That one time I spent $100 on bubble tea…

This is a bit of an embarrassing story that I hope I don’t get judged too hard for. I am a big, big, BIG fan of bubble tea. I crave this stuff all the time to the point that my friends sometimes joke that if I ever become pregnant, I’ll need an IV of bubble tea to get me through the cravings. hahaha

Ever since my friends took me to the Boba Guys popup shop last year, I couldn’t stop thinking about the bubble tea. No joke! There are places in Seattle that come close to the tea from Boba Guys, but the experience was definitely lacking. The amount of passion and friendliness that I experienced chatting with one of the co-founders, Andrew, while visiting the popup for the first time was awesome and completely unexpected!


When planning this road trip, the first stop on my list was to visit the new Boba Guys storefront. They just opened their own shop a couple weeks ago and they’re only open on weekends. Since I was flying in on a Sunday, I knew I had to make it in to SF before 4pm to get my Boba Guys fix. My road tripping buddy, Ines, and I were flying in separately (Me from Seattle, she from Toronto) and our flights were originally due to land at 1:30pm. Thanks to my pilot not showing up (seriously, this happened. He was hanging out in downtown Seattle while all the passengers were just sitting on the plane waiting), my flight was delayed by an hour. Due to mechanical issues, Ines’ flight was also delayed and was rescheduled to arrive at 3:30pm. Since I had to go to Boba Guys, I knew that the store would’ve closed if I waited for Ines’ flight to come in, so I jumped in a cab as soon as I landed and trekked over to the shop for my fix.


Aside from their regular menu, they also have the concept of a Slow Bar. For just $1 more than their regular menu, they will brew a special blend of tea on the spot and create a bubble tea just for you! I picked up a regular milk tea for Ines and tried the Golden Honey Black Tea from the Slow Bar. Worth the extra 10 minute wait, for sure! The tea was the perfect amount of sweet and the tapioca was cooked perfectly (uncooked/overcooked tapioca is usually my biggest gripe when it comes to bubble tea).


New additions to their storefront also include snacks! They make some pretty awesome flavoured cupcakes and macrons, which they didn’t used to sell in their popup shop last year. Everything just looked so delicious I wanted to try it all! Except I know from experience that my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach, so I refrained from buying more than I could carry.


I really wish I had more time to hang out at the shop since Andrew was working again this day and it would’ve been awesome to chat about the new changes to the business. Alas, the line of customers was out the door and everyone looked super busy. Plus, I had to rush back to the airport to meet Ines and pick up our rental car for our road trip (reservation was under her name, so I couldn’t pick it up when I originally landed).

So two cab rides later (and $100 in cab fees… it was worth it for the bubble tea!!), I met Ines with a bubble tea in hand! This was the start of our adventure in California!

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