Holiday Wishlist: Wedding bands and insurance

Earlier this year, my best friend asked me to be his partner in life. I could not have been any more excited to say yes! Deets on the whole engagement story in this post. Now that the easy part (saying yes) has been done, now comes the hard part. Wedding planning aside (because, let’s be honest, we haven’t really done any yet), there are a handful of tangential things to take care of.

One big piece is insuring the bling. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has been exclusively insuring jewelry for more than 100 years and offers repair or replacement coverage that includes worldwide travel protection for all types of jewelry and watches. Coverage includes loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance (unexplained loss). With this ring being one of the largest purchases to date, and considering the amount of travel that I’ve been through this year (and plan to go next year), it doesn’t hurt to have peace of mind while on the road.

(gorgeous ring via MinimalVS on Etsy)

Although no real planning for the big day has happened yet, I would be lying if I said I haven’t started looking at wedding bands. They may or may not even be on my wishlist this year (never a bad idea to think ahead, right?). I keep looking at all the beautiful handmade pieces on Pinterest, or unique pieces through larger jewelers, to get a better idea of what I think I’ll want to pair my current engagement ring with.

Even though one may not make the cut this year, it’s always important to protect those special holiday gifts. Accidents can happen no matter how careful we are with our jewelry, that’s why there’s jewelry insurance.

If you’re looking to try your luck this season, Jewelers Mutual is hosting a Season to Sparkle Sweepstakes, where you can win up to $1000 in jewelry!

season to sparkle CTA graphic

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


WISHLIST: Valentine’s Day gifts

It’s been more than a month into 2016 and I’ve been holding out on making any clothing purchases. There’s something really comforting in feeling like there are no gaps in my wardrobe as it exists today! That’s not to say that I haven’t been doing lots of window shopping and eyeing pieces, but there hasn’t been a single item that has made me feel particularly compelled enough to break my no-shopping-spree for.

I thought about treating myself for Valentine’s Day this year, but then passed on it. Why? I honestly can’t bring myself to frivolously spend on something that I don’t need. Nevertheless, here are some pretty pieces I pulled as potential Valentine’s Day gifts (*cough for myself cough* haha! A girl can dream!):

wishlist valentine's day gift ideas

Rebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel | $375
Everything about this purse is perfect! The minimalist silhouette and palette would match all of the other “boring” and “basic” pieces in my wardrobe. The muted “biscuit” colour (I don’t know if this make the bag more or less appealing by comparing the colour to food) is a fresh take on the expected cognac or chocolate brown that has been overdone by other minimalist purses.

Herbivore Botanicals coconut milk bath soak | $32
After a long work day, the one thing I look forward to is taking a bath. The combination of warm water on the skin and aromatherapy really takes decompressing during “me time” to a whole knew level of relaxation. As a longtime fan of Herbivore Botanicals, I can only imagine how luxurious this bath soak would smell and feel!

Alberto Fermani cutout booties | $215
No wishlist is complete without a pair of shoes, am I right? I ended up retiring my beloved Hinge caged booties last fall (the heel got completely ground down to the steel post after a few too many bike rides in those bad boys), I wanted to replace them with more traditionally cutout booties. I initially bought the Seychelles Haywire booties but quickly realized they’re not exactly very Spring appropriate. They’re much more Fall/Winter with the fuller coverage on the foot. These Alberto Fermani ones are pretty high up on my list of shoe lusts!

Cloverpost parallel ring | $36
This ring speaks so much to my inner nerd that loved circuits labs in university. The parallel lines remind me of the capacitors in circuit diagrams hehe! I actually bought a similar ring like this one from Forever 21 last year, but it tarnished after a few wears and ended up turning my skin green for a few hours on its final wear before getting tossed. I never replaced it, but this 14k gold version from Alternative sounds like it’ll stick around for longer than a month’s time!



While counting down the hours before having to start Thanksgiving dinner prep, I may or may not have gotten sidetracked thinking about NYE. I can’t believe next week is December. In less than 7 days, it’ll be the last month of the 2015! Ohhhhh boy. I rarely ever get glammed up for New Year’s, but with all of the Black Friday Sale emails popping into the inbox this week, I couldn’t help but take a little peek at some of the glitzy pieces on the racks.

While on ASOS, I discovered the brand Chi Chi London and pretty much fell in love with all of their dresses. Everything from the flouncy a-line silhouettes, to the delicate lace, to the spectrum of colours makes me swoon so hard. I’ve pretty much bookmarked every single one of their dresses as potential options for NYE dresses. No, this is not a sponsored post– I’m just fangirling super hard.

chi chi london NYE dresses
1 // 2 // 3 // 4

The magenta one, in particular, is such an eye catcher! To me, it looks a bit like a modern version of a qipao (a traiditional Chinese gown) because of how the lace is arranged and the mix of threads in the detailed lace pieces. At the same time, the colour’s a bit louder than something I would regularly wear. To be honest, I guess a lot of these pieces are a lot louder than anything I would normally wear, but NYE is the time to break out all the sparkles, no?

Ugh. I’m so conflicted! Do I pick something sparkly or go for the usual solid colours and a cool cut? What are you wearing for NYE? (Too soon to ask? hehe)


GIFT GUIDE: Father’s Day 2015

Gift Guide: Father's Day
1 // L’Occitane Cedrat Skincare Collection – $60
2 // 3-in-1 clip on phone lenses – $20
3 // Timex “Easy Reader” leather strap watch – $65
4 // Korbata handmade bow tie – $35

This Sunday is Father’s Day and what better way to spend it than to spoil your dad? I’ve rounded up a few gift ideas under $100 and purposefully included items that can be found in-stores since we’re only a few days away.

Growing up, I used to borrow ties from my dad’s closet (had to spruce up that high school uniform somehow!) and occasionally tried on his watch whenever he put it down. I may or may not have included this beautiful, handmade bow tie from Korbata, and the “Easy Reader” watch in hopes that if I get these for my dad, I can continue to borrow his accessories.


WISHLIST: Everyday summer heels

Aside from a pair of running shoes, which were purchased out of necessity because my last pair fell apart, I haven’t bought any shoes in the last two months. I’m trying really hard to pair down the amount of shoes I have (I knew there was a problem as soon as my shoe shelf was full!) by either wearing long forgotten pairs more, or by donating ones that I haven’t worn – and have no intention of wearing again – in the last 6 months.

I’m thinking about breaking my “no shoes buying” streak and getting a pair of neutral everyday heels for the summer. I’ve been wearing those Hinge caged booties on the daily (aside from biking days) and I think it’s time to give them a break before bringing them back out for the Fall.

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