Life snippets: Toronto in a weekend

The last few days were spent in Toronto, catching up with friends from university, celebrating one of our closest friends tying the knot, and stuffing my face with way too much good food. If you follow along on Instagram, you might recognize some of these photos already. Ines, aka Tiny Tourist, was a gracious host for part of my stay and made sure to take me to all the amazing restaurants and bubble tea shops that have popped up in the city since I moved to Seattle. (She’s the best, right?!?)

1 // the sweetest “welcome home” note and my favourite chocolate :D
2 // did I mention that she also has amazing style?
3 // Chatime– the hottest new bubble tea chain to open up shop in Toronto. Grass jelly in roasted milk black tea is on point!
4 // DIY project #3 for the weekend: matching Hello Kitty keychains. Don’t judge!

1 & 2 // Taiwanese-styled pulled pork baos from Lucky Red
3 & 4 // flower crown making (& the aftermath of being burned by a glue gun)
5 // obligatory cat photo while shopping for prints at Off The Wall
6 // Brunch at Smith: brisket hash and mascarpone with pistachio crepes

Back to real life in Seattle…


A not-so-winter wonderland

Before getting on the plane to head back to Toronto, there were a bunch of reports and weather warnings of an ice storm in Toronto. My twitter and Instagram feeds were flooded with photos of trees being encased in 1″ thick coatings of ice, which was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!

ice storm

Despite the smiles, seeing all of the neighbourhood trees completely destroyed and snapped in half was a strange “welcome home” scene. It’s been almost a week since the ice storm and there are still trees with dangling branches at least seven feet above the roads and branches scattered all over the ground. Looking at these photos poses such a juxtaposition; the trees are so shiny and beautiful with their ice coatings, but also really depressing and saddening to see all the years of growth destroyed overnight.

ice storm

Living in Seattle without snow for majority of the winter used to be such a novelty when I first moved out west. I love not having to think about slipping down the sidewalk or shoveling snow, but being back home and seeing snow for Christmas brings on a whole different set of emotions. I grew up with this stuff and Christmas morning never felt right without it.

It’s been so great to be at home for the holidays. I’ve been hanging out with family and friends doing nothing but eating copious amounts of food and vegging out on the couch watching documentaries. Being without power after the ice storm was also a great reminder to how plugged in our lives have become over the years and it was nice to just decompress and plug in to those around us instead of technology. Sometimes we all need a little downtime and the blistering cold outside helps me feel better about being a hermit . ;)


Surprise Date Day

You’ll have to forgive me for jumping backwards in time but I just got around to editing photos from the last “date day” before moving to Seattle. The boyfriend gave me strict instructions to wear a cute outfit for a surprise date day and to make sure I brought my camera. I love surprises, so I got suuuuuper excited to play dress up! I wore these 4″ wedges, H&M skirt (one of my current closet favs!), and toted both my Canon Rebel XS and AE-1 in my purse.

Outfit: Webster's Falls
outfit details:
skirt – H&M | top – Delia’s | wedges – Costa Blanca X | belt – thrifted
sloth necklace – Sparkly Pony

Outfit: Webster's Falls

Our day started off super cute. We drove almost an hour outside of the city to this gorgeous area that looked perfect for a fall picnic. I thought we were going to spend the day at the park and forest taking photos, but he had other plans. We walked for another fifteen minutes when I saw this pretty waterfall and boyfriend asked, “Want to take photos behind the falls?”

Outfit: Webster's Falls

Oh boy. Never have I felt so silly for wearing wedges and a skirt. Everyone else climbing the rocks to get to the waterfall were wearing water shoes, athletic shirts, and waterproof shorts. (Smooth, Katrina. Way to dress up for the wrong activity!) I got a lot of funny looks for showing up with a skirt… or maybe it was for the cameras and the full-metal body tripod I was carrying?

Outfit: Webster's Falls

Lucky for me, someone packed an extra pair of shoes (my beloved BC Shoes!) in the car. After taking 3 steps on steep terrain trying to prove to myself that I could climb over rocks in wedges, I realized that I would much rather end the date without a twisted ankle.

Outfit: Webster's Falls

The photo above is, by far, one of my favorite photos. It was taken behind Webster’s Falls on the cutest (and only) surprise date I have ever been on. The best part of it all? Driving home on a beautiful day, flipping through photos on my camera and boyfriend saying, “You’re going to blog about those ridiculous wedges aren’t you?” YES SIR!


Om-Noming with the L&B Ladies

This past summer has been pretty amazing meeting up and hanging out with the sister duo, Syl & Sam, of Lipgloss & Black. I don’t think I ever shared this photo back in May, but I stopped by their booth at the Clothing Show in Toronto only a after returning home from my trip to Asia. Despite the sleep deprivation, we chatted up a storm about clothes and food (haha, go figure!) and made tentative plans to hang out again sometime in the summer.

Lipgloss & Black @ the clothing show

Somewhere between then and now, I ran into Sam in another city when we were both out of town and on mini vacations! How crazy is that?! Before leaving Toronto, I made sure to get in touch with these amazing ladies and we met up for lunch and some outlet mall adventures!

Lipgloss & Black: Syl
(Oh yes, I made another sweetheart shirt!)

Lipgloss & Black: Sam

Lipgloss & Black: sushi

We shopped our butts off (ok, maybe it was just me going crazy at these stores and Sylvia trying to stop me from buying every skull-printed article of clothing I could get my hands on) and hauled the goodies around in our reusable tote bags along the streets while playing a fun game of real-life Frogger trying to cross the road on multiple occasions. Let it be known that Sam is a professional at this and I should learn to trust my instincts more.

Lipgloss & Black: on the street

After a long day of shopping, non-stop talking, and singing too many Top 40s hits, we parted ways and said our goodbyes for the summer. It’s been awesome hanging out with these ladies and I am so glad to have gotten to know them over the last few months. I will definitely miss these two a ton and will have to plan more hangouts when we’re all in the same city again!

Lipgloss & Black: card

p.s. Syl & Sam made me an awesome goodbye card– how sweet are they?!

More Goodbyes

Thank you to everyone who left such sweet comments and messages on my blog and twitter the last couple of days for Little Bear. It’s been a rough couple of mornings waking up and walking past the foyer to say my usual “Good morning, bunny-bear!” only to realize there are no floppy ears to hear those words. :(

My rounds of goodbyes don’t quite end there. A move has been in the works for quite some time now and I just booked my flight the other night and it all seems so real now. I’ve been trying to see everyone off in Toronto before I fly out because, in a couple of weeks, the Pacific Northwest will be my new home! I am still trying to fathom the idea of packing all my belongings into two suitcases. (Um, help?)

Mars Diner

One of my friends and I ended up at Mars Diner to have breakfast for dinner. Every time we meet up our day somehow revolves around food… oopsies!
Mars Diner
Growing up I always thought I would be jumping for joy the day I knew I was finally going to leave Toronto but, to be honest, I’m scared out of my wits right now! It’s scary to leave a city that I’ve lived in for the majority of my life, pack up, and start fresh somewhere else…

Anyone have some tips for preparing for such a big move?

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