REVIEW: Baggallini getaway roller carry on luggage

Having a case of deja vu with this outfit? I did post this earlier in the month, but wanted to go into more details about the carry on luggage that was being towed in the photos. I’ve been on the hunt for a new roller carry on for a couple of months because my usual trusty suitcase had a bit of an accident with exploded lotion bottles earlier in the year. Baggallini reached out at the perfect time, and today I’m sharing my honest review of traveling with this bag!

outfit details:
herringbone vest: J.Crew Factory (exact)
skinny jeans: J Brand (similar)
Circus by Sam Edelman booties: c/o Aeropostale (exact)
Getaway roller: c/o Baggallini (exact)

Personally, I like to travel solely with a carry on and no additional checked baggage, if I can help it. With just a carry on, it makes getting in and out of an airport quick and painless. The trickiest part is being able to efficiently pack everything you need within the constraints of airport rules.

As someone with slightly sensitive skin, I find myself trying my best to stay within the 3-1-1 rule for fluids. I carry a see-through mesh makeup bag full of my skincare products so that I don’t have to transfer everything into a plastic bag as I go through TSA. Traditionally, with my previous single-compartment carry on, I would be fishing through all my belongings to try to find this makeup bag at TSA since it would end up swimming its way to the bottom of the bag after being rolled from one end to the other of the airport. This Baggallini Getaway Roller has a front compartment that not only fits my laptop, but also the makeup bag so that it’s easy to access all the items that need to be taken out and placed in the trays at TSA.

Baggallini getaway roller pocket
Baggallini Getaway Roller

The other thing that I absolutely love about this roller bag is how smooth the rollers are! With my previous roller bag, the wheels only rolled on one axis. With this Getaway Roller, the wheels are mounted on smooth swivels so that you can pivot easily between directions. I posted this video to demonstrate the smooth swivel, which was amazing when trying to dodge people on the way to my gate. This roller easily does a 360 turn, unlike my previous bag which only rolled forward or backwards on a single axis.

After such a positive experience with this roller, I decided to do some more digging into the brand. To no surprise, Baggallini was started by a pair of former flight attendants who not only understood the importance of organization of bags when traveling, but saw the need for creating fashionable travel companions. Can’t wait to take this roller on the next trip!!

P.S. Baggallini is having their annual “bagg sale” where everything in the store is 25% off. Use coupon code BAGGSALE to save!

Versatility in every way

The Seattle Fall is finally starting to settle in, with rainy day after rainy day. The last day or so has been pretty sunny, but the brisk air is starting to chill me to the core. I’ve been spending my nights like a true granny, cuddling up on the couch under a blanket, curled up with the pile of books that I intended to read over the summer and never got around to.

After blowing through The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up this week, I have been thinking long and hard about what it means for items in my closet to “spark joy” and I think I’m starting to make sense of it. I haven’t quite attempted my hand at KonMari-ing any categories, but I’ll know what it means when I start sifting through my closet. Despite doing rounds and rounds of clean-outs with multiple trips to Goodwill over the last few months, I still don’t feel like my closet is down to the size it needs to be.

BEVEE Convertible clutch - brown
How to style a utility jacket
outfit details:
quilted boyfriend jacket: J.Crew Factory (similar)
button down: H&M (similar)
cropped skinnies: PAIGE (c/o, exact)
monk strap heels: Clarks (similar in black)
Mrs G glasses: c/o Rivet & Sway (old)
convertible clutch purse: borrowed from BEVEE

jcrew quilted boyfriend jacket
ugh I have a bad habit of standing pigeon-toed…

The theme for keeping things seems to be versatility. As the book mentions, it’s better to have year-round clothing, instead of buying seasonal wardrobes. This goes against the whole concept of a capsule wardrobe, but it makes sense. Majority, if not all, of the pieces that have survived so many rounds of closet-clean-out-cuts are the ones that I wear from season-to-season.

I’m hoping to learn what it means with my purse collection as well, after I work through my closet. Even though it’s pretty rare for me to carry a purse these days (I’ve managed to dwindle the items I carry around on a daily basis to fit solely within my jacket pockets), I like ones that I can wear between seasons and occasions.

While creating a look book for BEVEE earlier this year to feature a new line, I got to trial a handful of the convertible clutch purses to see how they paired within my existing closet. It was so neat to transform it from a clutch to a hands-free crossbody purse, depending on what I was doing on the particular day.

While it’s still being debated how much I really even need to keep purses in my closet, seeing as I only use them once a month (if even that), I love the idea of having something that converts between two styles. Just like ther versatility of the individual tops, bottoms, and jackets in my closet, I hope to find the same versatility for all the bags I end up keeping as well.

Breaking the shopping ban

This past shopping ban has probably been one of the longest I’ve been on. I started around the end of August and tried my best to stay away from shopping for as long as possible. Even with the downsizing of my closet’s contents over the Summer and early Fall, I was almost 99% sure I had (more than) enough to make it through the end of the year without adding to it. As luck would have it, a huge hole ripped in my favourite – and only – white shirt, so I had to break it… and once that was broken, I went on a bit of a buying spree and then abruptly ended it a week later.

Of course, I couldn’t help myself to a ballerina-esque maxi skirt. With the dreary Seattle weather, I wanted something to help mood boost. This skirt was definitely it!

lulus maxi pleated skirt - ballerina
outfit details:
jersey knit top: H&M (exact)
pleated maxi skirt: LuLu’s (exact, similar for less)
fur vest: thrifted via Goodwill (similar)
peep toe pumps: Steve Madden (similar)

Like any 5 year old child, I twirled around it over the weekend and then spent the rest of my day sitting in this gorgeous number making jewelry, while it poured cats and dogs outside. How was your weekend?

REVIEW: Aspire eyewear sunglasses

Hands down, my favourite accessory has to be glasses. Everyday glasses, sunglasses… you name it, I love figuring out how to style it! I’m really excited to share a review of a pair of sunglasses from Aspire, an eyewear company that is making strides in the technology behind glasses and the process of making them.


When I first learned about Aspire, I was really intrigued about the frames themselves. Admittedly, majority of my existing eyewear collection is made from standard acrylic or stainless steel, so nothing to run home to the village screaming about for the old pairs! ;) The one thing that made me really interested in learning more about Aspire is their design process and proprietary nylon material.

This nylon material is strong and flexible, but also retains shape after pressure has been applied. I wouldn’t recommend doing this on the daily, but wanted to show how resilient the frame material is. I popped the lens out and started to squeeze the frames to test their durability. As someone who has broken a pair of glasses in the past by accidentally kicking them when they were on the ground, I can’t see these Aspire frames having the same fate as my old glasses and am really impressed with how durable this material is!


Not only are the frame durable, but they’re also extremely light weight. I’ve had titanium frames in the past and these are comparable, which make them great for taking out on runs or other outdoor sports.

The most fascinating thing I learned about Aspire is how quickly they can iterate between designs for frames. Traditionally, it can take up to 20 weeks to have a pair of frames designed, prototyped, and then manufactured. According to the Aspire eyewear site, through their processes of 3D printing, proprietary material, and method of producing the frames (different from the standard injection molding), frames can be made in 60 minutes! This is awesome considering how quickly the trends in eyewear evolve and gives Aspire quite the advantage in reacting to these market and trend changes faster than other competitors in the industry.

I’m really glad that I got to learn about Aspire through this collaboration. In exchange for this post, I got to try the sunglasses pictured above and see the material and quality of their product first hand. I will definitely be considering purchasing regular eyewear from them in the future!

No excuses: Don’t stop, get it, get it

First off– thank you so much for all of the kind words and sweet support on this week’s posts so far! Honestly, I can’t tell you how much it means to me. It’s always nerve wrecking to put creative work, which is so subjective to personal tastes, out there, and I am grateful for all the love and kindness you have shown. ♥

I’m about to revisit this post from August when I said I was going to try running at least once or twice a week. As a non-runner who got winded after two blocks, it took a lot of mental preparation to even get in the right mindset to want to go for a run. I used to take any excuse I could to get out of it. It’s too hot outside, the sun is going to set in 20 minutes, I just ate a cookie 5 mins ago, etc, would be my lame excuses to get out of running in the past.

outfit details:
LSD jacket: c/o Brooks (exact)
c/o Brooks Joyride pants (exact)
PureCadence4 runners: c/o Brooks (exact)
“No excuses” cuff: c/o Momentum (exact)

I can’t say my running habits have increase by leaps and bounds, but I’m definitely more aware of my previous bad habits of making up excuses for why I couldn’t go. This Momentum cuff has been serving as an interesting removal of mental blockers that used to make me want to not run or quit a run early.

momentum cuff, brooks joyride pants, brooks purecadence4 shoes

The cuff is meant to be a friendly reminder, or boost of confidence, whenever I look down at my wrist in the middle of an activity. It’s a super cute reminder, which surprises and makes me smile whenever I look down and about to quit early.

Just need to remember to stop making excuses for chasing what I say I’m going to do. ;)

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