Wedding guest outfit idea: Mixed metals

Happy middle of the week, everyone! I’m excited to share today’s post, as it’s the second installment to the 3-part series of wedding guest outfit ideas on transforming a single dress for distinct looks through the use of jewelry.

Today’s look features one trend that has been making the options for mixing and matching jewelry of all sorts of metal composition possible– Mixed metal jewelry! To complete this look, a pair of rose gold and sterling silver earrings and a sterling silver necklace from Blue Nile were selected.

Wedding guest outfit ideas with mixed metal jewelry via the demure muse

Keeping in theme with budget-friendly wedding outfit ideas, this is the same dress from the first outfit idea (a romantic, vintage-inspired styling can be seen here!) and each of the jewelry pieces in this look come in at $75 or under!

wedding guest outfit idea: flowy red maxi dress
outfit details:
red maxi dress: Lulu’s
nude heels: Franco Sarto
long leaf necklace: Blue Nile (exact)
geometric dangle earrings: Blue Nile (exact)

What made the styling of these gorgeous geometric dangle earrings a challenge was figuring out a way to keep the hair and makeup simple and clean so that the jewelry could be the focus. I tucked my hair back in a reverse bun, and wore a bold red lip to stand up against the statement of these earrings. To make things even more interesting, I added a pair of bold gold-tone sunglasses to accentuate the rose gold and silver in the earrings and the necklace. Such a fun mix!

Blue Nile geometric dangle earrings and long leaf necklace
wedding guest jewelry mixed metal look

These dangle earrings are the perfect piece for framing the face, as they hang just shy of 2″ for a statement that could be made to match any coloured dress. The leaf necklace, while designed with more intricate details of the hammered edge, paired well with the geometric composition of the earrings. The opera-length of the leaf necklace helped to bring distance without competing too closely with the earrings for a complimentary accent to the high neckline of this dress.

Wedding guest dress: lulu's red maxi backless dress

Compared to the first styling of this dress for wedding guest outfit ideas, this bold look with mixed metal jewelry is such a different take. The accessories definitely shifts the focus from the red to the mixed metal jewelry, making this dress and easy piece to re-wear to another event!

Can’t wait to show you the last styling of this dress in next week’s post!

Disclosure: This post was made in partnership with Blue Nile. All of the jewelry in this post was borrowed for styling. I cannot thank you enough for supporting the companies who help to make this blog possible!


HAIR TUTORIAL: Perfect beach waves

With beach days being a few weeks out here in Seattle (gosh, it just poured rain yesterday), why not bring the beach waves early? I’m excited to share this easy beach waves hair tutorial, whose look can be achieved using a hair curler and a few key prep and finishing products.

I specifically chose to use and highlight ABBA products for this post to align with my goal of trying to replace my existing beauty and haircare products with all natural* and/or parabens-free products. ABBA specializes in being 100% vegan, gluten-free and made without parabens, phathalates, synthetic colour additives, sulfates, and sodium chlorides.

hair tutorial: how to make the perfect beach waves via
Step 1: I started with freshly washed hair, sprayed with the ABBA Curl Prep Spray before hair drying. In his photo, the left side of the hair part has been curled with the perfect beach waves, and on the right is what my hair looked like after being dried but before being curled.

Step 2: To further encourage the curls, do a light spritz of the ABBA Prep Spray again on the dried hair, combing through from root to tip, before curling.

Step 3: Using a Cricket Ultra Smooth professional curling iron, wrap about a 2″ section of hair around the barrel, starting about 6″ from the root. Clip and hold the hair for about 10 seconds before releasing.

Step 4: As each layer of curls are finished, mist the ABBA Curl Finish Spray to help hold the shape of the curls.

The next two steps are optional, but definitely helpful for high-humidity cities like Seattle. I’ve had my curls completely frizz out in the past from humidity and it sucked! After putting time into doing my hair, the last thing I wanted was for a warm day to ruin the ‘do! Here’s a couple extra steps to help battle the humidity and keep those curls going strong for longer.


Welcoming Summer: It’s wedding season!

It’s officially the first day of Summer, which means Wedding Season is about to kick off in full swing! 2016 seems to be the year of weddings because I just watched 5 different stories of wedding Snaps over the weekend, and I have 3 to attend myself between now and the Fall!

With all these weddings to go to, I’m trying my darn best to not break the bank and buy a new dress for each one. I’m partnering with Blue Nile this month to show how to wear a single dress 3 different ways, transformed by a selection of unique jewelry pieces at a budget price point of $150 and under.

This first look is probably my favourite of the trio because of how easy to was to put together. Using a vintage-inspired pair of teardrop pearl earrings as the focal point, this simple silhouetted red maxi dress was easily worked into a vintage, romantic look:

wedding guest outfit ideas: styled with vintage-inspired jewelry from Blue Nile
wedding guest outfit ideas: red maxi dress styled with vintage-inspired jewelry
outfit details:
grey moonstone & topaz ring: Blue Nile (exact)
vintage-inspired pearl earrings: Blue Nile (exact)
red maxi dress: Lulu’s
wedges: Shoe Dazzle

wedding guest outfit accessories for a vintage, romantic style // the demure muse
When I first saw these earrings, I immediately thought of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was an easy choice for hair style, being able to frame these earrings as being the focal point of this wedding guest outfit. Breezy waves in the hair paired with soft, dewy, shimmer and highlights on the cheeks, a nude lip, and nothing but a quick swipe of mascara across the top lashes helped to complete this look.

blue nile teardrop pearl and topaz earrings
I can’t wait to show you how this same dress gets transformed two more times for different looks from this vintage, romantic one!

Disclosure: This post was made in partnership with Blue Nile. All of the jewelry was borrowed for styling. I cannot thank you enough for supporting the companies who help to make this blog possible!


REVIEW: Scarology Scar Removal Kit

Scarology scar removal kit review

We’ve all been there before– having one of those moments while curling or straightening hair and accidentally burning ourselves with a hot tool, am I right? A few months ago, I accidentally burned my middle finger with the flat iron and was super bummed because this is the first time a burn has been severe enough to scar. The opportunity to try out Scarology could not have come at a better time and I’m excited to share today’s post because it’s one that’s been in the making for weeks.


REVIEW: Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant lipstick

Gearing up for the Summertime means getting all of my wedding guest outfits ready! This year, I have 3 weddings to attend, so I’ll be trying my best to re-wear dresses that either already exist in my closet, or to only buy one new dress to wear to all. Aside from a dress, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect lipstick to wear with it.

I am really excited to share my experience with the Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant lipstick, as Clarins has released a new palette of colours for this season!

clarins joli rouge brilliant lipstick cherry review
My favourite colour is cherry, which is the perfect shade of classic red. I wore this lipstick out for a night on the town, applying it at 4pm and seeing how it would wear throughout the night.

Application & Moisturization
The application was flawless. In the past, I’ve had to apply a layer of lip balm before the lipstick (because my old lipstick was really de-moisturizing). With the Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant lipstick, I applied it straight onto my lips with no primer or lip balm and it glided on smoothly!

I was most surprised by how moisturizing this lipstick is. The product description claims “6 hours of nonstop moisture”, which I feel is accurate. I first applied the lipstick at the start of the evening and purposely did not reapply for the rest of the night to see what would happen. My lips stayed moisturized the whole time, which was a stark different from my previous (non-Clarins) lipstick.

Staying power – pigment
Even though my lips stayed moisturized for the whole 6 hours, I felt like the pigment did not last as long. I applied two coats of the lipstick for the desired opacity at 4pm, and just over halfway through the evening it started to get a bit sheer. In the photo below, you can see that the full-on red pigment turned into a nice almost-tinted-lip-balm kind of look. Reapplication wouldn’t have hurt, but I didn’t mind the more subtle red later in the day.


Overall, I would highly recommend the Clarins Rouge Brilliant lipstick – especially the Cherry, Hibiscus, or Tea Rose colours – to anyone in the market for new lipstick. This is the most moisturizing lipstick I have ever owned and I absolutely love the spectrum of colours it comes in.

Disclosure: I received the 3 lipsticks courtesy of Clarins to review in this post. All opinions of the products themselves are my own. Hope you found this review to be useful and a huge thank you for your support of all the partnerships that make this blog possible!

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