Panicking with Pandas!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Labor Day weekend! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to enjoy a long weekend although today barely feels like a day off.

First off, my laptop adapter decided to melt itself and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the tech center is open tomorrow so I can pick a new one up. I would’ve purchased one online except that I need my laptop working within the next couple of days and shipping is estimated to take at least two weeks. I’ve had so many tech-related malfunctions over the course of the last two months that this adapter issue barely phases me. I’ve just come to accept the fact that shit happens and running around panicking doesn’t make the situation better.

Since my laptop’s out of commission and I’ve been spending less time online, I’ve taken up more craft projects. I found these adorable handmade lamp work beads a few months ago and never quite figured out what to do with them. I rummaged through a box full of craft supplies purchased over the span of a few years and found the perfect keychain clips for the little pandas! Needless to say, I’ve spent the majority of my day working on some new pieces and trying to sort all my supplies.

panda keychain

What do you think of this little guy?


Panda Love

One unexplained thing in life that I have a soft spot for is pandas. I don’t know why. Their lazy nature, adorably chubby faces and bamboo diets… something about them just makes me want to hug everything that comes in panda form.

Recently, I made a purchase from Fred Flare and requested a doodlebug. Mo, one of the their shipping staff, handles all the doodlebugs and blogged about my request. I thought it was hilarious how accurately I was depicted in this doodle! Having never met anyone at FF in person, I was quite impressed! Fringe bangs, semi-poor posture, dancing-panda-demanding face… I love it all! Not to mention, the panda is freaking adorable with his top hat and cane.

dancing panda

Speaking of adorable panda-related things, on my recent trip to Vancouver, I stopped by Daiso (a store completely dedicated to selling imported Japanese goodies) and saw these sponges:

panda sponges

No joke, I must’ve thrown all of the panda-faced loofahs into my basket and then 20 seconds later, after realizing that I was being ridiculous, put them all back on the shelf. Now that it’s been a few days since I left that army of panda loofahs at Daiso, I’m regretting not bringing at least one of them home with me.

ok. this was an impromptu post. I had a bunch of photos ready to post but got sidetracked when I saw Mo’s doodlebug. Brace yourself for the largest serving of curly fries you’ve ever seen!!

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