The Palladian Hotel

by thedemuremuse on April 9, 2015

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of stopping by the grand opening of The Palladian Hotel in Belltown. The space is so beautifully curated and each aspect of the hotel has a completely different personality from the next. All of the guests were encouraged to check out their Pennyroyal bar while enjoying delicious snacks from Shaker + Spear.

The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015
The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015
The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015

My absolute favourite part of the entire event was the “treasure hunt” type activity. Once you entered The Palladian, you were handed a library “borrower’s card” to collect stamps from each of the different areas in the hotel. It was almost like playing a real life version of Clue without the murder mystery part. You had to find the Palladian event host in each of the rooms to receive your stamp of proof for checking into each space. Super fun and a great way to meet other guests!

The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015
The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015

If you’re wondering where I wore the Wren jumpsuit to from this post, here it is! I’ve actually worn this jumpsuit 4 times already in the month that I’ve owned it. Best Spring purchase of 2015!

The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015
The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015

Each of the rooms were so beautifully decorated with a historical style, accessorized in modern accents. Yes, that is totally a set of Mr.T and Bill Murray throw pillows up above. If you’re ever looking for a place to stay in Seattle, whether for vacation or a staycation, I would highly recommend checking out The Palladian!

P.S. Big thank you to Andria Lindquist for the beautiful photos in this post. The full gallery from the evening’s events can be found here.

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Bow pants and the same darned jacket

by thedemuremuse on April 6, 2015

Hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend! I usually don’t do anything special to celebrate, but a couple friends were throwing brunch and dinner parties all weekend and now I’m all Cadbury-Mini-Eggs-ed-out. Aside from eating a ton of food, I also snuck in a visit with Bri and her new baby chicks!! Gosh, holding these little ladies and watching them run around was so heart melting. *heart eyes emoji*

outfit details:
button down blouse: H&M
bow pants: Korean market (similar)
scuba hoodie: Lululemon
pointed flats: Nine West
messenger bag: Jack Spade (similar)
elk antler necklace: Sticks & Stones (exact)
quilted faux-leather jacket: Forever 21


I just realized that I’ve worn this quilted, faux leather, jacket in almost every outfit post for the last month! Considering that I bought this jacket almost 2 years ago and hated it when I first got it (bought it online and didn’t realize it was slightly shorter in the torso than I had expected… then completely missed window of time for a return was the icing on the cake) and only started wearing it more recently. I’m pretty bummed that it’s now starting to fall apart. The inner lining on the pockets have completed fallen apart to the point where I put my keys in and I’ll have to reach around to the back of the jacket to find my keys swimming around in the inner lining.

The jacket will probably only survive until the end of Spring and then I’ll be on the hunt for a new one. Where is your favourite faux leather jacket from? Any hints on where to find a timeless design without breaking the bank?

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Ten things

by thedemuremuse on April 3, 2015

If there’s one thing I love, it’s learning about other people. Blogging has been one of the most rewarding things because of the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and meeting.

Pretty sure I’ve been a bit of a slacker because there were a handful of lovely ladies who shared ten random facts about themselves last month and I had intended to do the same and didn’t get around to finishing the list until this week. Thanks for the sharing all your interesting facts Fran, Bri, and Nicole!! Here goes nothing…

1. Washing the dishes is my least favourite chore of all time. There is nothing satisfying about spraying water all over the kitchen counter/my clothes. On the contrary, folding laundry is my favourite chore– sitting in a mountain of freshly laundered, warm towels, is amazing.

2. I am a slave to cooking reality tv shows. Master Chef, Master Chef Junior, Cupcake Wars… you name it, I’m into it! I really like to watch these shows for dinner inspiration.

3. Despite being severely allergic to cats, I am a crazy cat lady at heart. I will snuggle and shower cats with love, even if that means being congested and covered in hives for the rest of the day. Worth it!

outfit details: 
kimono jumpsuit: Wren Studio (exact)
caged booties: Hinge via Nordstrom
quilted faux leather jacket: Forever 21
magnifying glass necklace: We See Stars


4. I don’t own a hair brush. I haven’t had one since 2007, which I gave away to a guy friend who was growing his hair out at the time. Because I usually tie my hair up in a bun or leave it wavy, I skip the brushing part of a morning routine. My straightener has a built-in comb on one end, which covers the only case I would ever need to brush my hair in. I’m all about saving counter space in the bathroom, one brush at a time. ;)

5. Got my braces off in 8th grade and started wearing removable retainers nightly. I still have the same retainer from eons ago and rarely miss a night of retainer wearing. The thought of being a brace face again is reminder enough to stick to the nightly routine.

6. I used to be addicted to coffee, drinking anywhere from 3-5 cups of extra large coffees a day! It was bad. I cut this habit cold turkey in 2011 and went through two weeks of awful migraines. Nowadays, I’ll allow myself a single cup of coffee once a month, tops, if I need the caffeine. It’s funny how effective caffeine becomes when it’s not consumed regularly. Even the smell of someone brewing coffee in the kitchen at work will give me crazy eyes and I have to immediately leave the area before falling back into the coffee trap!

8. I’m a closet nerd. In college, I did really poorly on my midterms in my first semester because I was too busy spending hours every day after class gaming with dorm friends. We would play real time strategy games from like 4pm until wee hours of the morning. It was baaaad. I learned my lesson really quickly back then and haven’t owned a computer powerful enough to game for a few years now. In more recent years, every now and then, I’ll fly to San Francisco and play video games with the same friends from college for 5+ hours at a time.

9. I grew up playing piano and have always loved the challenge of learning new instruments. Between elementary school and high school band classes, I played the drums, flute, and trumpet. Since I can’t fit a piano in my apartment in Seattle, I’ve been attempting to learn how to play the guitar. This is by far one of the more challenging instruments to play thanks to having small(er) hands.

10. I’ve been told that my spirit animal is a cow. :\ I have really bad eating habits and am constantly grazing throughout the day. Case in point, there’s a box of Special K (the fruits & yogurt variety) on my desk at work which helps promote all-day snacking. My current desk neighbour always catches me drop cereal all over my lap as I’m trying to snack quickly between meetings.

Hope you enjoyed this post of random facts! I’m praying that I’ve been able to maintain some sort of dignity after revealing some semi-embarrassing things haha ;) Happy Friday!!

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Currently: March 2015

by thedemuremuse on March 31, 2015

Of course, leave it to me to make a currently post on the last day of the month. Things have been a little crazy for the last few weeks… but a good kind of crazy. Between work and cycling (ok, and eating a lot of food on weekends), there’s not much time for anything else. I’m trying to find a good balance but struggling a bit to find time to just veg out and watch Netflix in my pajamas.

source: Sincerely, Kinsey

Loving: The sunny weekends! I take comfort in being rained on during the week on the commute to/from work knowing that it’s going to be gorgeous on the weekends for bike rides. There’s something so refreshing about cycling through forested areas just outside of the city and smelling wood chips that are still drying from Friday night rain. Is that weird? I kinda love it.

Reading: Fast Company – April 2015 issue. By far, this is my favourite issue of Fast Company this year so far. Even though the highlighted spread chronicles the importance of Steve Jobs in his role at Apple, all of the other articles seem to be fashion and tech related and equally – if not more – fascinating. There’s one in particular that spotlights the Gap and overcoming their struggle in the American market to stay relevant. I won’t spoil the details for anyone who ends up picking this magazine up, but I’m really curious to know how the big bets Gap makes will end up paying off in the long run. With the growing gaps in the shopper spectrum from fast fashion to sustainable “investment” pieces, it’ll be interesting to see how the market ends up shifting.

Listening to: Ariana Grande ft The Weeknd – Love Me Harder. I’ve rekindled my love for The Weeknd in the last couple months and just discovered this amazing acoustic version of Love Me Harder, which I can’t stop listening to. There’s something so pure about both of their voices that gives me the goosebumps every time I hear this song.

Working on: A handful of random art projects. A couple weekends ago, friends and I went to a local pottery painting studio to customize a few pieces for our homes. I painted this milk carton, which I have no idea what it’ll be used for yet (maybe a flower vase?). I was trying to make it a cutesy Kate Spade palette with gold polka dots and pastel pinks, but then realized that’s not really Katrina style and ended up silk screening a couple skulls. Skulls make everything better, right? ;)
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REVIEW: Patchology eye patches for winter skin woes

by thedemuremuse on March 28, 2015

Now that Spring is officially here, I’m looking at my skin and trying to figure out how to prep it for the summer. It’s always interesting for me to look at my skin after the winter because I feel like the cold definitely dries it out (especially since I don’t change the products I use on my face from season to season) and it needs to be repaired. One thing I noticed more this year than in past years is how much the dark circles have grown under my eyes haha. I’m going to blame this on the insomnia. I also usually wake up with pretty puffy eyes, which sucks when trying to look like not a zombie.


Over the winter, I was offered a chance to test out the Patchology – Energizing eye patches. It’s a 3-step process where you can wear the patches for up to 12 hours straight (so ideally this would be done before bedtime, but sometimes when I’m home on weekends doing chores, I’ll rock ‘em around the apartment), and each set of patches can be reused up to 4 times. I’m sharing with you today my third experience with the patches.

Here’s my makeup-less face before and after wearing the patches for 7 hours:


The 3-step process is quite simple:
1. Wash/clean face
2. Apply activating gel directly to the energizing patches, and then apply the patches under your eyes. This part was awesome because it felt like a light, tingly sensation under the eyes to help wake the skin up a bit. Not exactly the best thing to do right before bed, in my opinion, but not bad to do about 30 minutes before starting the pre-sleep routine.
3. Remove the patches and wipe skin clean. The kit comes with moistened wipes, so this part was easy!


As mentioned above, this post documents the third time I’ve used the kit. The eye patches do lose their “stickiness” with each use, but they are good for up to 4 treatments and I feel like my set will make it until number four. I definitely saw results after the first time using it. As someone who normally wakes up with really puffy eyes in the morning, these were perfect for days that I needed to look awake and refreshed. My skin is definitely less dry near the eye area than usual, which is awesome considering the harsh season changes.

Would I recommend the Patchology kit? Yes. It’s a bit pricier than most of the face care products I purchase ($75 for a kit of 12 treatments), but after seeing the results and breaking down the cost of each treatment (~$6 per treatment), I will definitely be adding this to my season-changing facial routine.

Disclaimer: I received a single set of the Patchology kit in exchange for a review on my blog. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

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