Scream for ice cream!

counting down the hours until getting to hangout with my family and I could not be more excited!! It’s been a crazy year and my usual jaunt to Toronto during the summer didnt happen this year, so I’ve been waiting patiently to see everyone over the winter holiday. Yay!!

One place that is a must-visit whenever guests are in town is Molly Moon Ice Cream. I always take visitors to the Cap Hill location (E Pine St and 11th Ave) because of the fact that it’s right across the street from Cal Anderson Park (perfect for watching bike polo), and central to all the cool shops in the Cap Hill neighbourhood.

molly moon sweater pullover

Outfit details:
Puffer vest: J.Crew factory
Ice cream sweater: c/o Molly Moon (exact)
Dress pant yoga pants: Betabrand (exact)
Cutout booties: Seychelles (exact)


I am so excited to be partnered with Molly Moon this holiday season! I posted a simple, 3-ingredient, recipe for ice cream sandwiches on Instagram last week, featuring my favourite Molly Moon flavours. All of their ice creams are made in house, using organic ingredients.

Their seasonal flavour selections always blow my mind from creativity. For example, the chocolate peppermint swirl this holiday season is made from Washington-grown organic peppermint, and features Theo chocolate (another local sweet treat fav of mine), and is absolutely delicious!!

molly moon ice cream sweater outfit

They also introduced a line of clothing over the summer, which I am so smitten by. This ice cream pullover in the perfect font had me staring with heart eyes every time I was in one of their shops. So excited to finally have it united with the rest of my monochrome closet!


Winter skincare update

As someone with pretty sensitive skin, I’ve started to take notice of how the weather patterns have started to take a toll on my skincare routine (or sometimes lack thereof). It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I started to really care about what I put on my skin and wanted to find a new skincare routine filled with (closer to) all natural products, without also having a 30 step process.

Pharmaca natural beauty
I had passed by the Pharmaca store in Queen Anne (1900 Queen Anne N, Seattle) a handful of times in the past but never thought to stop in. Thanks to a lovely offer of a complimentary service to introduce the beauty bar and spa services offered in stores, I finally stopped in. They offer lash applications, full makeovers (with consultation), and facial waxing (eyebrows, lip, chin, forehead, etc).

Pharmaca beauty bar
I opted for an eyebrow wax with one of the senior theoreticians in the store, Tiffany. She was extremely friendly and walked me through all of the products that were being used in the service. Within less than 10 minutes, I had beautifully cleaned-up eyebrows and a really positive experience!

One of the best parts of this service was being able to see shelves upon shelves of products that I didn’t recognize and asking questions about them while in the waxing chair. The wall directly to the right of this station was filled with natural oils, which have been gaining popularity with mainstream product lines, and I wanted to know more. I was running low on Clarins double serum and wanted to find a replacement. I’ve shied away from oils in the past because I assumed that adding more oil to skin that already produces a lot of unwanted shininess seemed counter-intuitive. Not knowing that serums contained oil (I feel dumb for this because, duh, made sense after looking more closely at the product’s consistency), Tiffany mentioned that applying oils actually helps your skin think that it already has enough oil production, which prevents excess oils from being created by the body. Intrigued by the science behind it all, I wanted to try for a completely natural, oil-only replacement.

Pharmaca Seattle Queen Anne store
Pharmaca natural eye makeup

I was recommended rosehip seed oil, as it’s a light introductory oil that would easily be swapped with my existing serum. It can be used twice a day, which integrates with my existing beauty routine (once in the morning, once at night) and wouldn’t require me to change my habits. I ended up purchasing this apricot and rosehip oil serum. I’ve been using it for a month now and haven’t notice my face being any more greasy than it used to be.

The bonus is that the oil is so lightweight that it doesn’t feel like I have a sheet of grease on my face as I walk out to work. I’ve also been trying to wear makeup less, giving my skin some time to breathe, only applying the oil to my face in the mornings after a quite face wash and nothing else on top of that. So far so good! No breakouts and my skin feels hydrated, which is all I could ask for for the winter.

I’m going to be trying a couple other oils in the upcoming weeks and will be reporting back. Excited to see how else I can update my skincare routine to better prep for the winter.


The Palladian Hotel

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of stopping by the grand opening of The Palladian Hotel in Belltown. The space is so beautifully curated and each aspect of the hotel has a completely different personality from the next. All of the guests were encouraged to check out their Pennyroyal bar while enjoying delicious snacks from Shaker + Spear.

The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015
The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015
The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015

My absolute favourite part of the entire event was the “treasure hunt” type activity. Once you entered The Palladian, you were handed a library “borrower’s card” to collect stamps from each of the different areas in the hotel. It was almost like playing a real life version of Clue without the murder mystery part. You had to find the Palladian event host in each of the rooms to receive your stamp of proof for checking into each space. Super fun and a great way to meet other guests!

The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015
The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015

If you’re wondering where I wore the Wren jumpsuit to from this post, here it is! I’ve actually worn this jumpsuit 4 times already in the month that I’ve owned it. Best Spring purchase of 2015!

The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015
The Palladian // Andria Lindquist 2015

Each of the rooms were so beautifully decorated with a historical style, accessorized in modern accents. Yes, that is totally a set of Mr.T and Bill Murray throw pillows up above. If you’re ever looking for a place to stay in Seattle, whether for vacation or a staycation, I would highly recommend checking out The Palladian!

P.S. Big thank you to Andria Lindquist for the beautiful photos in this post. The full gallery from the evening’s events can be found here.


ClassPass in Seattle

ClassPass Launches in Seattle

Fall in Seattle does one of two things to me:
1. Gets me super excited about pumpkin pies
2. Bums me out about outdoor sports because the constant rain = no biking, hiking, or kayaking

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe when it comes to signing up for gym memberships. I get bored of a single sport or activity after 1-2 months and try to keep my workouts variable. In the past, I’ve binged on barre or yoga or Flywheel or boxing circuit training classes for a couple months at a time, got bored, and then moved on to the next one as soon as things started to feel too much like a monotonous routine.

ClassPass reached out at the beginning of November, as they launched in Seattle! If you haven’t heard about ClassPass yet, they are an alternative to traditional gym memberships. Instead of having to commit to a single gym/studio, ClassPass works with a handful of studios/gyms in each of the cities that they’re available in and gives you unlimited classes every month, with a restriction of 3 classes per studio. As someone who’s in the downtown core of Seattle, there are a number of studios in the surrounding area, which would easily give me the opportunity to try 10+ classes each month.

With ClassPass being only $99/month, this works out insanely well budget-wise. If I hit my goal of 10 classes this month, it’ll be $10/class, which is 50% less (if not more) than what I used to pay per class in the past. I’m super stoked that Flywheel and a handful of yoga studios that I used to frequent are all partnered with ClassPass because I no longer have to pay $15-25/class and am saving a ton each month if I hit my goal.

I’m about 3 weeks into this month’s pass and have taken 4 classes so far. My work schedule has been a bit insane, but with the number of studios and classes available, I’ve been able to reserve spots, or change existing reservations, really easily to accommodate my schedule.

If you’re in the Seattle area and are looking for a gym membership alternative, I would highly recommend ClassPass. Their service is phenomenal and it’s surprisingly seamless given how many memberships you’d traditionally have to hold on to if you signed up to each of the gyms separately.

My complimentary pass is due to expire in December, but if anyone wants to join me for a couple classes before then let me know! I’m totally up for new work out buddies to help stay motivated. I’ll be renewing my ClassPass in the new year, as well. If you want to check it out with my referral code, I would be forever grateful!

While I’m dreading my ClassPass ending in the first week of December, I’m excited to tell you about all the classes I tried and the motivation behind them. I’m big on stats and looking at data from some of the classes, so apologies in advance if things get a little geeky starting in mid-December. ;)

Disclosure: I received a complimentary 1 month membership to ClassPass to try. All opinions in this review are 100% my own.


Go Seahawks!

Truth be told, I had never seen a full football game from start to finish until the Superbowl game at the beginning of this year. Bandwagon jumper, much? Yeah. Totally. It’s hard to stay away from the Seahawks craziness when you live in a city with so much team spirit! I mean, can we talk about this insanity? No doubt I’ll be reppin’ the 12th man at work in this sweater for next week’s game.

outfit details:
Seahawks sweater: c/o 47 Brand (exact)
lined parka in khaki: c/o Aeropostale (exact)
Hinge “OfCourse” ankle bootie: Nordstrom (exact)
skinny jeans: Citizens of Humanity
glasses: SEE Eyewear

Seahawks women's sweater
Hinge "OfCourse" bootie

I had a really tough time last season buying Seahawks gear because the only options seemed to be ill-fitting jersey made for men, or sequin-studded v-necks (why did this seem like the only option for women?). I ended up settling for this t-shirt to tie me over for the final game but hoped to find better gear for the next season. Thank goodness for 47 Brand, who has a line of sports gear specifically made for women that is both game and work friendly! I’m all about not having to change between work and heading off to watch a game with friends.

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