Treat yoself: birthday edition!

File this weekend in San Francisco under OMG. BEST. TRIP. EVER! It was an honest coincidence that everyone’s schedules lined up for a weekend away during my birthday. As someone who loves birthdays, I usually go all out with baking and celebrations for anyone’s birthdays! Balloons, streamers, cupcakes, extra sparkly candles– you name it, I probably have some stashed away in a corner of my apartment for the next party!

Something abnormal happened this year where I became extremely anxious to turn a year older. This didn’t discourage me from baking for anyone else’s birthdays, but it did stop me from making any plans for my own. This is going to sound super lame, but I really wanted to spend my birthday alone curled up with a good book and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. (Mega lame, I know.) I can’t quite put my finger on what it was that made me so nervous about getting older this particular year, but for the weeks leading up to the big day I felt extremely unsettled to the point where I had a bit of a meltdown back in September (which probably explains why it was a bit more quiet than usual on the blog).

Only a small handful of friends knew what I was going through emotionally at the time, so the days leading up to the trip felt like “normal days” to everyone else in the group. In the trip itinerary (the giant spreadsheet broken down by the hour) put together by my super organized friend, we were scheduled to have dinner from 8-10pm followed by some bar/lounge hopping. Thinking that we would be going straight out from dinner, I planned my outfit accordingly. After I got to the restaurant for dinner, I was so confused because half the group was dressed to go out, and the other half was still in their attire from earlier in the day. I kept asking, “Did I miss the memo?” and everyone assured me I wasn’t overdressed (but I totally was).

So as soon as dinner ended, we all split up into 3 cabs and headed towards the Mission District to the first bar on the list. I know I’m not doing this story any justice for how awesome the night actually was… But imagine being in my shoes and thinking that the night was going to be full of bar hopping, standing in front of a dive bar (while wayyy overdressed, no less), and being only two blocks away from Boba Guys. With such a big group, my cab was the first one to arrive. Knowing the area we were in, I asked a friend if I could run around the corner to quickly snap a photo of the Boba Guys storefront while we waited for everyone else to meet up. He told me I had to wait for the whole group to arrive before going anywhere. Being told I had to wait boggled my mind because the shop was literally 5 steps from where I was standing and it had nothing to do with any of the plans according to our itinerary for the night.

Eventually, the whole group shows up and I’m told that I can now run over to Boba Guys and take my photo before the night’s festivities. Little did I know what was in store once I turned the corner… I walked up to the front door, saw Andrew working behind the counter, and was confused to see that the shop was still open past 10pm. Immediately, my friends started to sing Happy Birthday and I thought, “UGH!! YOU GUYS PUNKED ME!?!” Yeah. So the whole bar hopping itinerary was fake.


It’s no secret to my friends (or anyone who sees me multiple times a week) that I love bubble tea. Some may even say I’m obsessed. I mean, I did spend $100 in cabs earlier this year to go to Boba Guys, but never expected anyone to plan a surprise birthday event here!! I had been tweeting to the founders of Boba Guys during the week leading up to our trip, hoping to bring this big group of friends to my favourite bubble tea shop. Little did I know that one of my friends had already gotten in touch with the guys behind the shop to arrange the surprise bubble tea tasting event.


I honestly could not believe how awesome this whole event was! Not only did Andrew graciously stay until 12:30am to introduce us to a handful of the slow bar teas, but he also chatted with us about how Boba Guys started and the importance of chasing dreams. In the words of the status update my friend tweeted after being introduced to Boba Guys and hearing Andrew talk: “I only wanted bubble tea. Instead, I got awesome advice, free samples, and inspiring stories.” This basically sums up exactly how I felt the first time I was introduced to Boba Guys back when they were still a popup in a ramen shop. Ever since that day, I’ve been a loyal follower of not only the business, but also the people who are so passionately driving it.


Ok, so this is super dorky but I’ve always wanted to stand on the other side of the counter at Boba Guys and this night was my night!! I may have gotten a little too excited and walked into the table (I’m really clumsy) which ended up in spilled tea all over the counter… Oops!




Break from routine

Something that I’ve loved about being part of the blogger community in Seattle is how friendly and supportive everyone here is. Over the last couple years, I’ve met so many inspiring, talented, lovely ladies who I’m lucky to call friends.

Last Saturday, Lindsay, Bri, and I ventured out to grab brunch. It was a bit of a weird week for me, as work was heavily on my mind and I have been a little panicked lately over life decisions that I’ve been putting off. Gosh, being an adult can be so tough sometimes! Hanging out with these two ladies really helped get my mind off everything else that had been weighing heavy during the week. There’s never a dull moment between the conversations of blogging and shopping sales! :)

(Thanks for letting me borrow your photo, Lindsay!)

outfit details:
coral lace top: Talula via Aritzia
utility jacket: c/o Aeropostale (similar, on sale for $35!)
skinny jeans: AG jeans (exact)
combat boots: Target
messenger bag: c/o Brenthaven (exact)

The rest of my day was spent hanging out in a coffee shop catching up on work at one of the snazziest coffee shops in the hipper areas of Seattle. It was definitely a change of pace from my usual running around the city in the sunshine.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?


Final days of summer

Where do I even start with how much I have loved the past two months? Seattle is never prettier than in the summers. The blue skies, abundance of things to do outdoors, and no rain for daaaays! What’s there not to love about this place? I’ve been counting down the number of sunny days left before the rainy Fall comes and have been taking every opportunity possible to go to the beach. This past weekend I managed to get my feet dirty in the sand twice!


A bunch of friends and I ended up spending an entire afternoon playing beach volleyball. Part of me has always been sad that I didn’t get into volleyball at an earlier age. I played in elementary school and tried out for the team in high school. Sadly, my lack of hops and inability to serve overhand got me cut during the early rounds of tryouts. I waited a couple years before trying to pick up volleyball in university (on an intramural team) and never looked back!

I’m still pretty awful and can’t seem to volley without flipping a nail backwards or barely adding 3 inches of air to the ball, but I’m working on it!


Unfortunately, I got into a bit of an accident during the last game of the afternoon, which means my days of volleyball are over for the summer. :( I was going for a block while someone on the other side of the net was about to spike and all his weight ended up on my foot. I’m usually a tough cookie, but it was pretty painful and I now have a wickedly bruised/swollen foot that seems to get angry on and off while I’m walking around the city.

beachoutfit details:
tank top: H&M
hi-low skirt: Target
bow flats: Nine West
sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs


If Seattle was this beautiful and rain-free all year round, I don’t think I would ever be able to stay inside!


REVIEW: Wits + Beaux keeping it bold

When I first heard about Wits + Beaux, a startup in the men’s fashion world for unconventional and expressive, well-made, affordable socks, I immediately thought of my friend Mike. You may have seen some of his #BoldFriday posts floating around Instagram, where he showcases a pair of bold socks from his collection at the end of every week. Having never covered menswear, I was suuuuper excited to get to collaborate on this post!

We picked out a couple pairs of socks and I left it up to Mike to style them as he regularly would. He came up with some pretty awesome pairings:

wits + beaux
Pink Mustard

As someone who usually tries to hide my socks in my shoes (I haven’t quite mastered the rolled up ankle length with peeking socks look yet), I love the idea of a fun surprise under an everyday outfit. Pretty much the coolest accessory that no one ever needs to know about, unless you want to give them a slight peek ;)

The socks themselves are really soft and have the perfect amount of texture to the knit that keeps the design from getting overstretched. Everyone laughs when I say stuff like this, but as someone who has a wicked collection of socks with animal faces on them, it’s quite heart breaking when the faces get distorted from being stretched-out while wearing the socks.

wits + beaux

Wits + Beaux is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to expand their line. The goal is to continue to support local and domestic manufacturing in NYC while bringing high quality men’s accessories (socks, bow ties, belts, and watches). If fun accessories is your thing, you should also get excited for the fact that they let you design your own pair of socks! Nothing sweeter than a one of a kind pair of socks, am I right?

I’m definitely going to be adding a few pairs of these socks to my shopping list this holiday season!

Disclosure: Thank you again to the lovely team behind such a fun brand who sent these socks courtesy of Wits + Beaux. The opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.


The #frandoesbubbletea experiment

Eep, I’m so behind on this post! Right before getting back from the San Fran to LA road trip last month, Fran mentioned that she was going to be in Seattle and I knew I had to meet her! Thank goodness for the blogging world bringing all these lovely Seattle ladies and Fran together.

We met up for Vietnamese food in the International District and chatted about everything under the sun. We somehow got on the topic of bubble tea and we suddenly became super determined to document Fran’s first ever bubble tea experience. I’m a teeny bit obsessed with bubble tea (remember this trip to Boba Guys?) so I was extra excited to see Fran’s reaction to the drink with random bits of tapioca floating around.

Kimmie, Fran, Bri, me, Lindsay
(Thanks for the photo, Fran!)

Here’s the group taking in the giant menu of drinks. Looks like Kimmie’s already done making her choice, and I always go for the “boring” one (jasmine milk tea or oolong tea):


We wouldn’t be very good bloggers if we didn’t document the entire experience, now would we?


This was the first time meeting both Fran and Bri together and I honestly wish I could hang out with these ladies more often. They’re all just so sweet and funny– exactly what they portray through their blogs! Now if only we could convince Fran to move to Seattle…

P.S. you can creep our #frandoesbubbletea photos on IG, or read the recaps from the other ladies: Lindsay, Kimmie, Bri, and of course Fran!

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