Ahoy, Sailor!

I’m really sad that skirt season is almost over. East coast fall weather is just too chilly, even with leggings, to rock skirts in. Over the summer, I fell in love with high waisted skirts. I love high waisted skirts for two reasons:
1. they keep all the extra tummy tucked in nicely (yay I can keep eating ice cream!)
2. they make child-bearing hips look smaller and thus showcase a more flattering figure

I tried to squeeze in one last skirt before it gets too chilly out. Sadly, I didn’t actually make it out of my apartment in this outfit because the weather network was calling for rain and I am not down with running outside in a skirt. I thought I would share the ensemble anyway.

putting on the boots

(ok, so my roommate was rushing me to get my shoes on but I couldn’t find a pair of socks before she took the photo. Since I knew I wasn’t leaving the house like this, I quickly put my shoes on for the sake of taking photos. Trust in the fact that I didn’t leave the apartment without socks. ;))

I own three high waisted skirts and two of them are nautical-styled. This one is especially my favorite because of the buttons on the front as well as the fact that it’s made from a jersey knit. Nothing says comfort like jersey knit! The skirt also has pockets which are really handy.

new favourite booties

My newest obsession? Booties. These are my one and only pair and I love them to pieces. I usually don’t fair well in any footwear with a heel (my clumsy nature makes it incredibly hard to walk on any flat surface with a heel more than 0 inches. haha) but these boots are surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in. The only downside to wearing these is the fact that I now tower over a lot of people. I used to think that being tall was liberating but sometimes being too tall is a bad thing.

skirts with pockets are the best

Outfit Details:
pocketed v-neck: borrowed from my roommate’s closet
high waisted skirt: Forever 21 (on sale for $8!)
black tights: Target
booties: Urban Planet
necklace: made by yours truly


Girly Dress Shirts

If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s nicely fitted dress shirts. I blame it on the fact that I was once forced to wear ill-fitted dress shirts as part of a uniform back in the day. As much as I resented dress shirts years ago, I’ve recently given them a second chance. Now, my wardrobe is filled with at least seven dress shirts that have very feminine details and flattering cuts. Mind you, a handful of them look almost identical aside from their colors or fabrics. Oh, the other six are also boring (i.e. solid colors and not too fun to wear with anything other than jeans or dress pants).

Of the seven, this one’s my absolute favorite! I purchased it as soon as I laid eyes on it in the Postlapsaria shop. Not only does it have an incredible cut (oh-so-flattering in every way), but it also has the girliest features. Have you seen these princess sleeves and the ruffle details on the built-in belt?

reconstructed mens shirt

ruffle details

not sure what's going on here

bunny rabbit necklace Outfit Details: Reconstructed dress shirt (Postlapsaria), shorts (H&M), leggings (Target), Sandals (BC Shoes), Bunny Rabbit Necklace (Etsy), braided hairband (American Apparel)

I can’t exactly remember what was going through my mind at the time this photo was taken, but looking back, it looks like I’m trying to relive some 90s dance moves. Does “Raise the roof!” ring a bell? hah! I would’ve liked to have kept this outtake to myself, but I’m almost positive my roommate would have given me flack for not sharing the photo. So here it is: one of the most embarrassing (or is it entertaining?) pictures you’ll ever see of me reenacting dance moves that we all wish we never knew.

check out my sweet moves!


“Legit Professional”

I bought this skirt at the beginning of the summer when I first moved to Seattle. It was actually my first thrifting treasure from U-District! Despite the fact I’m not a huge fan of the color red, I couldn’t say no to the sailor-styled cut with buttons and the built-in asymmetrical belt. Did I mention this skirt has pockets? Talk about being practical AND cute!

To be entirely honest, I’m not a huge fan of skirts in general. I am super self conscious about showing any leg (which is why I always wear leggings under dresses) but the weather was nice and I figured “what the heck!”. Not to mention, the dress code at my workplace is extremely casual; I usually go to work in jeans and a t-shirt. One of my coworkers (who I don’t regularly run into) saw my outfit and said I looked “legit professional” in a skirt. Someone else also told me I was over dressed and making everyone else look sloppy (jokingly, of course). hahaha! I think I have too much fun playing dress-up sometimes.

Skirt with pockets

skirty goodness

Scarlet Red

favorite outtake Outfit Details: high waisted skirt (Vintage thrifted), v-neck (Forever 21), oxford heels (Payless), geometric heart necklace (Etsy), braided headband (American Apparel)


Wardrobe Malfunctions

My roommate has been bugging me about this set of photos for a past few weeks. We keep poking fun at ourselves for how ill-prepared we were for San Francisco weather (yes, these are a little old).

We spent July 4 on the piers, camped out waiting for the fireworks to start. Sadly, since we spent the entire day in the city, we only dressed for the day and not the evening. We brought along a few extra sweaters and a sleeping bag (which was meant for sitting on during the fireworks) hoping that we would be able to stay warm enough to comfortably enjoy the fireworks show.

We were SO COLD walking from the piers to the car. Being in shorts and a tank top, I had to put on two extra layers of sweaters to keep warm. Denim shorts didn’t help either. I ended up stealing the sleeping bag from the others to use as a makeshift maxi skirt (I think I deserve some brownie points for being in red, white & blue!).

sleeping bag maxi dress

I think my roommate’s creativity trumped mine. She used a hoodie as a skirt! I was laughing so hard from how ridiculous we were both dressed. It didn’t help that I tripped over the sleeping bag at almost every intersection, tattering the seams in multiple places and she kept dragging the sleeves on the ground. Oops!

hoodie skirt

Feel free to poke fun of us some more! Looking back at these photos makes me realize how much I prefer comfort and warmth to being fashionable. It’s all about the practicality!


Easing into the World of Skinny Jeans

I’ve been a huge fan of boot cut jeans for the past, I’d say, 6 years. I never really got into the flared jeans and when skinny jeans because trendy, I still stayed true to my boot cuts. I finally decided to take the plunge and try some skinny jeans and jeggings. (Yes, I tried those awful legging-tight jeans that are supposed to be flattering but ended up making me feel like my knees were suffocating.)

black & white

After trying on what felt like a mountain full of jeans (I think it was something in the range of 12-14 pairs), I decided on this one black pair of Citizen of Humanity jeans. I figured my closet could use its first pair of black denim.

One thing to note is that CoH makes perfect length jeans for a gal like me! I’m taller than the average girl and I always have a hard time finding jeans that don’t hover over my ankles. Thankfully, CoH makes jeans with a 34″ inseam!

very monochromatic!

side view!

After putting my outfit together (minus the shoes), I realized that I was rocking a very monochromatic palette (what else is new?). To spice things up a bit, I took my floral Geox flats for a spin. I haven’t worn these shoes for the past month and figured my outfit could use a bit more color than just black and white.

floral flats

very comfy floral flats!

Also, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you probably noticed a ridiculous amount of tweets about a manicure. For me, I’m not one who usually goes out of my way to get a manicure so it was a really special occasion for me to get my nails done. I got a square-tipped French manicure on Tuesday and I seem to have already chipped a nail (I decided to play some beach volleyball tonight). Look at how pretty the nails look! I’m going to be sad when I end up chipping more than just one nail (which I think will happen within the next two days haha. I’m so bad with nail polish).

french manicure

Outfit Details:Flutter sleeve tank top (Old Navy), Vest (Urban Planet), Belt (Target), Black Skinny Jeans (Citizens of Humanity), Floral flats (Geox), sunglasses (Simply Vera via Kohl’s)

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