Halloween costume idea: Minnie Mouse

We are down to the wire for Halloween costumes! Considering that all of the Halloween festivities at work are happening on Friday, I had to come up with an alternate outfit from the zombie princess idea to avoid getting side-eyed on the bus ride to work. This office costume needed to be, well, work appropriate, which lead me back to the Minnie Mouse ears from the recent Disneyland trip. I wanted to showcase the fact that you don’t have to buy a handful of new pieces to create a costume– it can be as simple as using existing, everyday wardrobe pieces!

henkaa halloween costume idea
outfit details:
infinity dress: c/o Henkaa (exact)
booties: c/o Shoes of Prey (similar)
sequin headband: Disneyland (similar)

minnie mouse halloween costume

Without the ears, this is definitely an outfit I’ve already worn into the office already. This Minnie Mouse Halloween costume may not win me any costume awards, but it is definitely on the budget friendly side and gives me an excuse to wear sequin-covered ears to the office! It’ll be nice to be able to stay professional and leave the ears at my desk for meetings and then hang out with the team decked out in sparkly silliness between meetings. Who can say no to an excuse to sporting these sparkly ears outside of Disneyland? Not this girl. ;)

Halloween costume idea: Snow White princess and zombie form

There are 12 days left to sort out a Halloween costume and my original “team” costume got tossed out the window this weekend, so we’re back to the drawing board to figure out a costume for 2. Personal dilemma aside, I’m really excited today to share a fun collaboration that Goodwill did with some local Seattle bloggers earlier this month! I feel really lucky to have been asked to participate as a model to showcase their Halloween costume ideas. Keep reading to the end of this post, as there’s a $50 giveaway to help with building your dream Halloween costume this year!

Local stylist Darcy Camden pulled all of our outfits from Seattle Goodwill stores, and Tiffany Lowry was giving live demos for makeup during the event. Here’s the aftermath of our looks:

Goodwill Halloween Fashion
(Photo credit: Joshua Lewis, Seattle Refined)

Before going into detail for the transformation from princess to zombie, wanted to point out that all of the bloggers that participated in this event went in blindly without knowing what we would be dressed up as. This couldn’t have worked out more perfectly for me because Snow White has always been my favourite Disney Princess (ok, I might be a teeny bit biased because it was hard to find a princess with black hair to dress up as when growing up). As proof, here’s a photo from my recent visit to Disneyland with Ms Snow White in the flesh, teaching me how to “princess pose”!

Meeting Snow White at Disneyland

It was so awesome to see Tiffany work her magic! I was originally done up with dramatic princess makeup– bright pink cheeks, glittery eye shadow, and beautiful false lashes. She did a live demo to the crowd where she brushed white powder on my face and neckline, added black eye shadow to my lids, sides of my temples, and mouth, before splattering fake blood everywhere. She also took a full sheet of temporary scar tattoos and put them right on my chest, which looked so real when combined with the fake blood! I absolutely loved her creativity for showcasing a 2-in-1 costume idea.

Megan of Diary of this girl as Princess Leia and I

Giveaway time!
The lovely team at Goodwill Seattle is partnering today to offer one lucky Seattle-area reader a $50 gift card! I am already envious of whoever wins this giveaway considering how amazing the selection of Halloween (and day-to-day) goods are in the stores right now. Since Seattle stores are all locally owned, the winner of this giveaway will only be able to use the card in the Greater Seattle Area stores (Burien to Bellingham).

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment letting me know what your dream Halloween costume idea is, and don’t forget to add your email address.

Winner will be selected on Wednesday, Oct 21 and will be contacted via email.


Happy (belated) Halloween & weekend happenings

This past week was a busy one! With Halloween on a Thursday night, I wasn’t sure when I would actually celebrate with friends. Turns out that the parties were a weekend early, so there was a lot less time than I thought to put together a costume. Every year I have the same dilemma about what to dress up as, as I want to go all out with the sewing, but don’t have a whole lot of time to put something together.

A few years ago, I found this Bjork swan dress tutorial on Syl and Sam. I told myself, “This year is going to be the year I make this dress!” I struggled a bit with what to do with the skirt portion since I don’t have a serger (yet) and didn’t know where to source the feather boas from. (The Joann Fabrics that I frequent only had coloured boas at the store.)


Then I saw the tulle skirt version that Katie of Skunkboy Creatures made and decided to do a hybrid of the two tutorials for my costume. I made the tulle skirt base with Katie’s tutorial, and finished off the swan head with Syl and Sam’s. After a full night of cutting strips of tulle (Gosh, I don’t want to look at this stuff again for another full year! haha), I ran out in the swan dress and had a blast!

I ended up at the Seattle Art Museum for a SAM Remix, which happens every quarter. The museum is open with interactive activities in a bunch of their exhibits. Thank goodness people got the reference of the Bjork dress, although there were a handful of, “Haaaaaaaayyyyy, swan princess!!” sprinkled between. *facepalm*

My second costume was for work, where the team does a themed costume every year. This year, we were doing a Game of Thrones/LARP theme, which I wasn’t totally down for doing out to the museum in. I mean, I made a pretty cute cloak, but I wasn’t ready to unleash my (non-existent) LARPing skills on the general public!

How was your Halloween? I want to see your costumes — leave a link to your blog if you posted about it!


After a whirlwind week, I’m excited to just stay at home and veg out this weekend. What better way to spend the weekend than to hang out with friends over a great bottle of wine? In all fairness, I already enjoyed this Pinot Grigio last weekend (when these photos were taken), but I’m excited for the bottle of Prosecco that’s chilling in my fridge!

If you’re a wine lover like me, you should check out Tiziano. They’re holding a contest where you could win a wine party for you and your friends! All you have to do is post a photo to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter toasting your favourite glass with a mention to @TizianoWine and hashtag #TizTheMoment to enter. Be sure to toast & post your photos before November 7 to be entered.


Halloween 2011: Blonde for a day

How was your Halloween?! I am absolutely loving all the blog hopping and seeing everyone’s cute outfits this year. My original plan was to go as Princess Peach. I went thrifting a couple weekends ago and found this gem:


I had grand plans to make it a cute knee-length dress with shorter sleeves but it never happened. It’s hard to tell from the angle of the photo but the length of the dress hit a few inches above my ankles which looked ridiculous. I wasn’t about to walk around for a day in a dress hovering over my ankles that was clearly meant to be floor-length.

Since I had already purchased a blonde wig, I needed to think of a backup plan. The wig originally had fringe bangs which I realize made me look like Garth from Wayne’s World when I paired it with my Derek Cardigans. Desperate to find another blonde to dress up as, I took inspiration from Kill Bill. On Saturday night, a bunch of friends and I went out as the Crazy 88 (also from Kill Bill) since we all had the pieces in our closets already– dress pants, dress shoes, blouse, black tie, and a blazer. We had to make ourselves little masks, but that wasn’t too hard!


I quickly stitched up an eye patch from felt and decided to be Elle Driver. The wig was a lot easier to style than I thought it would be. I brushed the fringe a couple times to get side-swept bangs. The original length was close to hip length which was less than easy to maintain (these things get tangled easily!), so I asked a friend to help give my wig a hair cut. I did a quick thrifting trip Sunday morning and found a blouse that looked close enough to nurse scrubs.


TA-DA! My last minute costume!

Things to note:
– You lose depth perception with only one eye. I may or may not have walked into a door that I didn’t open wide enough…
– Wig caps that cover your ears make it extremely hard to wear glasses
– Dogs do not like to hang out with people wearing crazy, straw-like blonde locks
– People thought I was dressed as Nicki Minaj with an eye injury (WHAT?! haha)

Hope you all had a spooktacular night!! :D

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