Galentine’s Day goodie bags

It is no secret that Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite Hallmark holidays. With Valentine’s Day also comes Galentine’s Day: the day we celebrate not only romantic relationships but relationships with the important gals in our lives. Because I’m clearly a 5 year old at heart and still love passing out store-bought Valentine’s Day cards (Hello Kitty won again this year… as she has in the last 3 years haha!), I’m pairing these with some of my favourite candy in the form of goodie bags! With the pouty face of my all-time favourite gal, Sushi Magoo (my lil kitty cat), this year’s goodie bags are too cute to pass up:

Custom goodie bags for Galentine's Day with Stickerapp
Through the site StickerApp, I made a set of 50 custom die-cut stickers of Sushi’s face to adorn the backs of the goodie bags. As she’s my ultimate gal pal, I couldn’t pass up a reason to send her grumpy face along with a bag of chocolates!

With limited supplies (glassine bags and a magenta brush-tipped Sharpie), these goodie bags were a breeze to make in an afternoon. The hardest part was picking out a set of candy to include in the bags because I wanted to buy one of everything at the grocery store! haha… If you’re looking for a last minute surprise for your gal pals, there’s still time!

Galentine's Day gift ideas
Goodie bag ideas with customized stickers from Stickerapp
I wasn’t planning on sharing these stickers with Sushi Magoo, but she somehow found me on the day I was making these goodie bags and approved of her pouty-faced stickers on the spot! :)

A huge thank you again to StickerApp for letting me try their service to make these stickers in exchange for this post! It was so easy customize them to be exactly what I was looking for. Now that I know I can make more small-sized batches of Sushi Magoo stickers… watch out, pen pals!

For custom stickers of your own, StickerApp is offering 20% off with coupon code DEMURESTICKERS20 (expires Feb 28,2017).


Rogue T&K: What’s this all about?

Ok, so I’m trying out this jewelry thing and am really excited about it! I’ve been making jewelry for almost 10 years at this point and my style has grown and shifted so many times to the point that I finally think it’s matured and ready.

Rogue T&K is the label that I’m currently designing under along with a couple of friends. Aside from styling and shooting the pieces, I’m so stoked to break out the jewelry pliers again and making things! I also get the fun job of sorting out branding and packaging, which makes me so excited because packaging and presentation is almost as important as the product itself (imho).

A few friends have also already asked “What’s up with the name?” Technically, none of us in this group are trained to do the things we’re doing on this team (we are just passionate about the areas we’ve each undertaken in our roles), so we’ve all essentially gone rogue. No new words, crazy inside jokes, or elaborate background stories behind this label name– sorry!

Even thought this is a super new venture, one thing that we’re stoked about is taking big leaps and diving right in asap! Mark your calendars, friends!! I’ll be manning our table at this year’s RAW artists: Holiday RAWk 2015 event on December 3 from 7-11pm! This is the first ever in-person event for us and I’m really excited to meet other creatives in the community.

Rogue T&K-RAW-Seattle presents HOLIDAY RAWk 2015

Tickets for the event are already on sale for $15 and we’ll be offering a sweet discount on pieces on the night of the event.

If you’re free, I’d love to see you!! Otherwise, you’ll know where to stalk our jewelry. ;)


MAKE IT FOR LESS: Tassel necklace

Instead of the usual Weekend DIY (which I realize I’ve been avoiding for over 6 months), I wanted to start sharing some of my DIY projects that have been inspired by things that I’ve been seeing online during my insomnia “window shopping” hours. Tassels are making huge strides in the accessories department lately and Baublebar has a great collection of tassel pieces. I came across one particular necklace which I thought was cute, but wanted it in a different colour palette. Since it only came in a single colour, a DIY was clearly in order!

the demure muse blog // How to make your own tassel necklace inspired by Baublebar

The original piece on the left is this necklace. For $44, I really could not justify the price tag for a piece I wasn’t 100% in love with, so I set out on a mission to make an ombre version of my own in a colour palette that would match more of my wardrobe and personal aesthetic. Surprise– it’s black, white, and grey!


Luckily for me, I had a bunch of these tassel charms kicking around from a previous project. They have been sitting around in my art supply box for about 4 months now and I’m super glad that they’ve finally been put to good use. I found them at a shop in the Garment District in Toronto back in December of 2014, but there are a lot of great colour options on Etsy for around the same price. The tassels will be the most expensive supplies for this project, ranging from $1.20 – $1.50 for a pair, after a quick search on Etsy and finding this listing. A lot cheaper than you’d expect, right?

Other supplies you’ll need:
– Eight (8) 5mm jump rings in a silver finish
– 32″ of 3mm silver finished chain
– jewelry making pliers

All of the supplies above are usually sold in bigger quantities, so you’re looking at ~$5 in overall additional materials from the tassels themselves.

Instructions for assembly:
1. Measure out 32″ of the chain (or desired length) and cut with the jewelry pliers.

2. Find the center of the piece you just cut from step #1 and attach your first tassel with a jump ring.

3. Count out 7-9 links (depending on how far apart you’d like the tassels to be), and attach the next tassel. Continue to do this while alternating from the left and right of the center tassel in step #2 to until all 7 tassels have been attached.

4. With the last jump ring, attach the two ends of the chain to complete the necklace. No clasp is required for this piece, as the 32″ opera length should make for an easy on/off.

TA-DA! Super simple, right? And you can take the extra $30 you just saved to treat yourself to some Chipotle this weekend haha! ;)


Making and breaking plans

I debated posting this for a while because my feelings have been all over the map up until late. Now that they’ve settled, I’m final able to think a little more clearly and put everything into words. Earlier this year (yeah, I know. It’s only February), I felt lost. After the winter break was over and I settled back into my usual Seattle routine from Toronto, I was really unsure of what my long term goals are. It’s a really weird feeling because I have always had a plan. Since I was in elementary school, I’ve always set some sort of goal(s) for myself that could be achieved in the next three or five years. It’s been a really great way for me to keep my life on track, even as a tiny keener! haha

The need for a plan is what I struggled with so much at the start of 2014. Still not having figured out goals for this year, I took a step back to rethink what it is I wanted out of my life. I went through weeks of feeling frustrated with myself because I couldn’t figure out a master plan. What are my career goals? Where do I see myself in 5 years? Is it ok that I don’t have clarity for any of these questions that a lot of my friends already have answers to? I can’t even count the number of nights I’ve sobbed in the bath tub.

outfit details:
draped sweater: SheInside (exact)
blouse: H&M
jeans: AG Jeans (similar)
wedges: Report
purse: vintage Coach (thrifted)
necklace: made by yours truly!
Face a Face glasses: c/o Vizio Optic (similar)


After talking to friends and family, I realized that I’m not the only one who does this crazy planning. But they also taught me that it’s ok to live in the moment and if I’m happy with where I am now, there’s no point in worrying so far out in the future. It sounds silly now that I’ve written that out because it seems so simple, but sometimes I forget to put the blinders on and get lost in thinking about the what ifs instead of the now.

Lesson learned: make plans but don’t be afraid to coast and take unplanned detours!


Currently: December 2013

Loving: This photo right up thurr! hahaha I made a gift for a friend, who also happens to be the owner of this cat that I am so smitten by. He’s got the most symmetrical face ever with the cutest pattern and gorgeous green eyes. Ok, I’m going to stop myself from sounding too much like an insane cat lady… long story short: as soon as I met this cat, I was inspired to make a pillow of him. I kept laughing as I worked through my insomnia on this (yes, it’s true! This is what I do at 4:30am when I can’t sleep) and thought it was just as funny when I was done! Sadly, this kitty doesn’t share my humour and was pretty skeptical of his doppelganger pillow. I mean, it must be weird to sit next to a giant version of your own face.

Reading: The MouseDriver Chronicles I got this book as a gift from one of the most inspirational people I know. He knows I’ve been interested in the start-up space for a bit, as I like to follow along the journeys of local businesses. I just finished this book last week and absolutely loved it. It follows the journey of two entrepreneurs who candidly talk about the challenges, hurdles, and successes of their first businesses together. It was such an nice change of pace to read a real story that wasn’t a single angled fluffed-by-all-the-glitz-and-glamour that start-up culture seems to exude.

Watching: Nothing as of right now, which feels nice! After Master Chef Junior ended, I haven’t gotten into any other shows. That could all change soon though. I just got my first TV (is this the milestone that makes me a real adult now?) and am excited to put it to use during the next few chilly months!

Listening to: Angus & Julia Stone, Big Jet Plane. I’ve been a little obsessed with this song over the last month where I would play this song on repeat for weeks on end! My poor friends and coworkers have been stuck listening to me sing or hum this tune all. day. long. Sorry friends!

Planning: Christmas presents! I have no idea how December crept up, but now that it’s here, I’m hyper aware of how behind I am on gift buying/making. Effffff!


Working on: Finishing up holiday card writing and mailing! Urban Craft Uprising, Seattle’s largest handmade craft fair, was this past weekend and I ran there as soon as I woke up so I could meet the lovely Danni of oh, hello friend. She and Nick came all the way from Orange County with their goodies and I couldn’t pass up the chance to add to my collection of message tapes. These two are are even sweeter in person that I could’ve ever imagined! AND their beautifully designed tapes are going on all my letters/packages this season. I CANNOT WAIT TO PRETTIFY EVERYTHING!

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