Rivet & Sway showroom and new collection launch

At the end of July, Rivet & Sway launched their Seattle showroom and hosted a happy hour event to celebrate! I was lucky enough to get invited as a host and got a sneak peek of their new collection that launched earlier this week.

outfit details:
dress & belt: Forever 21
Spitfire glasses: c/o Rivet & Sway (exact)
necklace: c/o Tryst Jewellery (exact)
purse: Melie Bianco

Rivet & Sway Showroom

How cute are these new frames? I’ve been a huge fan of their frames ever since my first introduction to the Spitfires back in the day. As someone who has been wearing glasses for the majority of my life, I can honestly say that I have never felt more beautiful in glasses until recently. I used to think I looked weird with glasses, but now I can’t imagine walking around without them. Not only are glasses the best accessory for completing an outfit, but the Spitfire frames always garner compliments whenever I wear them. These frames are like the perfect pair of jeans that are form fitting in all the right places, no joke!

Rivet & Sway Showroom

The biggest perk of going to the showroom in person is getting a consultation with Ritzy, the personal stylist. She helped me pick out the Spitfire frames back in the day and taught me all about how to compliment face shape and eyebrow arches with glasses. Before I met her, I didn’t realize this “science” behind glasses shopping even existed! In the handful of times I’ve stopped by the R&S office for an event, I’ve seen Ritzy work her magic to pair women with their dream frames.

(photo credit to Kirby for taking the group shot with my friends!)

If you’re in the Seattle area, you should RSVP to the launch party for the new Rivet & Sway collection and also check out the local showroom! The whole team is so incredibly lovely and always throws the best events. I’ll be stopping by to consult Ritzy on my next purchase from their new collection. The Plus One frames are my current fav. ;)


BAMignite: Put a bird on it!

A couple weeks ago, I got to meet the lovely Jess who invited a couple of local bloggers to the Bellevue Art Museum for the annual BAMignite event. BAMignite featured a handful of exhibiting artists from across the globe and showcased Raveena Woods, a local indie band from Seattle.

This year’s theme was Put a Bird on it, a la Portlandia style. There was a really cool craft section set up prior to the opening of the art exhibits for people to come in and design their own bird accessories. Did someone say arts and crafts night? Heck yes, I’m in!!
Right before sitting down to start on my bird statement piece, I was lucky enough to meet Sarah of Sarah Hulbert Style! We ended up chatting each others ears off the whole time while working on our birds. I’m pretty sure no one else at the table really cared about how bedazzled (or not) our pieces should be. :P
I wish I could’ve brought back photos of some of the exhibits themselves, but we weren’t allowed to take pictures. There was one exhibitor in particular that I fell in love with where all the pieces were made from bamboo. I wish I remembered the name of the artist! He was a Japanese exhibitor whose work spanned being decorative wall art, functional table work (like intricately woven baskets), and free form sculptures.
The most exciting part of the evening was getting to see Raveena Woods play! They were absolutely incredible and I wish I had known about them earlier. It’s so great to see and support other local artists, so I hope to catch another one of their shows sometime soon!
outfit details:
dress: H&M (from 2011)
blazer: c/o OASAP
bow belt: Urban Behaviour
bandage leggings: Lipgloss & Black
pumps: Steve Madden
glasses: c/o Rivet & Sway (exact frames)

The mane event

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Spring Soiree in Seattle hosted by Mane Blow Dry Bar and Cascade Ice. The evening consisted of mingling with other local bloggers, enjoying some delicious mixed beverages, and of course getting our hair did. The blow dry bar is a new concept to Seattle (but apparently very popular in LA), where all the stylists specialize in blow-outs and up-dos. Instead of having to pay a ton of money to get your hair styled at a regular hair salon for a special night out/event, the option to go to a blow dry bar is now available.

mane event
mane event

To prep for the event, everyone was asked to come with freshly washed and dried hair. This is basically my nightmare! I have extremely thick hair (especially since it’s been almost 5 months since I’ve had a haircut) and was tempted to straighten it before showing up. My selected style was a half up-do with loose curls. Look at these thick locks we started with:

mane event

You can see a bit of how the transformation took place in the two photos above. Without the use of any additional product, my hair was curled using a flat iron (!!!) in about 15 minutes. From there, the top half was sectioned off and teased for a naturally voluminous “poof”. I couldn’t believe that my hair was held so securely with a special twisting method of pinning the hair back. I don’t even want to know how hard those six bobby pins had to work to hold my thick hair down!

mane event

Kate (on the right) was the sweetheart responsible for my adorable hairdo! She was such a doll throughout the whole process and taught me how to protect my hair when flat ironing it.

All whilst people were coming and going from the styling chairs, Cascade Ice was being served on the other end of the hair bar.

mane event
mane event

I learned that a regular margarita has upwards of 600 calories (thanks to the sugars in the drink mixes) and got to try the Cascade Ice version of a margarita with only 10 calories. As someone who enjoys the occasional mixed beverage, I was shocked by how much sugar is in a regular margarita. Who knew that having one of these beverages was almost the equivalent of a McD’s hamburger?! I didn’t!! The best part of these drinks are the fact that they’re locally made in Washington! Now I can get my hands on as many margaritas, cosmopolitans, or pina coladas as my little heart desires without being on a sugar high for the rest of the day.

There are also non-alcoholic, sparkling flavoured waters made by Cascade Ice (Strawberry Lemonade was my fav!). No one told me this while I was there, but after looking online for more Cascade Ice flavours, I found that the company offers a bunch of fun drink recipes on their website! Summer can’t come fast enough– I want to try all of these!

mane event

Long story short long, I had a really great time at the Spring Soiree. It was great to get out and meet other bloggers from the area and find a fun place to get all fancied-up!
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