Wandering mind

by thedemuremuse on October 28, 2014

The last couple weeks have been quite the blur. Between the usual work schedule and a handful of cheery events like weddings and birthday parties, one of the most heart-wrenching things happened to my circle of friends. I usually try to keep things pretty lighthearted on the blog, but the news of one of my close friends going missing has shuffled all the priorities in our lives. In trying to think of a way to describe the feeling, helpless is the only word that comes to mind.

It’s crazy to think back to some of our last memories together. We had just seen each other a week or so before his disappearance. We were at our monthly friends night dinner that he planned. Coincidentally enough, it was also the week of my birthday and he is the friend that arranged the little surprise ice cream float at the end of dinner. This is the same friend who organized a surprise birthday party last year for me at the Boba Guys Mission Store. If there was any one person in our friend group who remembered birthdays without the help of Facebook, it would be him!

I keep thinking back to all the happy memories we had together and how amazing of a friend he truly is. I have never met another person as selfless, loyal, and caring. Not to mention, he is a wizard with Excel and made a spreadsheet for things like bill splitting to trip planning to optimizing routes when shopping at IKEA in a time crunch.

It’s hard to know how this situation came to be or how he went missing. All of his friends and family have banded together to try o piece together this mystery, but we haven’t yet found any answers.

His father met a group of us up for brunch over the weekend where we all shared our favourite stories and moments of him with each other. It was one of the most heartwarming, touching conversations I’ve ever been lucky to be part of. Looking around the table at all his friends, it was obvious how much he is loved and cherished by every single person he has crossed paths with. His father reminded us all to continue to stay positive and to never forget the good times we’ve all shared together.

I won’t lose hope or faith that we will one day find him. Until then, please send positive vibes and prayers.

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Out and about

by thedemuremuse on October 16, 2014

outfit details:
jersey knit dress: 2020ave (similar)
caged booties: Hinge via Nordstrom (exact)
tote bag: c/o Shillingford Co
glasses: SEE Eyewear


I can’t believe October is already halfway over! Looking back at the last two weeks, all I’ve done is bake a ton of pumpkin-themed things, marathoned a handful of cooking shows, stayed in on rainy weekends curled up with my favourite books, and not much else. It felt pretty nice to finally get outside to hear the leaves crunching on the sidewalks and occasional sprinkling of misty rain. This is my favourite season for fashion and being outdoors and for some reason I’ve been a huge hermit this year.

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by thedemuremuse on October 8, 2014

soft-baked pumpkin cookies

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. Why? Well… the sudden realization that Fall is actually here (hello perpetually cloudy Seattle!) means I’ve been obsessed with finding ways to bake pumpkin anything. In the last three days, I’ve managed to make pumpkin pancakes, a pumpkin & chocolate loaf, and last night the oven cranked out 60+ soft-baked cookies (above)!

I think it’s safe to say that I’m officially all pumpkined-out.

(at least until Thanksgiving rolls around and there’s an excuse to make pumpkin pie…)

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Getting comfortable outside of comfort zones

by thedemuremuse on October 2, 2014

This week was an awesome one for mail! I got my second tote from Le Tote full of pieces that I added to my virtual closet as “things that I want to try but am not sure I would ever buy”. I’ve always wanted to try a bodycon dress, but have been really nervous about how clingy they can get. Not even going to lie… the number of Chipotle burritos eaten on a weekly basis is slowly starting to show… haha! After seeing this Saint Grace piece in the new arrivals section on Le Tote, I quickly added it to my virtual closet and didn’t expect it to show up so soon (but super glad it did)!

outfit details:
quilted faux-leather jacket: Forever 21 (similar)
ruched dress: Saint Grace via Le Tote
elk antler necklace: Sticks & Stones (exact)
cat & bow rings: Forever 21 (similar)
combat boots: Madden Girl (last season)
knitted beanie: H&M

You would not believe how incredibly comfy this jersey-knit dress is! It was ruched in all the right places (ahem, burrito belly) and super comfortable. I went straight from work to helping my bff move in this piece. (Disclosure: the moving plans were super last minute. Would’ve definitely not worn a dress if I knew ahead of time that moving boxes would be how I’d spend post-work hours, but this dress made it through the whole day!) The ruching is also great because most of my dresses or skirts would get crinkled within the first few hours of sitting at a desk, but the lycra-polyester blend on this one showed zero signs of winkles even at the end of my 12 hour day.

bow_ring accent_nails

Here’s to pushing style comfort zones while still staying comfy!

P.S. Remember how I’m awful about keeping nail polish on my nails? Guess how long this look lasted. Chipped them in less than 4 hours after these photos were taken. argh!

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Go Seahawks!

by thedemuremuse on September 29, 2014

Truth be told, I had never seen a full football game from start to finish until the Superbowl game at the beginning of this year. Bandwagon jumper, much? Yeah. Totally. It’s hard to stay away from the Seahawks craziness when you live in a city with so much team spirit! I mean, can we talk about this insanity? No doubt I’ll be reppin’ the 12th man at work in this sweater for next week’s game.

outfit details:
Seahawks sweater: c/o 47 Brand (exact)
lined parka in khaki: c/o Aeropostale (exact)
Hinge “OfCourse” ankle bootie: Nordstrom (exact)
skinny jeans: Citizens of Humanity
glasses: SEE Eyewear

Seahawks women's sweater
Hinge "OfCourse" bootie

I had a really tough time last season buying Seahawks gear because the only options seemed to be ill-fitting jersey made for men, or sequin-studded v-necks (why did this seem like the only option for women?). I ended up settling for this t-shirt to tie me over for the final game but hoped to find better gear for the next season. Thank goodness for 47 Brand, who has a line of sports gear specifically made for women that is both game and work friendly! I’m all about not having to change between work and heading off to watch a game with friends.

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