Cliff jumping into the blue

Heights: one of the top three things I am terrified of. On the scale of 1 to 10 on the fear scale, I’d put my fear of heights at a 12. Growing up as a kid, I would freak out whenever walking within 5ft of the railings of the second (or third, or forth) floors of a mall because I was scared of flipping over the railing and breaking my neck. This was an extra weird thing to be afraid of as a 6 year old kid who could barely see over the railing… Ridiculous? Yes.

My fear of heights is still as irrational as an adult. Now that it’s physically possible to flip over the railings at the mall, my tolerance for walking (or even standing) close to one is waaaaay low.

Funny thing is, there have already been a handful of experiences where I forced myself to grow a pair, man up, and conquer my fears… even if it’s for a few seconds. A true test of this was crossing the Capilano Bridge back in 2012, but again on the trip to Eastern Washington when cliff jumping.


Even though the cliff I jumped from was only just a smidge over 10ft, it took a lot of pep talk to jump off the edge. After throwing the tube off first (which hit the rocks and landed much further to the right than I had originally planned), I stood overlooking the rocks thinking, “shoot… so, do I really have to go get that?”

Super glad that the irrational fears went away just long enough to make a full leap off the edge for this photo:


Not going to lie… now that this photo exists, I can die happy and never have to jump off another cliff.

P.S. How insanely beautiful is this water? The whole area was pretty much a dream in itself.


Favourite thing about blogging? Hang outs!

One of my favourite things about having a blog is the community behind blogging itself. Since my day job doesn’t have anything to do with fashion or clothes or anything related to this blog at all, it’s nice to talk to other people who have similar interests. Even better than swapping comments or emails is meeting up with these ladies in person!

franishblogvisitsSeattleoutfit details:
swan button down: Target (similar)
roll-up shorts: H&M
necklace: made by yours truly
boyfriend watch: Vince Camuto

If you’ve been following me for the last couple years, you’ll probably recognize the bloggers in this group. All being Seattle-based as is, Lindsay, Bri, and I see each other a handful of times a year. Fran carried on her tradition (can I even call it that yet since last year was the first year?) of visiting Seattle in the summer and we met up for dinner last week. I was really hoping for a repeat of the bubble tea run, but we opted for a pie bar (yep. Seattle totally has a bar that serves pie and pie-themed cocktails) instead. I was super bummed that Kimmie couldn’t make it this year, but hoping that we’ll all reunite again for bubble tea again soon!!

YAY for blogging friends! Seriously, these ladies are AH-MAZING and just as sweet and hilarious in person as they are online.


Sneak peek of the Moorea Seal Store (& grand opening party details!)

If you have any plans this Friday (May 9), you should drop them. No, seriously. The lovely Moorea Seal who opened her online shop, aptly named Moorea Seal just opened her first storefront here in Seattle and is throwing a grand opening party this Friday! Her eye for style and curating goods is like no other and being able to shop all the goodies in person is a dream come true!

Not a lot of people know this, but Moorea is the first person that I met when I first moved to Seattle. As a total stranger (I was a reader of her blog for years before moving to the PNW), I emailed her and asked about cool places to check out in the city. Instead of giving me a list, this amazing woman offered to meet me up for coffee and show me around the city in person! How awesome is that? She is, to this day, one of the most caring, kind, inspiring people I have ever met. Not only does she inspire me to dream big, but she also makes me want to be a better person. She is so kind and thoughtful and always sees the best in everyone– she set the bar pretty high for new friends in the area, that’s for sure!

Moorea Seal store
Moorea Seal store

Moorea threw a sneak peek party last week and, let me tell you, it was incredible to see how quickly she and her team put together this storefront. All of the merchandise is so smartly displayed in the carefully curated spaces of the shop. Aside from all the cool goodies, turns out that there are plans to hold workshops in the future. How cool is that? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Moorea holds a jewelry-making class. I’ve always loved her style of accessories and would love to learn from her.

Moorea Seal store
Moorea Seal store
Elizabeth (Delightfully Tacky), Jessica (Oh So Antsy), and Erika (rogue & whimsy) talkin’ sunglasses
Moorea Seal store

Hope to see you guys at the grand opening party this Friday!

2523 3rd Avenue, 98121

P.S. First 100 people get an exclusive Moorea Seal tote!


Merry Christmas!

Hope you’re all having a lovely Christmas!! I’m back in Toronto to see family and friends (the one time of the year where we’re all guaranteed to be in the same city) and am freezing my butt off! Something about being on the west coast and not having to deal with snow on a regular winter basis has turned me into quite the wimp for the cold.

Before heading home for the holidays, the lovely Bri of Work Clothes, I Suppose held her annual Christmas cocktail party and extended an invite. After meeting Bri in the summer during Fran’s Seattle visit, we kept in touch and hung out throughout the rest of the year. It’s always so awesome to see real life friendships flourish through connections that are made through blogs, don’t you think?

Bri's party

Hope this season’s full of yummy food, great company, and lots of love and laughs! xo

Happy (US) Thanksgiving, friends!

Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving this year! I’m currently in California, as it’s an annual tradition for me and some of my closest friends to meet here on the long weekend and pig out together. We usually make a turkey on thanksgiving day itself, but we all woke up a little later than expected this morning (aka not enough time in the rest of the day to make a turkey unless we wanted to start eating around midnight haha), so we had a fun trek around to the city to find food places that were open for business. Tomorrow will be our make-up turkey day, which works out perfectly since I’m sure we’ll all be hanging out in pjs doing all our Black Friday shopping online!


Here’s a little peek into what the last couple days have been filled with:


1 // A scoop of pumpkin and cookies & cream goodness from Bi-Rite Creamery
2 // Admiring our selection of shoes for walking around the city (those yellow sneakers are great!)
3 // Playing Takenako for the first time! It’s pretty much the cutest board game we’ve played to date! Ok, I’m probably biased because it’s all about pandas and eating bamboo…
4 // Thanksgiving day dim sum! We ordered a few too many of these deep-fried goodies, but thank goodness there was still room for mango pudding!
5 // Obligatory stop at Boba Guys for jasmine and horchata bubble teas

There’s so much to be thankful for every year, but I feel like I was especially grateful this year after going through a couple rough months. My family and friends helped me through a lot this year, which I cannot thank them enough for. Being away from home hasn’t been particularly hard per se, but it definitely puts a lot into perspective during those times you need a hug, a shoulder to cry on, or a little bit of reassurance that any difficult decisions made were the right ones. Can’t tell you how grateful I am for everyone that’s been part of my life thus far and for all the amazing opportunities that I’ve been lucky enough to be part of.

Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!

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