Whistler weekend and gearing up for upcoming seasons

Last weekend, a handful of friends and I headed up to Whistler to enjoy the snow and beautifully laid out runs on the mountains. I’ve only ever been to Whistler one other time (back in 2012) and was so excited to revisit the beautifully laid out the runs and gorgeous scenery.

Back in 2012, my visit was right after a night of snowfall, so there were nothing but amazing pillows of snow to catch my falls. This would have been amazing if I had stayed on green runs, but a friend accidentally led us down a black diamond with moguls… let’s just say I ate a lot of snow that first time and hoped to not repeat history on the second trip.

Snowboarding gear for women going to Whistler - Helly Hansen
outfit details:
Powderqueen jacket: c/o Helly Hansen (exact)
neck cowl: Helly Hansen (similar)
snow pants: Burton (old)
snowboarding boots: Salomon (old)
snowboard: K2 (old)

Fast forward to 2017 and the mountains are still as beautiful as ever! With the sun shining and only doing green runs (for real this time… haha), I thought we were set up for a pain-free day. Sadly, with no fresh snowfall the night before, the ice pellets were not as forgiving. Despite practicing my S-turns after making it a goal to learn how to carve instead of always leafing down the hills (don’t judge!), I still left with a bruised bottom. Snowboarding is something that I really want to learn to excel at, especially since it’s one of the few sports that all my friends and I can enjoy together during the winter.

Whistler green runs
Helly Hansen W Powder Queen jacket review
With just over a month left in the snowboarding/skiing season this year, this is one of the best times to gear up for the future snow seasons to come! I first bought all of my gear in 2012. The jacket, snow pants, boots, board, and helmet were all purchased during a mid-season sale. Sadly, I also managed to outgrow some of it in the last 5 years. In the last couple weeks, I’ve scored some great deals at the Helly Hansen outlet store in Burlington, WA. I bought myself a new neck cowl for $10 (regularly $20), a new pair of baselayer pants for $20 (regularly $40), after being really impressed by the quality and performance of the HH base layers I got to try earlier this season.

Helly Hansen skiing and snowboarding gear
With a jacket being one of the most important pieces of equipment, I’ve rounded up a handful of Helly Hansen jackets that are going to keep you warm on the slopes (linked below). If you’re local to Washington, you’ll be able to find these HH beauties locally here:

REI – Crystal Jacket is currently 51% off! (here)- 222 Yale Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Burlington Outlets – 314 Fashion Way, Burlington, WA 98233


Galentine’s Day goodie bags

It is no secret that Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite Hallmark holidays. With Valentine’s Day also comes Galentine’s Day: the day we celebrate not only romantic relationships but relationships with the important gals in our lives. Because I’m clearly a 5 year old at heart and still love passing out store-bought Valentine’s Day cards (Hello Kitty won again this year… as she has in the last 3 years haha!), I’m pairing these with some of my favourite candy in the form of goodie bags! With the pouty face of my all-time favourite gal, Sushi Magoo (my lil kitty cat), this year’s goodie bags are too cute to pass up:

Custom goodie bags for Galentine's Day with Stickerapp
Through the site StickerApp, I made a set of 50 custom die-cut stickers of Sushi’s face to adorn the backs of the goodie bags. As she’s my ultimate gal pal, I couldn’t pass up a reason to send her grumpy face along with a bag of chocolates!

With limited supplies (glassine bags and a magenta brush-tipped Sharpie), these goodie bags were a breeze to make in an afternoon. The hardest part was picking out a set of candy to include in the bags because I wanted to buy one of everything at the grocery store! haha… If you’re looking for a last minute surprise for your gal pals, there’s still time!

Galentine's Day gift ideas
Goodie bag ideas with customized stickers from Stickerapp
I wasn’t planning on sharing these stickers with Sushi Magoo, but she somehow found me on the day I was making these goodie bags and approved of her pouty-faced stickers on the spot! :)

A huge thank you again to StickerApp for letting me try their service to make these stickers in exchange for this post! It was so easy customize them to be exactly what I was looking for. Now that I know I can make more small-sized batches of Sushi Magoo stickers… watch out, pen pals!

For custom stickers of your own, StickerApp is offering 20% off with coupon code DEMURESTICKERS20 (expires Feb 28,2017).


Wandering mind

The last couple weeks have been quite the blur. Between the usual work schedule and a handful of cheery events like weddings and birthday parties, one of the most heart-wrenching things happened to my circle of friends. I usually try to keep things pretty lighthearted on the blog, but the news of one of my close friends going missing has shuffled all the priorities in our lives. In trying to think of a way to describe the feeling, helpless is the only word that comes to mind.

It’s crazy to think back to some of our last memories together. We had just seen each other a week or so before his disappearance. We were at our monthly friends night dinner that he planned. Coincidentally enough, it was also the week of my birthday and he is the friend that arranged the little surprise ice cream float at the end of dinner. This is the same friend who organized a surprise birthday party last year for me at the Boba Guys Mission Store. If there was any one person in our friend group who remembered birthdays without the help of Facebook, it would be him!

I keep thinking back to all the happy memories we had together and how amazing of a friend he truly is. I have never met another person as selfless, loyal, and caring. Not to mention, he is a wizard with Excel and made a spreadsheet for things like bill splitting to trip planning to optimizing routes when shopping at IKEA in a time crunch.

It’s hard to know how this situation came to be or how he went missing. All of his friends and family have banded together to try o piece together this mystery, but we haven’t yet found any answers.

His father met a group of us up for brunch over the weekend where we all shared our favourite stories and moments of him with each other. It was one of the most heartwarming, touching conversations I’ve ever been lucky to be part of. Looking around the table at all his friends, it was obvious how much he is loved and cherished by every single person he has crossed paths with. His father reminded us all to continue to stay positive and to never forget the good times we’ve all shared together.

I won’t lose hope or faith that we will one day find him. Until then, please send positive vibes and prayers.


Tatted up with MetaInk

As the summer is starting to wind down, I’m starting to think about all the awesome things that have happened in the last couple months. It’s kind of crazy to look back at the last 8 weeks and all the amazing things that Seattle summers bring. For me, these months mean being outside and hanging out with friends more often because we’re not all being poured on by the rain like the other ~9 months of the year. This summer was especially exciting for me because I met a lot of new friends through volunteer programs and friends of friends who are just all-around awesome as is (Hi Kimmmy!).

One really fun thing this summer was meeting the beauty and brains behind Meta Ink and working with Kim to style and shoot a summer look book for them. Aside from this blog, it’s been a loooong time since I’ve purposefully gotten to take styled photos – especially with other people – and had SO MUCH FUN.


Can we seriously talk about how gorgeous these ladies are? It really wasn’t hard to get a couple of us together with the promise of getting to play with metallic temporary tattoos, getting all prettied up to shoot during golden hour in the forests just outside of the city. This is quite possibly the best way to spend a Monday night after work, don’t you think?


If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend checking out Meta Ink. They make temporary tattoos that bring me back to all my childhood memories of walking around my parents’ house with sleeves of skulls and roses, but more mature and age-appropriate ;)

This photo didn’t make the cut for their look book, but it’s one of my favs from the set. Why? Well, the banter that you can’t hear through the photo is the fact that Kim was telling me to take the bra off – because the back was too high- so that we could shoot the back of the dress (which I borrowed from her closet) and I was laughing because I was all shy and like, “Nooo, all the forest animals are going to see this?!?!” Yeah, we’re ridiculous. (& for the record… the bra stayed on)


Life snippets: Toronto in a weekend

The last few days were spent in Toronto, catching up with friends from university, celebrating one of our closest friends tying the knot, and stuffing my face with way too much good food. If you follow along on Instagram, you might recognize some of these photos already. Ines, aka Tiny Tourist, was a gracious host for part of my stay and made sure to take me to all the amazing restaurants and bubble tea shops that have popped up in the city since I moved to Seattle. (She’s the best, right?!?)

1 // the sweetest “welcome home” note and my favourite chocolate :D
2 // did I mention that she also has amazing style?
3 // Chatime– the hottest new bubble tea chain to open up shop in Toronto. Grass jelly in roasted milk black tea is on point!
4 // DIY project #3 for the weekend: matching Hello Kitty keychains. Don’t judge!

1 & 2 // Taiwanese-styled pulled pork baos from Lucky Red
3 & 4 // flower crown making (& the aftermath of being burned by a glue gun)
5 // obligatory cat photo while shopping for prints at Off The Wall
6 // Brunch at Smith: brisket hash and mascarpone with pistachio crepes

Back to real life in Seattle…

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