Picture perfect mugs

After a short weekend getaway to San Francisco for the Labor Day weekend (has it already been 2 weeks since?), I have a big backlog of photos to go through. Aside from visiting friends and doing our usual food tour of favourite places in the Mission, we also stopped by the Boba Guys new shop location in Union Square (more on that later).

Before posting about the open house for their new shop, I couldn’t help but share some photos of these camping mugs that were newly released in their Mission store. There were only 100 produced and by the time I got there (2 weeks after their announcement), there were only 3 left!

boba guys enamel mugs
boba guys enamel mugs (bottom)
boba guys enamel mugs
boba guys enamel mugs

So glad I could call this pair my own. They’re handmade and topped with enamel for a one-of-a-kind treat! I’m obsessed with the clean design, both of the mug and the packaging. There’s nothing that makes me happier than clean, thoughtful design.

Happy Friday!


Instagram adventures

1 // Discovering PANDA POCKY. OMG. Panda. Pocky. ’nuff said.
2 // Weekend trip to Pike Place Market with my trusty Nomi Network reusable bag
3 // Studded/spiked heels! A little obsessed ever since I swapped for a pair with Ashley
4 // Basil plant growing out of control on the window sill. Excited for all the margherita pizzas this summer!
5 // This cat. I can’t even tell you how much I love her after only spending 3 hours in her presence. She’s my friend’s neighbourhood cat who likes to meow at his door and make a napping spot on his couch. At the end of the night, she usually goes home. I guess I was sitting in her spot on the couch when I saw her, but she came and sat right on my lap and we cuddled all night. Basically she’s my dream cat. ♥ _ ♥
6 // Prescription sunglasses! No more walking around the city squinting, trying to read signs.

This week I hit my two month anniversary on Instagram (come follow along @kaatriiina)! After being super late to jump on this bandwagon, I see what I’ve been missing out on…


Studio Choo visits Seattle

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend celebrating with Mom! The day before Mother’s Day, I had the pleasure of hanging out in the Seattle West Elm store for a workshop from The Flower Recipe Book by Studio Choo. Jill and Alethea, the lovely ladies of Studio Choo, drove up to Seattle all the way from San Francisco just for this 2 hour workshop!

Studio Choo at West Elm Seattle
Studio Choo at West Elm Seattle

There were so many amazing women taking part in this event! As someone who is on the opposite end of the green thumb spectrum (uh, I may have accidentally killed a cactus last year from over-watering… I thought it needed more love!), I will admit that I was quite intimidated by everyone around me. These women knew their stuff and were ooooh-ing and ahhhh-ing over the delicious selection of fresh cut stems picked out for our workshop (I could only identify the peonies! “Pretty flower” is how I addressed everything else… oops).

Studio Choo at West Elm Seattle
Studio Choo at West Elm Seattle
Studio Choo at West Elm Seattle

Alethea and Jill started the workshop off with a demo, teaching us how to create a structurally sound base with thicker, stronger stemmed pieces before adding the focal point flowers. It was so interesting to learn about all-natural-non-processed-plant-food methods of extending the livelihood of an arrangement. We also learned how to cut and prep the stems of different types of flowers being added to our arrangements to help encourage nutrient intake. These ladies have flower cutting down to a science!

Studio Choo at West Elm Seattle

After the demo was over, we were left to explore all the beautiful flowers at our work station to build our our arrangements. Having never worked with flowers before, it was beautiful and scary and exciting all at the same time! You can see my partially finished “base” above, but I was having a bit of trouble filling up gaps and “bald spots”. Thankfully, Jill and Alethea were anxious to hear each of our grand visions for our masterpieces and offered up great advice for how to fix any problems we were having.

Studio Choo at West Elm SeattleStudio Choo at West Elm Seattle

After an hour of fiddling around with different flowers and colour palettes… TAAAA DAAAA! Even though my arrangement was not as purposefully asymmetric as I was planning for it to be, I’m really happy with how it turned out. Jill and Alethea were so great with answering all my (amateur) questions and helping to fix a huge bald spot that was smack dab in the middle of my arrangement.

Studio Choo at West Elm Seattle

I really wish I lived closer to my Mom. This would’ve been a perfect gift for Mother’s Day! But no complaints here, as the flowers are sitting beautifully on my kitchen table. ;)

I am really excited to dive deeper into The Flower Recipe Book! I am so fascinated by the thought of caring for multiple types of flowers all hanging out in one vase and trying to keep them looking fresh and alive for as long as possible.


Weekend full of food and Snuggies

Just a few snapshots of what went on this weekend. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately and absolutely love having lunches and dinners planned out before the start of the week. It’s only been 2 weeks in to the new year, but I can already see a huge difference in my spending by eating in almost every day. Savings = awesome!


1 // finally used the new servings trays I bought last October! made some chicken with red peppers and some brussel sprouts
2 // helping to test a phone app. laughing at the ridiculousness of some testing text strings
3 // Secret Santa package arrived! can’t wait to rock this Hello Kitty Snuggie on weekends starting now!
4 // grab bag from Emerging Thoughts arrived! loving the pom-pom packaging
5 // truer words have never been written on the lid of Honest Tea. I wish I had something witty to submit!
6 // tried out Evolution FRESH, the new healthy, organic restaurant owned by Starbucks. the salad was delicious up until I realized there were pine nuts in there. I had a really great time rushing to get Benadryl shortly after…

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