Getting Personal

When I first started this blog, I intended it to be a place for me to share my photos, random musings, cooking experiments, and the occasional outfit post. Turns out, I can’t exactly stick to this plan and may end up making this a little more of a personal blog about my day-to-day life.

If there’s something you must know about me, it’s probably the fact that I wear my emotions on my sleeve– It’s definitely my biggest flaw. Sometimes I wish I was a little more self-sufficient in terms of being able to handle my emotions by myself but sometimes I let them get the best of me and right now I feel like I’m just going through a little more than I can handle…

Long story short, I feel like I’ve been having a lot of trouble trying to adjust moving from one coast to the next. As much as I love to explore new cities and living in new places, I feel really torn about having to think about my future and where I think I will end up settling. Oh life, why do you have to be so difficult? Stop throwing me curve balls so I can actually start looking forward to something!!

frolicking in the sun

Outfit details: Lace halter dress (Asian online store), half leggings (Old Navy), half sleeve cardigan (Urban Planet), knotted flats (Target), ‘diamond’ necklace (Etsy)

close up of the lace

I promised myself even before I moved out to Seattle that I would try my best to make the most of my time here. I didn’t want to be caught up in all of life’s What Ifs and I promised myself that I would focus on me and do some soul searching. So here I am, giving this soul searching thing an honest effort and trying to figure out how to be content in unfamiliar surroundings and situations.


Hello Kitty is my Hero!

Over the weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to meet my longtime hero. I know, I realize I’m not a five year old (anymore), but I’m still a little kid at heart. I’ve always loved Hello Kitty (My friends actually nicknamed me Hello Kitty because of the fact that I have these crazy 8-bit Hello Kitty PJ pants and forced my roommates to use a Hello Kitty toaster in our apartment) and I don’t think I’ll ever stop my obsession with this cute kitty.

Hello Kitty Outfit Details: Trench coat (Dynamite), jeans (Guess), Sandals (Birkenstock)

Sadly, I always imagined her to be taller. hahaha!!

Aside from meeting a life-sized Hello Kitty in the Sanrio store, my weekend was pretty low key. Sorted photos and started to clean out my closet. It seems like I only ever blog outfits when I’m wearing the same shoes or jacket or jeans. Sigh. I promise my summer wardrobe is a little more exciting than I make it out to be.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Taphouse and Targets

When I first started blogging, I didn’t intend on every other entry to be about food. It seems like I check out a new restaurant almost twice a week, which doesn’t seem like much, but it’s definitely starting to take a toll on my wallet… and my waistline. haha!

sweet selection on tap

On our latest trip, my friends and I checked out a popular Taphouse on the east side. Look at that selection of beers on tap! Sadly, I couldn’t enjoy a cold beverage from the tap with my lunch because of the activity planned for later in the afternoon. Drinks aside, the food was delicious!

I decided on garlic chicken penne smothered in cheese, paired with a tortilla soup. I can’t say that this was the best penne I’ve ever had (the cheese was a little too strong for my liking), but the tortilla soup was soooo good. It was a clear broth with¬†avocado, sour cream, and a handful of tortilla chips. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything quite like it.

chicken penneEveryone else’s food looked really good, too!


lamb with mashed potatoes & vegetables


So the reason I couldn’t enjoy a drink with my lunch is because we ended up at a shooting range. ¬†I can’t say I was super excited to shoot pistols, but because we don’t have anything like this in Canada, I was intrigued.


We started off with a 22mm pistol and shot a few rounds. After we got bored of that, we moved on to a 9mm baretta. I had no idea that the recoil from one size to the next could be so drastic! I knew that it would feel different, but not that different. Still a fun experience, nonetheless.

I’m not sure if you can tell in the photos, but I’m wearing a dress. Yes, I wore a dress to a shooting range. Sigh. haha It was almost as ridiculous as the time I wore flats, a dress shirt and jogging pants to a mini-hike. I need to plan my outfits a little better… : P


Crazy about Lace

This past weekend was filled with sunny skies (a rare sight for us west coasters). You have no idea how excited I was for the sun to be out because warm weather = DRESS WEATHER! Recently, I’ve been on a bit of a floral kick. Every shirt or dress I gravitate towards either has floral print on it or is made of floral lace. What is up with that?

lace dress

Outfit Details: floral lace dress (Asian store), black 1/2 leggings (Old Navy), Belt (Target), Sandals (Birkenstock)

blank canvas

lounging in a dress

I ended up spending the most of my day running errands and got the chance to unwind at a ‘girls afternoon/night in’ event. A bunch of us met up for some wine & cheese and pedicures. Nothing like enjoying a relaxing night with a bunch of girls and delicious drinks. Did I mention we also played a lot of Rock Band?

painted feet!

(If you’re curious, I got my nails painted in this obnoxious coral pink color. I usually don’t paint my toes but I couldn’t pass up a free pedicure. I figured I needed to get in the spirit of summer shoes and went for the boldest color available!)

p.s. I wasn’t lying when I said that i like monochromatic outfits!


Fifi Lapin vs Stuffed Tomatoes

I hope all my fellow Americans had an enjoyable long weekend! My weekend started off with my first kitchen experiment since moving to Seattle. I was tasked with making breakfast for 3 on Saturday morning, so I experimented with making stuffed tomatoes on Friday night to make sure I wouldn’t be feeding “grossness” to our weekend guest. (haha yes, my roommate plays guinea pig when I get into my experimental moods in the kitchen.)

It all started off with a trip to Trader Joe’s for a batch of organic grape tomatoes. I was initially going to go with cherry tomatoes, but I found the grape tomatoes to be smaller and cuter in size so went with those instead.

Grape Tomatoes

Then, the daunting task of slicing and gutting the tomatoes commenced! I sliced each tomato in half and carefully took a teaspoon (for lack of better tools in the kitchen) and scooped the seeds out:



This was the fun part! I just went with my gut instinct on this one and decided to throw a mix of Italian spices into the tomatoes, followed by some pepper and salt. The tomatoes were topped off with a generous helping of marbled cheese and then popped into the oven for 10 minutes. Mind you, it took about half an hour to prep the tomatoes…

Ready for the oven

close up

(outfit details: Fifi Lapin for Forever 21 sweater, Hollister tank top & jeans)

prepping tomatoes

In the end, it was totally worth the work! The tomatoes turned out extremely well and they made an appearance in Saturday morning’s breakfast. Woo!


Because I can’t help myself, here’s another photo of my Fifi Lapin sweater.
Fifi Lapin for Forever 21

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