3 Tips for keeping fitness goals

tips for keeping fitness goals

One thing that I’ve struggled with a lot in the past is keeping up with fitness goals. Although my original fitness goal for 2017 was around yoga and not running, I decided to pivot activities. Despite changing things up, these same tips apply.

Context: My Seattle BFF has a goal to run every weekend, increasing the distance by at least 1 block each session. As I’m not a strong runner at all (not much as changed since 2015… heh) and barely made it 4 blocks after weeks of trying to increase continuous distance (I blamed it on the cold, wet, Seattle Fall weather back then, I decided to share some tips for how we’re helping each other stay accountable in keeping our fitness goals for the year.


1. Find a workout buddy!

Depending on what your fitness goal is, having a buddy to workout with is huge. Not only does it help with accountability for showing up (scheduling to meet up, making sure the workout/activity happens, etc), but it also helps to keep motivation levels high while actually doing the workout.

2. On top of one big goal, set mini weekly goals

Instead of only having one big goal, it’s been helpful to have weekly mini goals. I’ve found myself trying to set goals like “Run 1 mile without stopping”, only to become discouraged even before the run starts. Today, having a mini goal of pushing one more block in distance every time we run has made a big difference. Not only does this mini goal feel much more attainable, but the immediate satisfaction of hitting a new PR every time we run ups the stickiness of the overall big goal.

I like to think of this one like breaking down a big task. If we start with something huge, it can feel overwhelming and undoable. Breaking it down into the smaller components that make up the bigger picture and chunking the tasks makes it seem more attainable. Similar method for how I’ve been thinking about fitness goals and how to make them feel less daunting.

Brooks Running gear: ghost crop, LSD jacket

3. Rain or shine, keep a consistent schedule

One thing that I noticed in the past is how easy it is to fall off the fitness train. A day of rain and deciding to not workout could throw an entire schedule off– not only would I have put off working out on this particular day, but I found myself dragging my feet even harder the next day/time to workout (even if the weather was beautiful out) because I allowed myself to skip a day.

So far this year, I’ve gone for 2 rainy runs. One day it was so cold and bone-chilling that we decided to cut the run short. Despite not making it to our goal distance, the experiences of staying accountable and keeping each other motivated in bad weather made the next run in nice weather a lot more satisfying. I even caught myself finding more internal motivation on the next run because of the fact that the previous week’s run was less satisfying in terms of distance and set a new PR!

Even if you don’t have a goal for running, I think these 3 tips apply for anything that requires consistency and accountability! The hardest part is always getting dressed and out the door. Everything after that get easier! ;)

A huge thank you to Brooks Running for providing us with beautiful running gear featured in this post! I’m wearing last year’s LSD jacket (current season’s version), the ghost crop tights, and PureCadence 6 shoes. On my BFF is the men’s LSD running jacket in yellow.


Goals for 2017

Re-reading goals posts from previous years, I always tend to start off with “[current year – 1] was the busiest year yet!” In an honest effort to try to avoid writing that same statement this year, I’m closing the chapter to 2016 and its reflections and moving straight into 2017. New year, new goals. (If you’re interested, past posts from 2016, 2015, 2014 reflections, 2013 reflections linked)

2017 is the year of being intentional. I did a lot of soul searching and self exploration last year, learned a lot, and now am ready to apply it all! It’s a hefty list, but here are my 2017 goals:

(via @viacalligraphy)

eat healthier. No more daily chocolate. Less fast food (bye, McDonald’s!). Maybe try paleo or Whole30? Realizing that I only have one body in this life, it’s time to start taking better care of it.

go to yoga regularly. Given that 2016 was full of exactly 1 yoga class (completed on December 31, 2016, no less), 2017 is going to be a more productive year. I forgot how good it felt to stretch all the muscles that sit stiff during the work day. Plus, it’ll be a nice balance to the on-and-off cycling and jogging that happens in the warmer seasons.

start wedding planning! We haven’t quite decided if we’re going to have a (traditional) wedding yet, so this goal is a little gated on whenever that first decision is made. Will it be 2017? 2018? Not sure, but it’s on the list just in case!

go paddle-boarding at least 2X. Being out on the water is my favourite thing to do in the Summertime. So much paddle-boarding happened last Summer and I can’t wait to surpass that number this year! It’s a bit of a trek to get to the water though, which is where the “2X” comes into play.

continue “no tech” weekends. My partner and I pick one day of the weekend to meet up at a coffee shop and hang out without our phones. This is something new that we started in the Fall of 2016 and really enjoyed. There’s something really special about not feeling the pressures to be constantly connected to social media and enjoying the presence and full attention of whoever you’re with. This is also our reading and journaling time, which gets me excited for the next goal…

finish documenting 2017 in bullet journal form! After a year of stalking beautifully designed and pages of bullet journal layouts (the #bujo tag on IG is the best inspiration!), I’ve finally taken the plunge to start my own. I got a set of grey Moleskine cahiers and ultra fine Shapries for Xmas and will be working my way from the front to back cover. (note: the combo of these pages and Shapries isn’t the best… but I’ll go into that more in another post)

blog authentically. A lot of my unfiltered, candid thoughts were shared in the first post of 2017. This goal is almost the most important one to me because I truly felt like I lost my voice a bit on this blog (compared to my voice on other platforms) last year. Here’s to being more transparent, sharing more personal stories, and continuing to build the awesome blogging community!

budget $200/m for clothes. no carry overs! I’ve never had a self-implied clothing budget before, so this one will be a challenge. With shifting my shopping habits from cutting fast fashion to primarily thrifting and buying “investment pieces”, we’ll see how well I can stick to this budget.

send at least 5 pieces of snail mail. Because who doesn’t love a little surprise in their mailbox? I had so much fun penning and mailing holiday cards in December that I hope to keep this old school pen + paper going! Something to do during those “non tech” mornings…

organize Instax photo collection. Last year I went a little crazy printing Instax photos. Now that my fridge is covered in photos, I’ve started to sprawl out my prints on the kitchen table. Food tables are no place for photos, so I’m looking to get crafty about organizing and storing the prints this year.

practice calligraphy once a month. This should be “easy” considering my goal to complete a bullet journal and seeing all the inspiring, beautifully penned pages on Instagram. *fingers crossed*

stay positive!! Saved the best one for last!


Goals for 2016

I had a really tough time writing goals for 2016 because 2015 felt like such a crazy year full of ambitious goals that I would never be able to top. Every time I sat down to write about goal setting, I would think, “What can I do that will be bigger and better that the last goal?” and it got too overwhelming. Spending the last couple of weeks devoid from thinking about goal setting, I think I’ve finally figured it out.

goals for 2016

My goals for this year shouldn’t be to outdo 2015. Why did I think I needed to be in a competition with myself? So silly. I’m looking to change the tone of the conversation from chasing the “next big thing” to instead being happy in the present and maintaining where I am now. 2016 will be about learning how to maintain the current status quo after the “big wins” have already been accomplished.

Be present: let technology take a backseat
One big thing that biking taught me last year was to enjoy my current surroundings. Spending hours on a bike and not being able to constantly check my phone for the latest Instagrams, Facebook updates, or tweets, showed me how amazing it is to be present in what’s currently happening. Being 100% ingrained in conversations and attentive to the surroundings is what I want to do! This year, I’m hoping to keep my phone off the table while in the company of others, stay engaged in personal conversations, and know that things on the internet can wait for catching up on during down time.

Run at least once a week
I’m not a runner. I’ve never had the stamina to make it further than 5 blocks (no joke!) in a single go with a brisk jogging pace. Since I can’t bike consistently each week with the rainy Seattle winter days, running will be the way that I balance maintaining some sort of level of fitness this year. My goal is to be able to run at least 2 miles without stopping by the end of the year. Definitely doesn’t seem like a crazy goal, but trust me when I say I am currently an awful runner! haha ;)

Continue to learn new things
Last year, I was on a “learning kick”, taking classes, working on old skills, and getting excited to try new things! One of my favourite classes was a calligraphy class at Fresh Tangerine. This year, I want to keep taking classes and learning new skills! The thought of being out of my comfort zone to try something new makes me nervous, but I love a good challenge. On the top of my lists are classes for woodworking, welding (or some sort of metal smith), and pottery. In summary, this goal is rooted in the idea of exploring my passions and continuing to grow.

Finish building a minimalist, working closet
Last year, a lot of purging went down. I was able to downsize to about 50% of my closet, but I know there are still refinements that need to be made. It’s also now clear there are some holes that need to be filled. I want to be conscious of the pieces that remain in my wardrobe as it exists today, and even more aware of the pieces that get added moving forward. I’ve been working really hard to avoid falling victim to fast fashion and have seen the upsides to spending a few more dollars on quality pieces.

This year is a short list of goals, but I’m excited to stick with them! Each of them are pretty open ended, but I’m hoping to stay focused this year on maintaining the foundation that was set in 2015.


Cheers to the new year: Recapping 2015 goals

Happy new year!! Hope you all had an amazing time ringing in the new year last night! This post is coming out a bit late thanks to some scheduling mishaps, but better late than never, right? 2016 is off to a good start! *shift eyes*

Today’s post is being spent recapping the goals that were set at the beginning of 2015. At the beginning of the year, I thought I was a little crazy for setting such lofty goals, and even though I didn’t end up crossing off every single one from the list, just the sheer fact of having them made me feel accountable to get some of them checked off.

aritzia sunday's best faux fur vest
outfit details:
black turtleneck dress: H&M (exact)
faux fur vest: Sunday’s Best via Aritzia (similar)
riding boots: Franco Sarto (similar)
glasses: Burberry c/o SmartBuyGlasses (exact)

how to style a faux fur vest

Build and maintain a minimalist wardrobe
I’m going to keep this one 25% unchecked because it’s still a work in progress. There’s been a lot of progress made in terms of understanding how my personal style has evolved and started to mature, but I’m still learning how to pair down on the pieces that I own. After many, many bags of clothing being donated to Goodwill in 2015, my closet is down to less than 50% of what I originally owned at the beginning of the year. I’ll be continuing to work through this in 2016, with a goal of having a working minimalist wardrobe by the end of this year.

Listen to my body
YES! This one was huge for me in 2015. As someone who has trouble sitting still and knowing when to take a break, I forced myself to sleep in on the days that I knew my body needed it and changed up my eating habits to fit the lifestyle that I want to live moving forward. I won’t even feel bad for all of the trips to McDonald’s while training for the Seattle to Portland bike ride either, since the carb loading was really necessary to keep my body fueled while training.

Bike from Seattle to Portland
HUGE YES TO THIS ONE!! I almost convinced myself to not show up for the day of this event because of the weather. I had hit so many bumps in the road (pun intended, hehe) during training that made me doubt my own abilities. As much of a physical challenge this bike ride was, it was even more of a mental challenge to even be able to picture myself being able to ride 200+ miles in two days. It was a grueling two days of being on a bike (recap of day 1 and day 2 of the ride), but I am really proud of myself for seeing this one through.

Perform an open mic night
Umm… so, this one definitely did not happen. There were like 2 band practices for the entirety of 2015, none of which included guitar practice for me. Will this be attempted again in 2016? Not sure. Considering that I can barely even remember the differences in fingering for C and G-chords, maybe not?

Go to hip hop class once
Hahaha, ok definitely failed hard on this one. All of my weekends leading up to the Seattle to Portland bike ride were spent training on the road, which meant that hip hop classes couldn’t happen (classes are only offered on the weekend for the studio I was hoping to attend). Does this mean hip hop classes will happen in 2016 for me? Probably not. As time has gone by, my personal desire to learn how to dance has exponentially declined… I guess I’ll be awkwardly dancing like Taylor Swift forever! Good thing I got those Drake Hotline Bling moves down! ;)

Start a joint project with Kim
Technically, this one is checked off. Kim and I did start a project together in 2015, called Hello Kim and Kat. It’s a joint style blog that showcased how we both styled the same pieces in our own aesthetic. At first, it was really fun, but then as work picked up and we both had to balance our day jobs, blogs, and extra curricular activities, it fell to the wayside. We still love working together, so we’re going to try to find some sort of project to work on together in 2016!

Sketch, prototype, and build a mini collection
Originally, this goal was intended to be for a mini clothing collection. Instead of clothing, I ended up designing jewelry under Rogue T&K, and pursing this avenue of creativity towards the end of 2015. It was such an exciting adventure to conceptualize, build, and launch something tangible! Being able to do a first in-person show just weeks after starting also really kicked things into high gear super fast. I cannot wait to keep going with designing and see where it takes us in 2016!

Recapping 2015 goals and seeing that 5 out of 7 goals were achieved in 2015blows my mind. Even though I went through huge waves of personal doubt throughout the year, I am really glad that I had friends along the way who helped support me and remind me to continue to test my limits and constantly push my personal comfort levels.

It feels weird to write this, but I am truly proud of myself for my personal accomplishments this year! Not sure if 2016 can out-do all of this from 2015, but I’m going to try! Goal setting for this year starts soon…


Goals for 2015


Not going to lie– I’m terrified to post my goals for this year on the blog because now the feeling of accountability is real and I have to stick to my guns on these. To be fair, the whole point of posting these is to stay accountable. When June rolls around and none of these are checked off, I’m going to need you guys to help give me a bit of a nudge, ok? Ok!

I want to start by saying that 2015 is the year to make things count for me. With everything that happened in 2014, I refuse to watch even a single day of the next 365 slip through my fingers. I want to be intentional about every decision made, relationships maintained, and everything in between. Here we go…

Build and maintain a minimalist wardrobe
After watching my style evolve over the past few years, I think it’s safe to say I know who I am when it comes to my closet. In the last year, I’ve gravitated towards to a monochromatic palette in basics and reworking them to make fresh, interesting combinations. It’s been a work in progress, but I hope to get a fully-functional wardrobe of just staples in the next year. No more using trendy, fast fashion stores as a crutch to fill the holes in my closet. Being intentional with purchases and investing in pieces that are going to last longer than a single season is what I’m striving for.

Listen to my body
The days of eating fast food every single night have to stop! I went on a gym kick at the end of 2014 and started eating carb-free, home cooked dinners at least 3 times a week. It was hard to change my regular habits to start doing this, but once I did, I could feel my body changing and feeling less fatigued. In an attempt to be better to my body (I see all of the other bloggers doing the Whole30 challenge, but I can’t say I’m at that level of commitment just yet), going to try to maintain these better eating habits in conjunction with doing some sort of physical activity at least 3 times a week.

Bike from Seattle to Portland
Ever since getting a bike in 2014, the Seattle to Portland bike ride has been on my mind. My friends do this ride annually and complete it in a single day. My stamina and endurance when riding is no where close to theirs right now and I hope to train this year to do the ride with them. Alas, I don’t plan to tackle this trip in a single day like they do, but my goal is to finish in 2 days. *fingers crossed* that the Spring showers hold off for long enough to get some decent training in before the summer hits!

Perform an open mic night
Writing this down makes me laugh because I have such bad stage fright! I have enough trouble with public speaking as is. Singing is a whole different story! Singing outside of the comforts of my living room is something that I can’t even imagine doing right now. But here it is. It’s on the list!

Go to hip hop class once
Another one that’s making me laugh as I type it out. Bff claims that I “dance like Taylor Swift… and not in a good way.” What does this even mean?? I can totally dance the way she does in Shake It Off ;) I’ve attempted several hip hop classes in the past and these usually ended up with me laughing at myself for a good 50% of the class. My lack of coordination really makes dancing challenging! I love watching choreographies on YouTube so much that I want to be able to push myself to one day be able to do them… so here it is. Also on the list!

Start a joint project with Kim
This one is already in the works. You may have noticed an increase of Kim’s presence on this blog in the last few months of 2014. She’s been a big influence on my blogging efforts and we jive off each other’s crazy energy. We’ve talked about potential projects to work together on and we are scheduled to kick one of them off seriously in the new year. More on this one soon…


Sketch, prototype, and build a mini collection
I’m nervous about this one. I have been making clothes on and off for the better part of my life as a fun hobby. Halloween gives the best excuse for making an outfit, but I’ve never sat down to create a single, cohesive collection. Towards the end of 2014, I bought a mannequin from a store liquidation and plan to learn how to drape on it! No matter how big or small this collection is, I’m excited for it. My sketchbook is locked and loaded with scribbles of ideas from the last handful of years and I’m ready to make some of these a reality!

Whew! These goals are pretty big and lofty, but if 2015 is going to count we have to aim high! What are your goals for this year? Want to be goal buddies in checking some of these off together?

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