your items in their shop, and the purchase price they will take your item for. I’ve been doing this for a year now and am starting to get the hang of what to look for when putting items into the “for Crossroads” pile each season so that 90% of my haul gets purchased by the shop girls.

When items get passed on from the selling route, I’ll donate them. If you decide to not sell and donate a large amount of items, one pro is getting a tax deduction. I usually pass on the tax deduction, but this is helpful to keep in mind for large donations!

Ok, I guess there aren’t many pros to this one. Honestly, I only ever consider this option for clothing items that are not in good condition. For a piece that’s extremely worn out or has holes that can’t be fixed, I’ll put this in the trash pile. It saves time for those at donation centers from having to sort through the unwearable pieces.

Is anyone else rebuilding their wardrobe this year? I would love to hear about your experiences with any of the above!

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