McThai: home of the McDonald’s slushie floats!

No country recap would be complete without a post dedicated to McDonald’s, am I right? (aka This is how I make myself feel better about visiting McDonald’s a million times in Thailand because I “forgot” to take a photo of some article of food on the last visit…)

Fun Fact #1: McDonald’s is known as McThai in Thailand!

McThai: Samurai Pork Burger

McThai: Samurai Pork Burger Meal

Fun Fact #2: There are ketchup and “American ketchup” dispensers. The American ketchup was a lot darker and viscous than the regular kind.

McThai: In the burger

Fun Fact #3: The Samurai Pork Burger is probably my all-time favourite burger in Asia. It trumped the Bulgogi Burger from Korea and the Big ‘N Tasty from Hong Kong. It’s smothered in some delicious teriyaki-like sauce that I am drooling just thinking about…

McThai: floats + ice cream

Fun Fact #4: McThai has the best dessert menu! Slushie float, anyone? For just a little over $1 CAD, you can get a Fanta or Coke slushie float.

Fun Fact #5: You see that vanilla soft serve up there? It cost me a whoppin’ $0.33 CAD. I am forever ruined from paying $2.19 for a vanilla cone from Canadian McDonald’s.


McYumminess in Hong Kong

Yes, you read the title correctly! This is your photographic proof of the cool menu items in Hong Kong! Unlike the McD’s in Korea, McD’s put a twist on the traditional noodle/pasta-based breakfasts in Hong Kong. The first morning there, I tried the Spicy Grilled Chicken in Twisty Pasta combo, which came with a hashbrown and coffee. I could barely finish the pasta so I pawned off my hashbrown to someone else. Too much food for the first meal of the day!

McD's twisty pasta breakfast

McD's twisty pasta breakfast

The photo above makes me laugh every time I see it. My friend has a “Ew wtf is this?” look written all over his face! haha He was not impressed with pasta for breakfast. He was going on and on about how his double sausage and egg McMuffin was infinitely better than my breakfast (which I would like to deny because it just looked like grease overload between an English muffin. bleh!).

McD's Big N' Tasty

Burger time

On the burger menu, they had a Big N’ Tasty which looked amazing in the menu photos. To be honest, it wasn’t all that big or tasty. It tasted like a Big Xtra to me with two slices of tomatoes instead of one. Looking back, I should’ve tried the McWings instead of this burger. Oh well! Next time, I guess?

The last new menu item we tried was the Chicken Supreme. Of all the new burgers, I think this one was he most impressive. Look at all those toppings! I was also thoroughly impressed that the burger came wrapped in wax paper inside the box. Again, this guaranteed that the lettuce would stay between the bun and not become a salad on the side (like the Big Macs in Canada… I swear I’m not that bitter about this lol).

McD's chicken supreme

McD's chicken supreme

One thing I wish that McD’s in Hong Kong still had is the Red Bean Pie. I love red bean desserts and the thought of this pie sounds incredible! Sadly, they discontinued this pie and replaced it with the Taro Pie. I’m not a huge fan of taro flavoured desserts so I decided to pass on this one.

Looking at these photos makes me hungry all over again!


McDonald’s: Korean Style!

Hi. My name is Katrina and I am a McDonald’s addict. I got off the plane in Seoul and sprinted to the McDonald’s in the airport as soon as I picked up my baggage from the carousel. Yes, my first meal in Korea was actually a Bulgogi Burger. There. Are you happy I came clean about my McDonald’s obsession? haha (You better believe that I went to McDonald’s in every country and sampled as many new menu items as I could!)

Korean McD's: Shanghai Spice Chicken & Bulgogi burger

Korean McD's: Bulgogi burger

So, the Bulgogi Burger. Where do I start with this one? If you’ve ever had bulgogi, you’ll know that the marinade for this meat is absolutely, mouth-watering deliciousness. Imagine this level of yumminess slathered all over a burger patty and you get the Bulgogi Burger! My only complaint is that my first burger had way too much mayo on it (there was less mayo in it the second time around) and I ended up scraping a bunch of it off with a napkin, but it was still really good! Just looking at this burger makes me wish I could have another one. Right now.

Korean McD's: Shanghai Spice Chicken

My friend – and resident McD’s partner in crime – tried the Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger. She said it wasn’t all that spicy (but then again, this is the girl who puts Sriracha sauce on everything, so I never trust her when she says something isn’t spicy) and tasted a lot like a regular McChicken Burger. I’ll never know. I wasn’t gusty enough to try it myself.

Last of the bunch is a Big Mac. I know, I know. Nothing insanely special when it comes to a Big Mac for Canadian vs Korean McDonald’s, right? That’s what I thought… until I saw the packaging.

Korean McD's: Big Mac

Korean McD's: Big Mac

My first reaction was, “WHERE IS THE BOX? AND WHERE DO I PUT MY FRIES?!” As the burger was unwrapped, I realized how genius the entire concept of the burger ring holder is! Instead of getting a Big Mac with a salad on the side (which is usually what happens in North America when I get a Big Mac. The lettuce is everywhere in the box except for in the burger), the burger is neatly packed up. I don’t even know how long I stared at this packaging for and marveled in its smart design.

Kudos McDonald’s.

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