REVIEW: Clarins multi-active face creams (day & night)

With the weather changing and needing to rethink my skincare routine, I’m partnered today with Clarins to talk about their multi-active face creams. My skincare for the winter consisted of washing my face, applying rosehip seed oil, and then calling it good! This worked well for the Winter because of how dry my skin would get overnight and it constantly needing to feel hydrated without over-hydrating to the point of having greasy pores. What hasn’t worked well is that my skin is changing again with this much warmer-than-usual Spring weather, so I was excited to try some new products out for the new season.

Clarins multi-active face cream day and night

I received the Multi-Active Day Cream and Multi-Active Night Cream to review. After using both of these daily for the last month, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned about myself and my skin.

My skincare routine didn’t change from what it was previously. Washing my face twice a day (once in the morning, and then again before bed) and following it up with either the day or night cream. Super simple! I tried my best to avoid wearing makeup for the last month, as well, to give the most accurate review of how my skin handled the cream.

clarins multi-active day cream review

The Multi-Active Day Cream was really attractive to me on paper because of the claims to help “fight the effects of daytime stress for glowing, healthy-looking skin”. While my eye bags reached zombie-level status last month, it had nothing to do with the cream’s performance. The day cream did exactly what it said it would do, providing me with healthy-looking skin on the daily. The subtle fragrance to this cream was also a nice surprise, since most creams made for sensitive skin are usually fragrance-free. I have never been one to buy a face cream for its scent (as I usually prefer them to be odorless), but I didn’t mind this scent at all. My skin also didn’t break out or show more redness than usual, so it was a win for the day cream!

Of the two creams, the Multi-Active Night Cream was the one I was most excited to try. My skin is most misbehaving during the evening; It tends to get very sensitive and dry while I toss and turn and is brutally honest in the mornings about whether or not it’s dehydrated and/or irritated. The Clarins night cream, while lighter compared to other night creams and the rosehip seed oil I was previously using, was not as hydrating as I had hoped for it to be. It felt really nice against my skin and absorbed quickly, but then my skin felt dry in the mornings.

Even after applying quite liberal amounts of cream on some evenings, I still felt that the night cream was not as moisturizing on its own. However, when paired with the day cream, my skin felt like it was getting 24 hour coverage on the moisturizing front.

All in all, I would recommend both of these creams if you’re looking to overhaul both your day and night creams. If you’re only looking to revamp one, my personal experience would lean towards a higher recommendation to the Multi-Active Day Cream.

Disclosure: I received both of these products from Clarins in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


REVIEW: FIG + YARROW clay mask

Review: fig+yarrow clay mask rose review
(photo via Urban Outfitters, here)

As I’ve been revamping my skincare routine this season, face masks have been high up on my list of products to find a favourite for. I was first introduced to face masks with a paste-like viscosity in 2014 when my family bought a couple of cutely-packaged masks from The Face Shop (below).

The Face Shop clay mask

I loved these not only for the cute packaging, but because the masks left my face feeling smooth and silky after one use. The only downside was the fact that they did not meet TSA regulations, which led to them almost being confiscated once while they were tucked away in my toiletries bag on a carry-on for a flight. I try to keep face masks handy, especially when flying, because my skin gets extra dry – and sometimes irritated – after being cooped up on a plane for multiple hours.

Technically, I could’ve opted to buy a handful of individually wrapped face mask sheets (like these ones), but I wanted a “bulk solution” to keep the budget for traveling and everyday necessities realistic.

I stumbled across these Fig + Yarrow clay masks in powder form while searching for new masks to try on Amazon, and then ended up finding the same ones for $7 cheaper at Urban Outfitters (I’m a sucker for a good deal)! I bought the rose one because it’s made specifically for sensitive to normal skin types. Made of all natural ingredients, the powder can be combined with water, honey, yogurt, or aloe to create a mask consistency to your liking. I’ve only tried it with water so far and absolutely love being able to control the consistency of the paste, using a 2:1 powder to water mix. A little bit of power goes a long way!

fig+yarrow clay mask
Waiting for the clay mask to fully dry (20% there!)

In the last month, I’ve used this product 3 times. Here’s what I’ve concluded:

– Powder format is perfect for traveling, especially when going through TSA in your carry on
– A little goes a long way– I’ve barely made a dent in the amount of product after using this 3 times, so I’m guessing that this one jar will last me at least until the end of the year
– Skin feels very soft and silky after one use
– Has a nice, subtle, herbal fragrance once you apply water to create the mask
– Does not have an oily or sticky residue, like other masks I’ve previously tried

– Although easy to wash off, the clay will stain your face towel. I made the mistake of using a white face cloth, which is now streaky pink
– True to a powder nature, it is a bit messy to mix. For easy application purposes, I usually mix the mask in the palm of my hand, which means having to deal with a bit of spilled powder on the counter/sink

Would I recommend the Fig+Yarrow clay mask (rose)? Yes! Knowing that I have traditionally paid $4-$6 for individual sheet masks, there will be plenty of masks to be made with this $16 Fig+Yarrow jar. The level of exfoliating is perfect for my sensitive skin and my face feels soft and smooth after washing the mask off.

Hope you enjoyed the clay mask review!


Winter skincare update

As someone with pretty sensitive skin, I’ve started to take notice of how the weather patterns have started to take a toll on my skincare routine (or sometimes lack thereof). It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I started to really care about what I put on my skin and wanted to find a new skincare routine filled with (closer to) all natural products, without also having a 30 step process.

Pharmaca natural beauty
I had passed by the Pharmaca store in Queen Anne (1900 Queen Anne N, Seattle) a handful of times in the past but never thought to stop in. Thanks to a lovely offer of a complimentary service to introduce the beauty bar and spa services offered in stores, I finally stopped in. They offer lash applications, full makeovers (with consultation), and facial waxing (eyebrows, lip, chin, forehead, etc).

Pharmaca beauty bar
I opted for an eyebrow wax with one of the senior theoreticians in the store, Tiffany. She was extremely friendly and walked me through all of the products that were being used in the service. Within less than 10 minutes, I had beautifully cleaned-up eyebrows and a really positive experience!

One of the best parts of this service was being able to see shelves upon shelves of products that I didn’t recognize and asking questions about them while in the waxing chair. The wall directly to the right of this station was filled with natural oils, which have been gaining popularity with mainstream product lines, and I wanted to know more. I was running low on Clarins double serum and wanted to find a replacement. I’ve shied away from oils in the past because I assumed that adding more oil to skin that already produces a lot of unwanted shininess seemed counter-intuitive. Not knowing that serums contained oil (I feel dumb for this because, duh, made sense after looking more closely at the product’s consistency), Tiffany mentioned that applying oils actually helps your skin think that it already has enough oil production, which prevents excess oils from being created by the body. Intrigued by the science behind it all, I wanted to try for a completely natural, oil-only replacement.

Pharmaca Seattle Queen Anne store
Pharmaca natural eye makeup

I was recommended rosehip seed oil, as it’s a light introductory oil that would easily be swapped with my existing serum. It can be used twice a day, which integrates with my existing beauty routine (once in the morning, once at night) and wouldn’t require me to change my habits. I ended up purchasing this apricot and rosehip oil serum. I’ve been using it for a month now and haven’t notice my face being any more greasy than it used to be.

The bonus is that the oil is so lightweight that it doesn’t feel like I have a sheet of grease on my face as I walk out to work. I’ve also been trying to wear makeup less, giving my skin some time to breathe, only applying the oil to my face in the mornings after a quite face wash and nothing else on top of that. So far so good! No breakouts and my skin feels hydrated, which is all I could ask for for the winter.

I’m going to be trying a couple other oils in the upcoming weeks and will be reporting back. Excited to see how else I can update my skincare routine to better prep for the winter.


Smile Brilliant update #1

At the beginning of the month, I received a complimentary kit from Smile Brilliant to try their teeth whitening system. If you’re curious to know how this at-home kit works, I outlines the process that I had to take to have my trays made in this first post. I’ve tried whitening my teeth in the past through a procedure at the dentist’s office which was almost 1:1 to the process that Smile Brilliant offers, but stopped after a couple of treatments because of the inconvenience of having to travel to the dentist between treatments.

Here’s where my teeth started before the treatments. You can see the calcium deposits (the white spots) really well on my front teeth, but there are a few pockets of these throughout all of my teeth. They’ve been there for as long as I can remember– one of the many “perks” of teeth being allergic to fluoride ;)

Smile Brilliant before

For this whitening update, I only did my top teeth. I had originally planned on doing the tops and bottoms separately due to known teeth sensitivity from my previous treatments at the dentist, but I was also forced to only do the top teeth because I didn’t receive the trays for my bottom teeth. I actually got 2 top trays (my own, and someone else’s top teeth?) and couldn’t make a new set of bottom trays in time for this post. Usually if this shipment error happens, a new tray can be created right away and be reshipped, but since my molds were sent to me along with the trays, I will be redoing the impressions for my bottom teeth. desensitizing gel

Even before whitening, I used the desensitizing gel and let it sit on my teeth for 15 minutes. The desensitizing gel is necessary and really helps to prime the teeth for the whitening gel. Each of the desensitizing gel and whitening syringes are good for about 5-6 uses. As you can see below, only a small amount is needed in the trays for each treatment: desensitizing gel



REVIEW: Patchology eye patches for winter skin woes

Now that Spring is officially here, I’m looking at my skin and trying to figure out how to prep it for the summer. It’s always interesting for me to look at my skin after the winter because I feel like the cold definitely dries it out (especially since I don’t change the products I use on my face from season to season) and it needs to be repaired. One thing I noticed more this year than in past years is how much the dark circles have grown under my eyes haha. I’m going to blame this on the insomnia. I also usually wake up with pretty puffy eyes, which sucks when trying to look like not a zombie.


Over the winter, I was offered a chance to test out the Patchology – Energizing eye patches. It’s a 3-step process where you can wear the patches for up to 12 hours straight (so ideally this would be done before bedtime, but sometimes when I’m home on weekends doing chores, I’ll rock ’em around the apartment), and each set of patches can be reused up to 4 times. I’m sharing with you today my third experience with the patches.

Here’s my makeup-less face before and after wearing the patches for 7 hours:


The 3-step process is quite simple:
1. Wash/clean face
2. Apply activating gel directly to the energizing patches, and then apply the patches under your eyes. This part was awesome because it felt like a light, tingly sensation under the eyes to help wake the skin up a bit. Not exactly the best thing to do right before bed, in my opinion, but not bad to do about 30 minutes before starting the pre-sleep routine.
3. Remove the patches and wipe skin clean. The kit comes with moistened wipes, so this part was easy!


As mentioned above, this post documents the third time I’ve used the kit. The eye patches do lose their “stickiness” with each use, but they are good for up to 4 treatments and I feel like my set will make it until number four. I definitely saw results after the first time using it. As someone who normally wakes up with really puffy eyes in the morning, these were perfect for days that I needed to look awake and refreshed. My skin is definitely less dry near the eye area than usual, which is awesome considering the harsh season changes.

Would I recommend the Patchology kit? Yes. It’s a bit pricier than most of the face care products I purchase ($75 for a kit of 12 treatments), but after seeing the results and breaking down the cost of each treatment (~$6 per treatment), I will definitely be adding this to my season-changing facial routine.

Disclaimer: I received a single set of the Patchology kit in exchange for a review on my blog. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

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