Mother’s Day ideas with Whole Foods & Sur la Table

With Mother’s Day coming up, Whole Foods and Sur la Table invited a group of local Seattle bloggers for an afternoon of fun in the kitchen for breakfast ideas and DIY floral arrangements for the big day! I was super stoked to see the classroom kitchen at Sur la Table and even more excited that I get to share the food recipe with you!

On the agenda was learning how to make a Bloody Mary Benedict with Hollandaise with Chef Hayden, some drinks with a kick, and learning how to arrange flowers like a pro. We started off with the food– aka the good stuff!

Here’s Lindsay being the cutest Hollandaise sauce whipper we’ve ever seen. She’s such a sweetheart and was such a brave soul to get up in front of the room to be the first kitchen volunteer of the afternoon.

whole foods mother's day ideas
Chef Hayden walked us through step-by-step how to make the beautiful dish above. He even offered fab tips and tricks for making the perfect poached egg (no vinegar and “water tornadoes” involved! Just use a shallow skillet with boiling water and it magically works itself out!) to make this cocktail inspired, breakfast favourite.

If I lived closer to my mom, she’d totally get a kick out of this delicious treat on Mother’s Day. Continue to the full blog post for the full recipe and some tips for making your own floral arrangement!

floral arrangement diy


soft-baked pumpkin cookies

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. Why? Well… the sudden realization that Fall is actually here (hello perpetually cloudy Seattle!) means I’ve been obsessed with finding ways to bake pumpkin anything. In the last three days, I’ve managed to make pumpkin pancakes, a pumpkin & chocolate loaf, and last night the oven cranked out 60+ soft-baked cookies (above)!

I think it’s safe to say that I’m officially all pumpkined-out.

(at least until Thanksgiving rolls around and there’s an excuse to make pumpkin pie…)


Summer Sangria recipe with CK Mondavi

CK Mondavi: summer sangria recipe

I’m super excited today to share a fun, tasty variation on a traditional summer sangria recipe for the upcoming July 4th weekend in collaboration with CK Mondavi! Sangria is my favourite summer drink, especially when hanging out with my girlfriends on sunny weekends! CK Mondavi wine is sold nationwide in every US state and remains a family-owned business that has thrived for four generations to produce fine wines.

What you’ll need:
– 1 bottle of CK Mondavi Blonde Five
– 1 grapefruit, sliced
– 1 naval orange, sliced
– 1 apple, cubed
– half a litre of lemon/lime soda

CK Mondavi: summer sangria recipe

First step is to slice and dice all your fruits! The size of the pieces is completely up to you. I usually try to make them less than 1″ so that they’re easy to snack on without splashing beverage on yourself. As you can see below, the pieces don’t have to be perfectly uniform. At the end of the day, the fruit are there to add light hints of sweetness to the (already delicious) wine. I specifically picked this Blonde Five bottle because of its luscious baked apple, honey, and lemon flavour to compliment the selected citrus fruits.

CK Mondavi: summer sangria recipe

Pour the entire bottle of wine into a seal-able container and add the fruits. Let the fruits soak in the wine overnight in the fridge. The longer the fruits soak in the wine, the stronger and sweeter the drink will become. Be sure to try a slice of the grapefruit and orange before adding to the wine– a sour citrus fruit can ruin the sweetness of a sangria pretty quickly! (I learned this the hard way last summer…)

Last step: Add the lemon/lime soda to the chilled wine and fruits immediately before serving.

CK Mondavi: summer sangria recipe

Can you tell why this is one of my favourite drinks ever? It’s so simple to make and really yummy! Hope you guys enjoy a glass (or two) in the next couple weeks!

Disclosure: I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Weekend DIY: Blue crab summer salad

In an attempt to reduce the number of times I’ve been dining out, I’ve been trying to replicate some of my favourite dishes from restaurants I’ve been to in the past few months. The original version of this salad was ordered at the Walrus and the Carpenter and adapted to be a light, summer dinner.


What you’ll need:
– mixed greens (I went with a premade spring & spinach mix)
– precooked blue crab (you can get an 8oz container for $5.99 at Whole Foods, good for 2 servings)
– crumbled feta cheese
– 1 tbsp of olive oil per serving
– 3 slices of grapefruit per serving
– salt & pepper to taste
– optional: 3 slices of blood oranges (to complement the grapefruit), and pistachios for topping

1. Portion out a serving of salad; wash and dry leaves
2. Toss the salad in olive oil, a handful of feta, and add salt and pepper to taste
3. Portion out ~4oz of crab meet and mix with the salad
4. Top the salad with slices of grapefruit (remove the skin!), blood oranges, and pistachios

The mild flavour of the olive oil and cheese dressing pairs perfectly with the sweet citrus and light crab meat. This is definitely one of my go-to dinners on busy nights because of how easy it is to make!


Weekend DIY: Donut lady

Whew, it’s been a long time since the last Weekend DIY, hasn’t it? My friends have been throwing potluck dinners for the last couple weekends and, as a baker, I signed up for dessert duty. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at donuts, but being naturally clumsy, I’m terrified of frying them and burning my apartment down!

I found this delicious and easy recipe from Joy the Baker for half a dozen donuts. I ended up doubling the recipe to make a full dozen. Took about 30 minutes from start to finish to complete the donuts, which was awesome!

The only modification made was adding an extra teaspoon of milk to the icing. The donuts pictured above were made with the original recipe for the icing, but I found it to be a bit too thick, so thinned it out a bit.

Long story short: if you’re like me and clumsy but have always wanted to try making donuts, I highly recommend Joy’s recipe! It was super simple to follow and the donuts are DELISH!!

Happy weekend, friends! xo

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